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Southwark Queen Village Community Garden Meeting Minutes 8 June 2015

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden Meeting Minutes
June 8, 2015 @ 7:00 PM (in the Garden)

1. Welcome. John V., Chair, Welcomed members, outlined the agenda, and called for approval of the May minutes. The May minutes posted on the website were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report. Suzanne S., Treasurer, gave a report on dues collected, donations received, bills paid, and funds available.

3. Chair’s Report, Part I. Thom H., Vice Chair, announced the following:
• Garden clean-up is Sat., Jun 15, 10:00 AM. You may come early – the weather predicted to be hot.
o Save water, also be aware as you serve your water week.
o Timers currently used for soaker hoses to limit water waste and a committee will be developed look into their use or alternative methods for use of these hoses.
• Row captains update:
o Operating fine, no update
• Inspection update:
o Gardens overall look good, some issues with bindweed and other weeds were addressed and have been taken care of. Next inspection June 15 will look how things are being maintained.
o Note: Garden plants should not intrude into pathways, maintain the pathways clear. Member noted that crabgrass is growing abundant around the fence, needs to be cleared at clean up.
• City Garden Contest:
o We have entered in the city garden contest this year; this hasn’t been done in the past year or two.
o Please keep your garden plots clean and pathways clear in preparation for the contest.
o Entered the ‘mixed community garden category’ for contest. Date is unknown; we will have approximately a 2 week notice, and then will ask for volunteers to escort the judges.

4. Chair’s Report Part 2. John V. announced the following:
• NGT’s Community Garden Day, June 20, 10a-3p
o Garden members are encouraged to be present so that guests can see us and talk to us. So come out and support the Garden day. There will also be some tours and children’s activities.
o Whole Foods has offered and will come in and give 2-45 min sessions (10 and noon) on cooking and healthy eating.
o John created a new flyer for the garden tour; you can post the new flyer to any social media to encourage attendance.
• Officers for next year:
o Some members will be approached to run for an office. We would like to see those members who have not served officers to take a turn as secretary, treasurer, vice-chair/chair (co-chairs).
• Bylaws update:
o Nine members volunteered to participate in the committee, they will be meeting soon.
• Garden BBQ
o First weekend in Oct, Oct 3rd was agreed upon for the annual BBQ (changed from last weekend in Sept to avoid the Pope’s visit timeframe)
• Tours:
o Tours have been going on with Meredith schools, and well enjoyed by all. Great partnership
o Eileen Gallagher of NGT has asked to have the SWQV garden as a stop for people from the visitor center. 9:45 tour scheduled this Friday. Would like to encourage activity in the garden.

5. Special Reports:
• Bee update:
o Scott said the bee’s, honey forecast has not changed, 4 hives look good, 1 a bit questionable.
o Bees swarming this time of year, when they swarm they will not go after you; they are full of honey and are not interested. If you see a swarm please contact Scott and/or Carolyn.
• Tree update
o Carolyn and Thom: Tree arborist was here and the magnolia has begun to fix itself, more of the root is now exposed.
o Cherry trees are doing better, keep yellow tape around it. Not many cherries this year, so no cherry picking will be scheduled – feel free to pick a few if you can reach them, but stay away from the 2nd tree to let it rest. Cherry trees were trimmed to keep them healthier by Fred and Thom. As this is a saving to our budget a well-deserved thank you goes out to them.
o Carolyn will water both the magnolias and cherry twice a week as prescribed by the arborist.
• City harvest:
o Ed M. 166.5 lbs donated to date, 17 lbs less than last year due to the late start to the growing
o The Pink Flag Program is in place: if you choose to donate your produce, we will take everything next to your flag on Monday mornings. Use as many flags you need to identify the different produce.

6. Additional Topics, Q and A:
• Linda clarified when the water is turned on, you can turn the soaker hose to a time (i.e.: 45 min), and it will water for that time (or until the water is turned off). Track the soaker hose to the origin to find the timer. Pay attention to the front fence if the plants are looking dry or wilting.
• Iris deadheading: Many iris need deadheading, the stalk will take the nutrients away from the plant, so cut the stalk off down to the leaves near the base to support the health of the plant.
• Rose pruning along the front fence will be done on Sat clean-up. Linda addressed rose pruning, and is the expert to ask questions (she will be there 8:30 or 9a on Sat.)
• Kitchen scraps need to be buried under existing compost to assure scraps are not carted away and to speed breakdown. Scraps should be chopped as into smaller pieces.
• Keep your pets on a leash or well monitored while in the garden: there have been dogs seen wandering into people’s plots when left unsupervised by owner/gardener. Dogs can cause damage in plots, so please be respectful. A dog going into a plot can be considered a violation of the by-laws, just as if you went into someone’s plot.
7. The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm

Minutes by Sue Walton
Substitute Recording Secretary

Minutes from the May 11, 2015 meeting of the Southwark Queen Village Community Garden

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden


May 11, 2015 @ 7:00 PM (in the Garden) 

1.  Welcome.  John V., Chair, welcomed members, outlined the agenda, and called for approval        of the April minutes. The April minutes posted on the website were approved. 

2.  Treasurer’s Report.  Suzanne S., Treasurer, gave a report on dues collected, donations received, bills paid, and funds available. 

3.  Chair’s Report, Part I. Thom H., Vice Chair, announced the following:

     a. Garden clean-up is Sat., May 16, 10:00 AM. 

     b. Water used to date exceeds water used to this date last year.  Even so, it’s the second lowest water usage amount on record.  Gardeners should continue efforts to save water.

     The water-duty schedule has not been posted because all gardeners have not signed up. Gardeners who haven’t done so must contact John Keisker and sign up. 

     c. Row captains were announced last month. There is a row captain for each of the seven rows in the garden. 

     d. At the May 16 cleanup, the first inspection of the season will take place.  By this time, all plots should have been cleared and planted.  It behooves gardeners who have not cleared their plots or started planting to do so before the inspection. 

     e. Thom asked Carolyn S. to explain what’s happening with the cherry and magnolia trees.  She said the treatment for the cherry tree borers seems to be working.  The treatment has already been paid for with funds from NGT and the garden. However, if we want the dead branches pruned it will cost about $350.  The magnolia tree is suddenly dying.  The bark is splitting and the tree may die by the end of this year.  A plan for the magnolia is to remove the plants growing under its canopy and to excavate the flare.  There’s a 50/50 chance this will save the tree.

     Several gardeners expressed opinions about trees in the garden.  Following Karyl W.’s recommendation that the garden have a long term plan regarding trees we want in the garden, John V. stated that next month’s agenda will include time for a tree discussion. 

4.  Chair’s Report Part 2.  John V. announced the following: 

     a. It is important for everyone in the garden to complete the membership paperwork.  The annual signing of bylaws indicates the gardener’s intention to follow the bylaws and it provides the gardener’s current contact information. 

      The new procedure for NGT is that each gardener signs the NGT agreement one time only.  If you sign this year, you don’t have to sign next year.  Only future gardeners will sign the NGT agreement in the future.  We must have everyone’s paperwork so that we can forward the NGT signature pages to NGT by their deadline.  

     b. June 20 is NGT’s Community Garden Day.  Our garden is signed up to participate.  This means we’ll be open to the public.  Garden members are encouraged to be present so that guests can see us and talk to us.  There will also be some tours and children’s activities.  Please support this event by your attendance. 

     c. The 2015 Garden Map and contact list will be emailed to members within a week.   

5.  Special Reports:

     a. Bees.  Carolyn S. reported that Lisa Pappo is now helping the beekeepers bringing the number of beekeepers in the Garden up to 5 (Carolyn, Dean, Scott, Barbara, and Lisa).  She explained the status of the hives and why there won’t be honey this year.  She also said we’ve received free help/information from the State apiarist.  The next opening of the hives is scheduled for May 25. 

     b. City Harvest.  Ed M. reported City Harvest meets every morning at the garden and all are welcome to join in their work.  If gardeners wish to donate some of their crop, City Harvest will harvest the plants.  All the gardener has to do is put a pink flag next to the plants to be harvested.  The pink flags are available at the City Harvest plot near the gazebo.  Ed said that 30 lbs. of kale was harvested today. 

     c. Water Duty.  John K. was not present, but gardeners were reminded to contact him and sign up if they haven’t done so.  There is currently a shortage of volunteers for the months of July and August.  

6.  Special Topics:

     a. New Gardeners.  John V. introduced the following new members: Marie and Mike Mouliner who are at plot #1, and Dannielle Bock and Melanie Stecura who are at plot #35.  Sally Wang who used to be at plot #35 has moved to plot 44. 

     b. By-Laws.  John V. reported that the Garden Council met to discuss changes needed in the by-laws.  Draft minutes from that meeting were emailed to garden members yesterday.  Volunteers are needed to form a committee to draft revised by-laws using recommendations from Council and recommendations developed by the committee.  This draft will then be presented to all members for their consideration.

     One of the major issues Council discussed is the naming and definition of member categories.  Council is recommending two categories: (1) gardener – a person with full rights and obligations, and (2) assistant – a person without rights and obligations.  Gardeners are limited to two per plot when the plot is first awarded.  If one of these original gardeners leaves, the other may stay on the plot but may not bring a new gardener to the plot.  The number of assistants per plot would not be limited.  While assistants could work on the plot, the assistants could not obtain the plot if the gardener left the garden.  Moreover, the assistants have no obligation to attend meetings or cleanups and would not have the right to vote on any garden matters.  These would be the obligations and right of the gardeners.  Any assistant who wishes to have a plot someday should get on the waiting list.

     Another recommendation of Council is that membership eligibility be limited to Queen Village residents.  We will determine whether anyone currently on the waiting list lives outside Queen Village and notify them of the requirement.

     Council also recommends that membership dues must be paid no later than the April meeting, that plot inspections be conducted once a month from May through October, and that bylaws regarding warning notices and expulsion from the garden be made clearer and stronger.

     Within a few days, John will email members to ask for volunteers for the by-laws committee.  

     A question and answer period followed John’s report, and the following points were made:

  • Members with special circumstances should notify the officers so that reasonable accommodations can be made for temporary and special circumstances.
  • Arrangements for individual plot care would be between gardeners and their assistants.  However, arrangements affecting the garden would be between Council and gardeners of the plot.
  • All gardeners are welcome to provide input regarding changes to the bylaws.  Please talk to one or more members of Council about any of your concerns. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm 

Minutes by Isabelle Buonocore

Recording Secretary

Minutes, 13 April 2015

Sunday, May 10th, 2015
1.  John V., Chair, welcomed members and asked for a motion to approve the March      meeting minutes.  The minutes were approved. John reminded members who have not yet signed the bylaws or NGT agreement to do so and to give the papers to Isabelle B., Recording Secretary.

 2.  Suzanne S., Treasurer, passed around a collection jar for the Heifer Foundation and then gave a report on garden funds, dues income, and bills paid.  Members who have not yet paid dues should give their check or cash to Suzanne.

 3.  Thom H., Vice Chair, announced the following:

     a. Garden clean-up is Sat., April 18, at 10:00 AM.  If weather requires a    postponement, an email will be sent to members.  The task list will be in the shed in case members want to do clean-up before Saturday.  The list will be in a white loose-leaf binder along with a sheet to be filled out so that the member gets credit for the work.  Please record your name, date worked, number of hours worked, and the work performed.

     b. “Staining party” originally scheduled for Sat., April 18 is postponed to the fall.

     c. A task for Sat., April 18, is bundling cut wood for trash collection.  If members want to get rid of any wood from their plots, bring the wood to the patio where Thom will saw it down to the appropriate size for trash collection.

     d. Water turn-on was March 31.  He will do the first water reading on May 1 and provide updates on how much water we’re using.

     e. He will check reports of a broken waterspout and a damaged water barrel.

     f. Row captains will help with this year’s monthly plot inspections.  Plots should be cleared and planted by May 1 according to bylaws.  A recent walk through the garden showed 19 plots have made no progress, and 7 of 19 are in really bad shape.  


4.  John V. announced the following: 

     a. Everyone needs to get paperwork in.  Each gardener must sign bylaws and each    gardener must sign NGT agreement.  If a minor is gardening, their guardian must sign the NGT agreement for them.     

     b. Dues are paid per plot not per gardener.  If you’ve mistakenly paid dues for more than one gardener on your plot, contact Suzanne for a refund.

     c. Anyone who is an assistant/co-gardener and wants to have a plot someday must get on the waiting list.  Plots are not inherited if the original gardener leaves.  Please contact Isabelle if you want your name on the waiting list.

     d. Volunteers are needed to come up with ideas by May 2 for activities at the garden on June 20, Community Garden Day.  Please contact John if you can help.

     e. Contact the following gardeners if you have questions or interest in working with them on specific areas in the garden:



              (1) Linda W. – Oversees flowers bordering plots along the main path into the garden and   along the front fence.  Linda is assisted by Mark V.

            (2) Gwen M., Carolyn S., and Pauline C. – Oversee herb garden, flowerbeds near the grape arbor and gazebo, and raspberries.

            (3) Lisa R. – Oversees shade garden near the east gate, and shade garden in the northeast section of the garden.

            (4) Barbara S. and Mark R. – Oversee flower beds along east wall and rock garden.


5.  Reports:

     a. Bees.  Carolyn S. reported that work was done on the hives Sat. April 11.  Beekeepers are Carolyn, Dean, and Scott.  Barbara S. handles honey sales.  If anyone is allergic to bees, contact Barbara S.

     b. City Harvest.  Ed M. reported that the first harvest yielded 7.5 lbs. of collards and 19 lbs. of spinach.  Anyone who wants to help with City Harvest should meet with other volunteers Monday mornings at the garden.  Call Ed M. or Janice C. if you have questions. 

     c. Watering Duties.  John K. reported that some gardeners still haven’t signed up for watering duty.  Please contact John K. if you haven’t signed up.  He will send email reminders to those on duty and explain what needs to be done.


6.  Special Topics:

    a. Pollinator Garden.  Carolyn S described a project to develop a pollinator garden in the northeast corner, which used to be the children’s garden.  A few gardeners have provided suggestions, and it’s a work in progress.  She’s currently making a list of plants that attract pollinators.  Pollinators include different types of bees, bats, butterflies, and moths.  Funding for the pollinator garden is being discussed.  See Carolyn if you have questions or interest in helping with this project. 

     b. Garden Handbook.  Volunteers are needed to develop a handbook that would be the “go to” book for information on garden activities.  If you can help write sections of the handbook, contact John V. 

     c. By-laws.  John will be sending out an email to explain the need for a review and updating of   the bylaws. 

 The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm


 Minutes by Isabelle Buonocore,

Recording Secretary


Minutes, 16 March 2015 (6:30 pm, Weccacoe Playground)

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

1. Members signed by-laws and the Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT) agreement, paid dues ($35 per plot), and signed-up  for   watering duty. 

2.  Members were welcomed by Garden Council Chair John Ventre and Vice Chair Thom Hardenbergh. 

3.  Treasurer Susan Schecter summarized last year’s income and expenses and we’re in a good position financially.  

4.  Thom announced the following:

     a.  Garden clean-up is Saturday, March 21, at 10:00 AM.  When you arrive, check the “To Do” List.    

     b.  Orientation for new members will take place at the clean-up.  New Members will receive their plots and keys at that time.  

     c.  Buildings (gazebo, honey house, toilet) will be power-washed before the April 18 cleanup. 

     d.  Volunteers are needed on April 18 to help stain the buildings (gazebo, honey house, toilet).  Thom will provide all supplies. 

     e.  John Keisker will be in charge of the watering schedules.  He’ll send reminder emails to folks when it’s their turn to do the watering and will explain what to do.  Folks responsible for watering must also put out the trash.  Thom will explain trash duties to the new members during orientation.  

     f.  Repairs to the wall where portions of the mosaic mural fell off were completed last fall.  The Garden and NGT each paid half of the cost.  We don’t intend to pay anything further should the homeowner want the artist to replace parts of the mural that fell off. 

     g. Row captains will be asked to inspect plots more often this year than last year.  Row captains are:  Irene S. for row 1, Kevin P. for row 2, Ed M. for row 3, John K. for row 4, John V. for row 5, Mark R. for row 6, and Thom H. for row 7.  

5. John Ventre provided the following updates: 

     a.  NGT:  Jenny Greenberg has joined NGT as Director and has been active in reaching out to our Garden and many others.  NGT has helped with the cost of repairing the mural wall last fall, tree trimming, and treatments this coming spring and summer for the cherry tree blight. 

Minutes 10 November 2014

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014
  1.  Minutes from last meeting approved
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Expenses = two checks from BBQ cleared
    2. Watch for emails over the winter re: dues (reduction)
  3. Chair report
    1. Clean up 10a Saturday – big cleanup for winter
    2. Whole Foods is interested in sponsoring a garden.  Our garden will meet Dec. 3 with Whole Foods and NGT.  John will report back.
    3. Ed volunteered to handle trash over the winter.  If a member decides to take out trash, please communicate with Ed or Janice.
    4. Reminder City Harvest can still use your produce as the season draws to a close
  4. Water & Wall report
    1. Water:  water turned off 11/3 cost of $174
      1. Seasonal use down 20%, monthly use down 35%
      2. Final water bill does not match garden estimates.  Revised bill from Water Dept. matches neither estimates nor bill.  Garden officially owes and will pay $180.12 and will consider the matter closed.
      3. $2700 in storm water runoff fees remain in dispute
    2. Wall:  Loose pieces have been removed and wall stucco fixed
      1. Original estimate for work was $1800, revised estimate $2800.  Garden originally agreed to pay half.
      2. NGT is willing to contribute $700 and then is recused from all further discussion and responsibility with the wall.
      3. Discussion among members included wanting a receipt for payment, requesting bill or statement prior to payment (already in process), and determining what % the garden would be willing to pay.
      4. It was moved, seconded, and approved by membership that the executive council would receive the bill from NGT/neighbors and pay no more than 50% which would most likely be approximately $1000.  Garden members entrust the final decision to the exec council with the understanding the garden wants a proviso that we will pay nothing else toward the repair.
      5. The artist returns in the spring to fix the mural
  5. Holiday party – Dec. 16.  Set up at 6p, party at 7p.  Potluck, BYO, etc.  Old Swedes Church
  6. Bees – 5 hives have been put to bed for the winter
  7. Tree maintenance – NGT has provided $2000 for tree maintenance which will consist primarily of severe/needed pruning and organic treatment of the beetles in the cherry and fig trees.  We have two estimates and will work with one of the arborists.
  8. City Harvest – 2 additional Mondays for harvest.  Remind members to place produce in the gazebo over the weekend or use pink flags.  YTD total is 1,448# and we are likely to meet/break the 1,500# total.
  9. Other
    1. Honey – has been paid for and distributed.  Lisa made and donated beautiful labels for the jars.
    2. Donations – exec council will review donations from years past and consider a donation to QVNA for meeting space.
    3. Barbara announced the possibility of a GMO Free PA meeting over the winter.
  10. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes, 12 October 2014

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Minutes of SWQV Community Garden/Linda Witt sub-secretary

Oct 12, 2014

John Ventre opened the meeting promptly at 7 p.m.

September minutes were approved.

BBQ:    Suzanne Schechter reported that the BBQ took in approx. $1724 against expenses she expects to be less than $500, giving us a probably $1225 profit.

John thanked Brian for soliciting food donations.

Wall Update: The neighbors asked for a meeting and wanted to get the masonry started. It seemed to John that they are willing to contribute to the effort. The costs are not yet determined. Artist Isaiah Zagar is trying to put a class together (free labor) to help on the lower 6-8 feet. If he can’t finish this year, he’ll finish in the spring.

Water Report:  The water will be shut off around Nov. 1. Usage between 9/4 and 10/4 was 531 CF or about 4K gallons, compared to last year’s 784 CF/about 6K gallons. We are still awaiting a corrected, up-to-date bill.

Cleanup: Saturday  10/18/14  at 9 a.m. Attention must be paid to the compost. We need to move it.

City Harvest:  Yvonne Howard reported for the committee. They are still looking for donations, but in September we provided 262 ½ lbs for a total of 1654 lbs for the year to date. (Comparison to last year?   1020 lbs –despite a slow start!)

Bee Report: John gave the report in Carolyn’s absence. Five strong hives have been put to bed for winter. Carolyn asks us to plant crocuses, snowdrops and other early-blooming bulbs because the bees will be hungry in the spring.

NGT has offered us $2000 for tree work. Carolyn is getting bids.

Garden rotations: John asked members to let him know if they are thinking of leaving the garden. The waiting list is 60 strong and the person at the top has waited five years.

Extra Business:

  • Karyl Weber, re composting, said she’s interested in bags of clean dry leaves (other than oak leaves which are too leathery).She’ll follow up with a note via the website.
  • Someone asked for a how-to note to be posted in the shed re all the systems in the garden – watering, cleaning the composting toilet, etc.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


Minutes, 8 September 2014 (7 pm in the garden)

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

 Southwark Queen Village Community Garden Monthly Meeting

September 8, 2014 (in the garden)

  1. Welcome by John Ventre
  2. August 2014 minutes were approved.
  3. Shanna Flanagan reported on the BBQ, to be held Sept. 27 (rain date Sept 28).  Task and Food sign-up sheets were passed.  She asked for donations of garden produce and tables and chairs.   She has obtained donations from a brewery, ShopRite and Wawa.  Rev. Green will attend.
  4. Treasurer’s report by Suzanne Schechter.    $3000 will be spent to repair the shed.
  5. John reported that QVNA is seeking volunteers to help with the small Mary St. Garden.
  6. The Christmas party will be 7PM – 10PM on Tuesday, December 16 at Old Swedes Church.  Barbara Seiple is organizing it.
  7. The garden is trying to get a shipment of chips.
  8. Cleanup will be Saturday, September 13 beginning at 10AM.  Thom Hardenbough will lead.
  9. Thom reported that the garden used the same amount of water as last month, and half as much as last year.
  10. Thom reported that the new shed door will soon have a lock installed.
  11. Thom reported on the mural, which is separating from the wall.  Masons have bid $1800 to take down and remove the lose material and Isaia stated he will donate his labor to restore the mural.  NGT, which needs to be involved in matters that affect boundary walls, put this matter on its recent meeting but has not yet communicated any result to Thom.
  12. Carolyn Scott reported that there are 5 strong hives with enough honey for the coming winter.  They have been treated for mites.  Barbara Seiple said the buyers of the 15 jars of honey ($10/jar) that were produced this year would be chosen by lottery.  $775 was spent this season on bees.  She thanked Lisa Torrierri for designing new labels for the honey jars.
  13. Ed Mitinger reported that, while City Harvest started a month late this year because of the cold spring, by the end of August 1,091 lbs ew, compared to 1,000 lb at the end of September 2013.
  14. Karyl Weber discussed and obtained the garden’s agreement to build a system for collecting, chopping and containing dry leaves, which will turn to leaf mold by Spring.


The meeting adjourned at 7:45PM. The October meeting will be at Settlement Music School or Weccacoe.

Minutes, 11 August 2014 (7 pm in the Garden)

Monday, September 8th, 2014
Meeting Introduction (John – 1 min)

Treasurer’s Report (Suzanne – 3 min)

  • Made dues deposit
  • Purchased humus
  • Contributed to Heifer

Chairs’ Report (John – 15 min)

  • Water Report: water usage was 783 cubic feet. 35% less than used last year.
  • The Mural Status: pulling away from wall. Tom met Isaiah and his mason and the mason’s expert…. Discussed how far up the wall will need repair. And what is the source of the deterioration? No one has mentioned dollar amount yet. Second mason will be coming in to assess the damage.
  • Attendance Update: Numbers going up in attendance, getting stronger. Calls will go out to people in the red zone.

Committee & Misc. Reports (11 min)

  • City Harvest (Ed – 3 min)
    • Summer Camp with River View had 25 kids, ages 6-12.
    • Last year, 161 lbs were picked at this time ….this year 317 lbs picked at this time, thanks to all who have been using pink flags.
    • Temple U has been doing research on city gardens and we had some visitors researching the garden this month.
  • Bees (Carolyn – 3 min)  Scott and Carolyn working on getting bees ready for Fall. Dean is the new bee keeper. (He is not a gardener)…. There are 5 strong hives and 2 nucleus boxes. Each one has babies and honey and space for queen to lay more eggs. Nucleus boxes will be destroyed by Fall if we don’t need them for our hives. Saturday, Aug. 16, two hives were expected.….. honey was extracted from 3 boxes, treatments for mites was started after. Mites cause deformed wing virus on bees and they end up on the ground. We will medicate the bees and it takes a month. So this began at noon Saturday the 16th, after the cleanup.
  • Barbeque (Shanna – 5 min)  Rain date is Sunday the 28th. Lists for side dishes and tasks were passed around.

Special Topics (John – 15 min)

  • Holiday Party – not too early to set a date. Monday is a preferred day for the holiday party. Could use Olde Swedes again or open to a new venue. Will be an early Monday in December.
  • Pets in the Garden – “The Dog Poop Report” : dog poop found in garden by a gardener. Please keep an eye on your pets and clean up after them.
  • PHeast is in October. Looking for contributions from the garden. It’s their 3rd year. They have asked larger partners like chefs, restaurants and gardens (produce from larger city gardens from city harvest or gardeners themselves) to participate and donate. We will gather produce from those that want to participate in donations. More info as we get closer….
  • South Philly Co-op Garden Tour (Barbara Seiple) 6 there is a tour for the South Philly Co Op …. Noon to 4. They will tour the garden. Pretty organized tour. Looking for volunteers who can be in the garden to help with the tour.
  • Fig tree is not as big due to the harsh winter and frost kill. Will be fine next year. Don’t touch raspberries. Special way to cut them back and Carolyn and Gwen will do that.
  • Adjourned at 7:42pm 

Minutes, 14 July 2014 (at Weccaco Recreation Ctr)

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Meeting Introduction (John – 1 min)

Treasurer’s Report (Suzanne – 3 min)

  • One check for $100 was made out to Christ Church (as a donation.)
  • No electric bill. We have a credit remaining for $90.

President’s Report (John – 5 min)

  • NGA wants gardeners to sign the NGA committee agreement. Words are much stronger. Struck down the law on booze. So it’s ok now. They do have a right to do soil testing and things to protect us against state and city ordinances.
  • BBQ  tickets on sale at meetings and cleanups. $15 for adults, $7 for kids

Vice President’s Report (Thom – 5 min)

  • Water: June to July we’ve used 981 cubic feet of water which translates to 7045 gallons. We don’t know if they are charging us properly but we’ll keep on it.
  • Mural: The wall mural is loose, coming away from the wall. It must be rebuilt. Need to break off loose stuff…. Liability issues if pieces start falling down on people’s heads. We’re trying to contact Zagaar. (the artist who built it.) Garden will split the cost with the owners of the house. We will cap the garden contribution to $1000. If it’s more, we will present cost to garden membership. The damage is 8 feet and below. Continued discussion on this matter….. “Does this impact our signing of the agreement with NGT? They want to be informed about what changes we make that have liability issues. Will they contribute any $$? Who owns the mural?”  No resolutions yet. NGA paid the repairs on mural 8 years ago. Nothing will happen with this until all parties are involved. We have a copy of the house’s deed and there is info about the wall and fence and ownership. So we need to look into it. Also discussion on getting rid of mural and just painting the wall….

City Harvest (Ed – 3 min)

  • At the end of June, we had donated 382 lbs. for the year. (Last year, we were at 443 lbs. by the end of June.) By 2 weeks into July, we should be at about 500 lbs. Also, 65 lbs were picked on July 14, 2014. So thanks for all the donations and thanks to the City Harvest Crew.
  • .Summer Camp in the garden: The kids planted bush beans for transplanting into gardens later and Vincas to take home. The second week of camp we visited the Wissahickon Environmental Center. We are also looking forward to a bird walk at John Heinz, bee demo with Don Shump, and a visit to Bartram Garden.
  • Janice and Ed would also like to thank Kathy DiLonardo and Katie Parker who helped straighten up after the first scamp session.

Bees (Carolyn – 3 min)  

  • There was a huge swarm on July 13th. Landed on the lilac bush. Don and Carolyn caught it and it’s now back in the apiary. Inspector came from the State Dept. of agriculture. We cannot sell our honey wholesale.

Special Topics

  • July means we are in the half way part of the year. Two inspections have been done already. There are a fair number of people who are not attending meetings and cleanups at all (or just 1.) Row captions will be in touch to let you know if you are at risk. There is a list in shed to make up hours. We need gardeners to step up and do their part. 5 cleanups, 5 meetings are required. Cleanups are 2 hours long. Weeding, sweeping, cleaning garbage are all tasks needed regularly. Record your hours on the login sheet in shed. We are also looking for things to be planted, picked and weeded in your own plots.
  • BBQ : $15 for adults, $7 for kids. Checks or cash. Date of BBQ is Sept. 27 at 4pm.
  • Children’s garden is still up in the air, whether it will be fixed up or be defunct and changed to something else…. Being discussed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm. (Great turnout despite the thunder storm!) Kudos to those who attended!

Minutes 12 May 2014

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Southwark Queen Village Community Garden Monthly Meeting:   Held in Garden

May 12, 2014

Meeting called to order 7:00p

Minutes approved.

President’s Welcome

  • Reverend Trimble moved and decided to leave the garden.  There was a card signed by gardeners and a garden donation to Christ Church garden on his behalf.
  • Introduction of newest gardener.

Treasurer’s Report 

President’s Report 

  • Garden Council Mtg – objectives for the year
      • Reduce food waste in garden
      • Clean up west end of garden
      • Plot inspections
      • Clarify language in by-laws upon plot turnover
  • Reminder to sign by-laws
  • BBQ date decision at next meeting

VP Report

  • Water usage report – down a bit from last year
  • Front fence should not be used for storage – please remove items stored along fence
  • Plot inspection results and discussion – reminder to plant plots by May 1.  Garden might enforce this policy this year.

Committee Reports

  • Bees – hive inspections occurred, hives are doing well.  Discussion of bee stings and bee aggression.
  • City Harvest – is back in action and will be helping reduce food waste, waiting for crops to be ready, harvesting soon.

General Business

  • Lawn furniture – random “donation” – addressed and remedied
  • Proposal to re-skin and repair shed.   Proposal introduced by Thom.  Roof is solid, doors need repair, shed needs skin.  Electrical would need to be moved.  Re-stain skin.   It is not clear that funding can come from any other source.  Repairs are badly needed or we face the possibility of losing the shed.  It is not cheaper to build a new building versus repair the existing structure.   Proposal estimates:50 hours of work at $25/hour

    Materials $1400 (slightly old estimate)

    Possible total:  $2700-3000 (allowing for materials costs)

    Motion was made to approve garden funds for this purpose and seconded.  Vote was unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 7:36.