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Minutes 13 June 2016 (7 pm in the Garden)

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden Minutes

1.  Welcome and Chair’s Report – Shanna.

  • East Gate:  Thank you to John V and Thom for fixing the east gate after it was vandalized last week. The lock will be replaced as several members reported it is not unlocking.
  • Minutes: Approved for the months of Nov, March, April, and May.
  • Community Gardens Day:  June 18, 10 am – 3 pm.  Need volunteers to give visitors tours.
  • Monthly CleanUp:  June 18, starting at 10 am.
  • Stewardship of garden: This is everyone’s responsibility. Please clean up projects that you start in communal areas.  Please don’t obstruct areas that are for the use and pleasure of all gardeners.
  • Garden map: Copies of updated map are in plastic sleeve tacked onto the back of shed door.


2.  Arbor Report – Mark.

Received three bids for constructing a new cedar arbor.  Executive Committee selected the one that was the best value.  Mark will forward the bid to NGT as NGT is paying for the construction.  Work will take place in early fall.  Grape vines will be cut down to about 4 feet, allowing them to grow over the new arbor, and a flowering vine will be added.


3.  Treasurer’s Report – Ed.

Since last meeting, payments went to: items for pollinator garden, lumber for honey house trim, PECO bill, and backflow preventers.  Deposits were from new member dues and Renegade Theater Company’s donation.  Our bank balance includes our rainy day fund and funds for budgeted items and planned new purchases such as green roof plants to replace those that have died.


4.  City Harvest Report – Ed.

This is City Harvest’s 12th year in Garden.  PHS supplies plants and City Harvest volunteers (members of our garden) plant and harvest the crops.  Work is done Monday mornings.  Harvests are donated to neighbors at Riverview Courtyard Apartments through the social service agency on 1st floor of high-rise.  Senior citizens at Riverview are numerically the highest users of the produce and are very appreciative.  So far this year, 240 lbs. of produce was donated.

Please consider donating produce that you don’t use from your plot.  Do you have too much lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, etc? Place donations in the Gazebo on Sunday night or Monday morning before 11:00 am, when City Harvest will deliver it to Riverview.  If you want City Harvest to harvest your crop, put a pink flag next to plants you want harvested.  Your plant will be left in soil to continue producing. Pink flags are located at the corner of one of the City Harvest beds.


5.  BBQ – Shanna.

Date is Sept 17; rain date Sept 18.  Brian is able to help again this year.  Anyone else wanting to help organize BBQ, contact Shanna.  At next month’s meeting, we’ll circulate the task list and donation list. Linda has volunteered to help with this again.


6.  Compost Guidelines – Mark, Lisa R, Lisa M, & Pauline.

  • No sticks, stones, rose branches.
  • No rotting food; no citrus produce.
  • No egg shells unless they’ve been thoroughly washed and crushed.
  • No long pieces of plant matter. Cut-up plant matter to about the size of your hand.

7.  Bee report – Carolyn.

Hives were inspected Saturday, June 11, and they’re doing well.  Bees are bringing in nectar and honey.  A box was added to each hive.

We now have three hives. Bee committee has given the hives names:  hives in front of mural wall are North and South.  Hive next to honey house is Northwest.


8. Gardener Comments/Concerns.

  • Danette, plot 35:  This plot is next to a large tree that loses branches when it’s windy. If you see fallen branches on the plot, please drag them away. Or, let Danette know and she’ll come and move them so the plants aren’t crushed.
  • Dave, plot 46 & Ted, plot 47:  Water barrels next to their plots aren’t being filled. Shanna will ask John V, the watering coordinator, to remind gardeners on water duty to fill those barrels in row 5.
  • Marcy: If you see any water barrels where dunk is outside the water and/or the screen is off barrel, please put dunk in the water and cover barrel with the screen.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.


Minutes by Isabelle Buonocore, Recording Secretary

Minutes: 10 May 2016 (7 pm in the garden)

Friday, May 20th, 2016

1. Welcome and Chair’s Report – Shanna.

• Theater group performed in the garden Sunday night and Monday night.

• On meeting sign-in sheet is a new column with member status. Circle your status if it’s correct. If incorrect, cross out and write correct status.

• Plot inspection takes place during clean up Saturday, May 14.

• New gardeners at plot 63 are Barbara Porter and Sebastien Bacle.

• New gardeners at plot 8 are Uri Hershberg and Shira Ninio.

• Left the garden – Cheryl Shugars, plot 8

• Moved to plot 8 – Michelle Grimley and Audrey Jaros

• We’re participating in PHS garden contest. Judging is in July. Need volunteers.

• We’re participating in Community Gardens Day, June 18. Need volunteers.

• We have two volunteers –Brian & Barbara– working on revisions and updates to our website. Brian will also use social media outlets to post things happening in the garden.


2. Water Report – Thom.

• Since water was turned on, we’ve used 523 gallons of water. This is about the same amount as last year at this time.

• Water crisis we had last month was resolved without any explanation from water department.

• No further word from water department re storm water dispute.


3. Volunteers needed to maintain structures – Mark.

Mark reminded us that if we want structures in the garden (e.g., gazebo), we must be willing to do the maintenance they require. Please volunteer when work needs to be done.

Our structures were recently power-washed in preparation of staining to be done during clean up, May 14. Thom and Ed have seen to it that power-washing was accomplished and supplies purchased for the staining.

We’ll need volunteers to replace a third of the plants on the green roof because they died over the winter.


4. Arbor – Mark.

We’re replacing the arbor this year. The wood is old and rotting. To do the work, grape vines will have to be cut back.

Gardeners asked questions and gave suggestions regarding grape vines and flowering vines to cover the new arbor so that we can continue to have shade. We agreed we’d like a leafy cover of some kind until grape vines grow back, but we don’t want plants that attract bees.

We also discussed protection of plants growing in area of arbor construction. Gwyn will be consulted about this.

NGT will pay for new arbor, but we’re responsible for getting bids. Mark is working on getting bids. Work is likely to be done after July 1, but before fall.


5. Sidewalk repairs – Shanna.

NGT will pay for the sidewalk repairs. Work will be done this year.


6. Treasurer’s Report for period 4/12 to 5/10 – Ed.

This past month our income was from membership dues, and our payments were for the following: irrigation turn on, backflow preventers, structure power-washing, structure stain, & supplies.

Upcoming expenses: green roof plants and honey house trim lumber.

Our rainy day fund is secure, and our bank balance is about $700 more than it was last year at this time.

Carolyn asked if the theater group made a donation to garden. John V said Yes, they will send money to NGT and we will receive money from NGT. He wasn’t sure of the amount, but he will let us know.


7. Annual BBQ – Shanna.

Shanna asked what date we want the BBQ. We agreed to have it Sat., Sept. 17. Rain date – next day. Shanna and Brian have a system for running the BBQ and will work together again. Nevertheless, there are many tasks for which volunteers are needed, e.g., ticket sales.

Brian has been able to get a number of donations for the BBQ. This has turned the recent BBQs from break-even events into fundraisers.


9. Plot Inspections – Mark.

Reminder: First plot inspection of the season May 14. (See Rules & Regulations, Section IX.)


8. Other

If anyone has advice about starting a new community garden, please talk to Nadine at plot 33.



Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.


Minutes by Isabelle Buonocore, Recording Secretary



April 11, 2016 Minutes

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden


April 11, 2016


1.  Welcome.  At 7:00 pm, Shanna, the new Chair, opened the meeting and made a toast to the past Executive Committee, to the new Executive Committee, and to all the gardeners.

She reminded everyone to have their garden plots ready by May 1, to give signed by-laws to Isabelle, and to give salt hay money to Janice.

She announced that the 3rd Annual Community Garden Day is June 18 from 10:00AM to 1:00 PM.


2.  Mosquitos.  Mark, the new Vice Chair, reminded gardeners:

–Mosquitos breed in standing water, even the smallest amounts, so turn over your watering cans so rain doesn’t get in them.

–Tall plants are attractive to mosquitos.

–Salt hay is NOT a breeding place.

–Mosquitos are most active in early morning and early evening.

–Wear mosquito repellant (Karyl said a good natural repellent is Buzz Away which can be purchased at Essene)

–We will add dunks to the barrels collecting drain water from the honey house.


3.  Treasurer’s Report.  Ed, the new Treasurer, reported on income from the collection of member dues and receipt of a $40 donation; and payments for composting toilet materials, electric bill, and root mulch bill.  Nine plots have not yet paid their membership dues.


4.  Bees.

We voted to confirm the motion and decision made last month to move two hives to the area in front of the mural wall.  Carolyn has talked to the homeowner who expressed agreement that it was a good location for the hives.  Carolyn urged gardeners who are allergic to bee stings to carry an epi-pen for protection.  She explained that it would not be possible to store EpiPens in the shed because we cannot control temperature inside the shed.

April 24 is the date that new bees will go into the boxes.  Once the hives are in their new location, they cannot be moved.


5.  Bylaws/Rules & Regulations.

Shanna reminded everyone that the bylaws and rules & regulations have been sent to the gardeners, and that comments and technical edits have been addressed.  A definition of “Warning” was added to the definitions section, and the language regarding attendance to support garden activities was softened.

A gardener asked if these bylaws/R&Rs change the way clean-up hours were tracked in 2015.  The answer is No.  However language was added to clarify that clean-up, including independent clean-up, is 2 hours EACH MONTH and that a gardener cannot make up for multiple missed clean-ups in 1 month.

A gardener asked for clarification of the Queen Village residency requirement for membership.  The language will be clarified to state that the requirement will not affect current members.

A quorum was present, and we voted to accept the amendments to the By-Laws and the Rules & Regulations with the clarification that the residency requirement would not affect current members.

Shanna announced she will send out an email to determine status of current gardeners: Are you a gardener, co-gardener, or helper?


6.  Roses.  At the April clean-up, for gardeners who are interested, Linda will show them how to prune roses.


7.  Water, barrels, and green roof.

Thom reported we have a new water meter and the water pressure problem of last fall is gone.  Please email Thom if you notice any future water pressure problems.

Gardeners on water duty should check for leaning barrels.  If a barrel is leaning, don’t fill it.  When the water is eventually emptied, Thom will fix the barrel.  It can’t be fixed/moved while water is in it.

Half of the green roof has died.  This past winter was the first time plants on the green roof died.  Help is needed at April’s clean-up to remove weeds on the green roof.

8.  Shade gardens.

Lisa asked that gardeners interested in weeding or doing other work in the shade gardens (community areas in the garden) please call her.  Many of us who love to clean up may not be aware of the special needs of these areas.  For example, some clean-up is best left to later in the season because now the plant matter on the ground acts as insulation.  Please contact Lisa before doing anything so that time & labor isn’t wasted and that the shady gardens get the care they need at the right time.


9. Corresponding Secretary.

Shanna announced that Cynthia is our new Corresponding Secretary.

10.  Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT).

Shanna announced that NGT has money for us to replace the grape arbor.  We have our own lumber, but we’ll provide NGT with a list of other supplies needed to replace the arbor.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.


Minutes by Isabelle, Recording Secretary


Addendum:  The following Gardeners are Row Captains for 2016:

Row 1 (by front gate) – Irene

Row 2 – Janice

Row 3 – John

Row 4 – Pamela

Row 5 – Ted

Row 6 – Jeanne

Row 7 – Thom

14 March 2016 Minutes

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden
March 14, 2016

1. From 6:30 to 7:00 pm, gardeners signed the attendance sheet, handed in their bylaws’ signature page, gave treasurer their dues of $35 per plot, and signed up for two watering weeks — 1 cool week & 1 warm week.

2. Welcome. At 7:00 pm, John welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the 2016 garden season. He said 2015 was a successful season and he thanked those who came out for the barbecue.

3. Treasurer’s Report. Suzanne reported that last year’s income and expenses were about the same. She will provide details and actual figures in an email to the gardeners.

4. Chair’s Report, Part I – Thom.

a. Water. Will be turned on April 4. April 11 is the first watering week, which means all barrels will be filled that week. Thom will check water pressure. He’ll also check water usage throughout the season. A new water meter was installed last fall.

b. Major project this spring: power wash & stain garden structures/buildings. Thom will ask Mike Chobert to do the power washing for free. Garden volunteers are needed to do the staining. The garden will supply the stain.

c. Thanks from Thom. He completed his term as Vice Chair and thanked everyone. He plans to continue working in the background.

5. Chair’s Report, Part II – John.

a. Renegade Theater Company performance in garden, May 8-9. John reminded us that we voted last fall to allow this theater group to have a performance in the garden. It will be for 2 evenings. Readings will be performed at different stations throughout the garden, and guests will be served cocktails and listen to the readings. Michael Durkin, the Creative Director is looking for garden volunteers to serve as liaisons to the theater group and to be available in garden plots during the performances. An objective of the play is for guests to see an active garden. Please contact John if you’re interested in volunteering.

b. Bylaws. We did not vote on the revisions to the bylaws in November because we did not have a quorum. We’ll vote on them in April.

c. Watering Duty. John Keisker is back as Watering Captain and reminded everyone to sign up for 2 weeks of watering duty. Everyone should be signed up so that he can post who is working what week before the water is turned on April 4. He’ll post information in the shed and on the website calendar. He’ll also email a reminder to the group volunteering each week, and he’ll assign a person to take the lead to coordinate watering for the week.

d. Clean-up. Our first monthly clean-up will be Saturday, March 19, at 9:00 am. The current and new officers will establish the task list.

e. Yvonne. Yvonne has been ill in the hospital. Garden volunteers from City Harvest will help care for her garden plot. Please contact Janice Chorba if you have further news of Yvonne.

f. Thanks from John. He completed his term as Chair. He thanked everyone and wished the best for the new officers.

6. Move Bee Hives. We lost 3 hives over the winter. Carolyn and Scott explained that we’ve had little success with hives for the last 3 years and the most promising solution is to move the hives to a location with full sun. Additional steps include buying a nuc and a northern queen.

A motion was made and carried to keep two hives near the honey house and to place two hives near the mural wall. Carolyn will contact the owner of the house with the mural wall. To date, Carolyn has purchased 2 packages ($105 each) and a nuc ($150). She hopes to purchase a northern queen for the garden.

Karyl advised gardeners to make sure plants we purchase for our plots are organic, that they don’t contain pesticides. Lisa mentioned that Greensgrow Farms/Nursery, in Kensington, sells plants that are pesticide free.

7. Election of Officers. We elected the following officers for 2-year terms:
Chair – Shanna Flanagan
Vice Chair – Mark Raymond
Treasurer – Ed Mitinger
Recording Secretary – Isabelle Buonocore

The position of Communication Secretary is still unfilled. Janice will help out while we seek to fill the position.

The new officers will find persons to fill the row captain positions.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Minutes by Isabelle Buonocore, Recording Secretary

9 November 2015 Minutes (7pm at Wacacco)

Friday, November 13th, 2015

1.  Welcome.  John welcomed members and called for approval of the October minutes that were emailed to the Gardeners on 11/4/15.

2.  Treasurer’s Report.  Suzanne reported financial activity from September to date.  Deposits were made for honey sales and extract, Whole Foods, and BBQ.  Expenses were holiday party room rental, tree trimmer tool, and BBQ. Still need to pay for water turnoff and bees.  Before the March 2016 meeting, will provide a complete report with new dues recommendation.  At this point it appears dues could remain the same.

3.  Discussion of latest revision to By-laws, Rules & Regulations.  Due to lack of quorum, the vote on documents was postponed to the March 2016 meeting.  However, we had a discussion and agreed to the following:

  • Agreed to revert to this year’s definition of Garden Council, i.e., Garden Council includes the Executive Committee, Row Captains and Past Chair.  Change will be made.
  •  Agreed to add that By-laws and NGT agreement must be signed by anyone working in the Garden, including helpers.  Change will be made.
  •  Agreed that the membership fee will be decided before March.  Text on this was not consistent throughout latest version of documents.  Change will be made.
  • Agreed that each plot is required to attend 5 monthly clean-ups a year, and Gardeners who can’t make a particular cleanup can do 2 hours of independent clean up on another day that month.   Anyone who cannot meet requirements due to special circumstances should contact the Chair to work out an alternative.   No change needed.
  •  Agreed not to add anything about officer nominations to documents.  No change needed.
  •  Agreed that we will identify Co-Gardeners at the March 2016 meeting.  No changed needed to Co-Gardener sections of document.
 4.  Chair’s Report, Part I – Thom.
  •  Clean-up.  This Saturday, November 14, 9:00 AM is the last clean-up of the season and there’s a lot to do.  Task list will be emailed to members and a copy put in the shed Friday night.
  •  Water.  The latest water bill from the Water Department doesn’t make sense.  In addition, we’ve received a collection agency letter for unpaid bills.  Thom will write a letter to the Water Department and copy NGT.  He will ask for a reasonable accounting.
  • Water shut-off took place Nov 2.  Water turn-on will take place April 4, 2016.   Water pressure seemed fine after the shut-off and water meter was working.

5.  Chair’s Report, Part II – John.  

  •   Trash.  Need volunteers to take out trash over the winter.  Probably need to put trash out every other week.  John will send members an email asking for volunteers.
  • Snow.  John will take care of snow shoveling this winter and will ask for help if needed.
  •  Slate of New Officers.  John will work on this.
 6.  Special Reports:
  •  Bees.  Carolyn reported all three hives look good and have been put to bed.  Bees will start looking for food in February and March, so please plant crocus and snowdrops to help the bees.  
  •  City Harvest.  Ed reported 177 pounds were harvested in October.  To date, we’re 183 pounds lower than total for last year.  Harvesting will continue until the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Email Ed or Janice if you want to donate crop.
  •  Soil delivery.  A huge amount of soil (fills a dump truck) will be dumped near the cherry tree either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  The soil is for the new City Harvest beds.  Please be patient as Ed et al move the soil by wheelbarrow to the new beds this weekend.  Help moving the soil would be appreciated.  Gwen will use some of the soil for the communal gardens.  If there’s extra soil, City Harvest will share it with other Gardeners.  The soil comes from PHS and is organic.
  •  Holiday Party.  Please contact Barbara Seiple regarding set-up and contributions.  Date is Wednesday, Dec 2.  Set up begins at 6 pm. Party is at 7 pm.
The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.
Minutes by Isabelle Buonocore, Recording Secretary

12 October 2015 Minutes

Friday, November 13th, 2015



  1. Last months minutes
  2. Treasurers Report
  3. Chairs Report
    1. Upcoming Clean Up
      1. Task list will be posted in the garden Friday night for Saturday early birds
      2. Start time will be 9am until 12noon
      3. BBQ clean up will be helpful
    2. Water Report
      1. Meter is not working
      2. Water will be turned off November 2
    3. BBQ Recap
      1. Ticket sales were approximately $1500, expenses are still to post.  Further report next month.
    4. Tree work this winter
      1. Costs included in email agenda sent 10/9/15
      2. The Cherry Tree is failing and recommended for removal.  The leadership proposes to cut the Cherry Tree down ourselves (saving $350) and take the remainder of the estimate.  A vote was taken and the vote was approved to have Shechtman (the tree company) remove the Cherry Tree stump and do the remaining ~$1,600 worth of tree work.  NGA will be reimbursing $1,500 of the cost.
  4. By Law Review
    1. Document – review of the document and comments was performed.   Comments and  notes from the discussion at the meeting will be incorporated to the final draft.  We will vote in the November meeting (11/9/15)
    2. Comment – some dialogue was raised about the following:
      1. Suggestion – to avoid a necessary quorum, should we allow absentee?
        1. Most felt that we should explore this, possibly Survey Monkey.
      2. Co Gardeners have been removed from the By Laws, existing Co Gardeners will remain.
      3. Emeritus Gardeners have been added to the By Laws.
      4. Helpers will remain.   Helpers can be introduced to the garden with approval from the Leadership.  Helpers can’t attend Meetings or Clean Ups without Leadership approval.  The helper will never be permitted to inherit the plot.   Helpers have no voting rights.
      5. Termination was discussed at length.  No changes to the updates.
  5. Special Reports – Not completed b/c we ran overtime with By Law discussions.

15 September 2015 Minutes

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden
September 15, 2015 @ 7:00 PM

1. Welcome. John V. welcomed members and called for approval of the August minutes. The August minutes posted on the website were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report. Isabelle read Suzanne’s report, which included the balance of funds as of the end of August. In September, Pauline was paid for pollinator garden expenses, and the money received from honey extraction, honey sales, and the Heifer collections for July and August was deposited.

3. Chairs’ Report, Part I.

a. Clean Up is Saturday, September 19 at 10:00 am. Thom will put a list of tasks in the shed Friday night.

b. Thom contacted the water department about the water pressure problem and the water meter, which is not working. One inspector from the water department came out and determined there wasn’t any leak in the pipes in the garden. This inspector said it’s possible when the department did work on Christian Street that a water valve was turned off, and he will look into it. Another inspector told Thom that it’s possible that the pressure problem is connected to the meter problem and he would look into it. Thom has not heard back from anyone to date. He will continue to contact the water department because we want to get the meter fixed before the water is turned off for the season on November 2.

4. Chair’s Report, Part II.

a. Hal Rosner of Schectner’s checked the trees in the garden and will be sending John his estimate. Mr. Rosner said the magnolia tree is doing well, but the cherry tree has about 1 year left. At some point, we need to discuss who will take it down.

b. The holiday party is set for December 2 at Old Swedes Church.

c. There will be two clean ups for the BBQ: the night before and the morning of.

d. Reminders:

(1) If you have crops on your plot that you won’t use, please donate them to City Harvest. All you have to do is send Ed or Janice an email with your plot number (or location) and specific instructions as to what you want to donate and on which Mondays. City Harvest will then come to your plot and pick the crops.

(2) In preparation for next month’s discussion on the bylaws, read the current bylaws and past bylaws (we have them back to 2007) which are posted on our Website.

(3) Weed paths next to your plot and trim back any plants that are growing beyond the plot borders. Do this regularly. Many plants have grown so far into the paths that it’s difficult to walk by them. Before the BBQ, we will trim them up if you haven’t already done so.

(4) Wood chips. We’ve made calls to our usual sources. If you know of anyone cutting down a tree, please contact John.

(5) If you need a copy of the garden map contact John or Isabelle.

5. Marilyn introduced Ellen Wurster who is helping Marilyn with her plot.

6. BBQ Update.
a. Shanna reported she has tickets. The date/time is Saturday, October 3, from 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM. See her after the meeting tonight or tomorrow night from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Adults $15, children $7.

b. Brian wants to have a meeting to discuss the food. Anyone interested should come to the Second Street Tap at 2nd & Dickinson Sts., Monday, September 21, at 8:00 PM. Menu will include burgers, hot dogs, ribs, brisket, lamb, pork sausages, and oysters, and vegetables.

c. Volunteers are still needed to bring side dishes and desserts, serve food, set up, etc. Shanna passed around a sign up sheet. Linda Witt will call volunteers to remind them.

d. Lisa Z has volunteered to set up a craft table for kids attending the BBQ.

e. Items needed still needed: paper & plastic products – cups, dishes, napkins. Can folks donate what they have around the house? Put them in the shed. Also needed – utensils, chairs, tables. Bring them the night before the BBQ and put them on the patio.

7. By-laws Committee Update.
Shanna reported that the committee is meeting tomorrow to discuss a few minor issues and then will be done. Recommendations will be made at the October garden meeting.

8. Special Reports:

a. City Harvest. Ed reported that 930 lbs. has been harvested this year through August, compared to 1,080 lbs. for the same time last year. Winter crops were planted and are coming in. Harvesting will continue until the Monday before Thanksgiving. If you need ideas on what to plant at this time of year, see the City Harvest beds. The beds have been rebuilt and more dirt is coming soon. City Harvest thanks everyone at the garden for their support. Call or email Ed or Janice if you want to donate crops from your plot. See 4.d.(1) above.

b. Deed Update. Barbara S reported that the 8-page Deed to the garden is on foam board and the pages are starting to peel off. She brought it to Staples but they couldn’t do anything with it. She’ll try Silicon Gallery on 3rd St. in Old City. She got a quote of $100 to scan it. She’ll provide an update in November.

c. Bees. No report this month as neither Carolyn nor Scott were present.

9. Additional Topic:

a. Renegade Theater Company requested use of the garden for a one-night performance art show in Spring 2016. This year they have a show in FDR Park for the Fringe Festival. John met with the Director Mike Durkin who toured the garden.

The company would charge admission for its show and expects about 40 to 60 people. The show would include a number of stations around the garden where performers would do readings and the audience is invited to walk around the garden from one station to another and listen to the readings. There would be a mixologist present making cocktails and the company would like to use herbs or other ingredients from the garden in the cocktails. The company has insurance and it would provide a port-o-john. The show would not be open to all garden members, but the garden could have a few of “chaperones” at the show.

Isabelle asked if we would be setting a precedent for outside groups to use the garden to make money. Linda noted that Renegade Theater Company is an arts group, that a show by them in the garden would not be the first time the garden was used by an outside artistic group and the previous time was the Blue Dot project.

Mr. Durkin couldn’t be at tonight’s meeting, but John will ask him to come to the October meeting to answer any questions members may have.

The following comments by Mr. Durkin and John on this proposal also appeared at the bottom of this month’s meeting agenda:

From Mike Durkin of Renegade Company:
The Renegade Company, known for creating site-specific performances of iconic works of art is aiming to present a one night pop-up performance event. Renegade is embarking on a three year journey exclusively presenting works outdoors to explore the relationship between nature and the body, sites include: parks, swimming holes, rivers, cemeteries, farms, and gardens. We never treat any performance location as a venue, we treat it more as a partnership where the environment contributes to the story we are telling. We have worked with churches, parks, museums, and cemeteries to use the history, environment, and culture in the work we are presenting. We will be looking to utilize 4 ingredients in the garden (TBD) and creating performance works and cocktails around them. This endeavor will be the second partnership with cocktail purveyors Spirit Forward. The first was a sold out pop-up Stories and Spirits, where we creating 4 cocktails inspired by classic novels and had readings of the novel. Spirit Forward is run by Dan Lan Hamm, head bartender at A.Bar in Rittenhouse Square. We are interested in spotlighting the garden and reimagining how we can use green spaces in the neighborhood.
From John’s Interaction with Mike:
How many performances? One, in later spring.
How many people will there be in the garden for a performance? Between 40-60 people
What kind of use of the garden will be needed prior to the garden for rehearsal, set-up, etc.? Set up would occur two hours before the party. We would use that time for rehearsal as well. I would need to walk through the garden a couple of times just to get a sense of how to stage the show.
How might you use the garden? There would be maybe 4-5 stations. One where our mixologist would create cocktails inspired by the garden. The other stations, would be set where performances/readings would take place, again inspired by the garden, plants and gardening. The audience would walk about the garden, experience the space and performances. Taking the the uniquiness of the garden within the city.
Insurance? We use Domenick and Associates.
Port-a-John? No problem for them to get.
The meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Minutes by Isabelle Buonocore, Recording Secretary

SWQV Garden Minutes 10 Aug 2015

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden


August 10, 2015 @ 7:00 PM 

1.  Welcome.  John V. welcomed members and called for approval of the July minutes. The July minutes posted on the website were approved.  

2.  Treasurer’s Report.  Suzanne S. reported on expenses paid and balance of funds for the month of July.  

3.  Chair’s Report.   

a.  John V. gave a partial water report as follows: see Addendum below for Thom’s H’s report on water usage.  Thom H. emailed that there have been water pressure problems this past week.  Thom is trying to find out whom to contact at water dept. regarding these kinds of problems.  Thom plans to talk to neighbors to see if they are having pressure issues.  There has been work on Christian St. by the water dept. that may have caused or exacerbated water pressure problems. He believes the problem is with the city’s water system and not with our system, but this is yet to be determined. 

If gardeners on water duty have low water pressure they should be patient and do the following:  Turn off water at main valve by west gate for 30 seconds; then turn back on and pressure should be back to normal.  That may only last for a few minutes and need to be repeated, but barrels can be filled using this method.  Thom is at garden every afternoon between 4:30 and 7:00 and can assist persons on water duty if they need help. 

Thom determined that our water meter is not working: it’s not recording the amount of water being used.  He’ll contact the water department. 

John reminded gardeners who have watering duty that they should determine at the beginning of the week who will be responsible for taking out trash.  Trash must be put on the street Thursday night as the city collects it very early Friday morning. 

See addendum below for Thom’s H’s emailed report on water usage. 

     b.  Clean-up is Sat., August 15.  Isabelle B. will be in charge for the early shift at 8 AM and will have a list of tasks.  Thom H. will be in charge at 10 AM.  The clean-up will run from 8:00 to 11:30.     

4.  BBQ Update.  Shanna F. reported that tickets have been printed with the new time (3:00 to 7:00) and asked for volunteers to help sell tickets.  Price is $15 for adults, $7 for children, and free for children under 10 years old.  

She asked gardeners to sign up for food donations and help at the event. 

She reported that Brian will be doing the food again this year, that invitations will go out to V.I.P.s, that the port-a-potty has been ordered, that requests for donations have gone out.  

Scott M.’s band will be playing at the BBQ, and he invited folks to volunteer to sing with the band to make the event more interactive and fun.  Contact Scott if you’d like to sing. 

5.  By-laws Committee Update

Shanna F. reported that the committee is reviewing the bylaws.  They will provide a draft with their recommended changes before the September garden meeting.  Bylaw revisions will clarify who is a garden member and what that status confers; ensure that persons become garden members via the garden waiting list and not by becoming a co-gardener; clarify how plot helpers affect the garden; and ensure that garden members of longstanding who can no longer manage a plot can still spend time in the garden. 

6.  Special Reports:

     a.  Bees.  Carolyn S. reported that there was an inspection of the hives on Saturday, August 8 and they are in good shape. 

     b.  City Harvest.  Irene S. reported that the total volume of harvests this year is behind last year by 175 lbs.  Please donate those extra tomatoes, etc. by putting a pink flag next to your crop for Monday morning collection.  (Year-to-date totals:  740 lbs.) 

     c.  Water Duty.  John K. did not have a report.  

     d.  Honey.  See Barbara M. after meeting for jars of honey she brought.  Contact Barbara S. for future jars of honey.  

7.  Additional Topic:

     a. Holiday Party.  John V. reserved Old Swedes Church for holiday party Dec 2.  He asked if the members were willing to pay the room cost that increased from $400 to $500.  There were no objections to paying the increase. 

Adjournment:  before 8:00 PM. 

Minutes by Isabelle Buonocore, Recording Secretary 

Addendum to August 10, 2015 minutes: 

Water Usage Report by Thom H.








SWQV Community Garden Meeting Minutes July 13 2015 @ 7:00 pm – The Garden

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

SWQV Community Garden Meeting Minutes
13 July 2015 @ 7:00 pm – The Garden

1.  Welcome: John V. welcomed the membership and asked for a motion to approve June’s minutes.  Minutes were approved.  A review of tonight’s agenda and announcements proceeded.

2.  Treasurers Report:  Suzanne S., Treasurer, presented the Treasurer’s Report. 

3.  Chairs’ Report (1):  Thom H. announced the following Chairs’ Report (Part 1):

a. Upcoming clean up is scheduled for Saturday the 18th, at 10 a.m.  Early birds will find task list and         sign in sheets available as early as 8 a.m.  Regular cleaning of sidewalk and fence area, weeding and patio cleaning will be on the list as well as more detailed projects.

b. Water Report:
i.  A reminder when watering please fill all barrels – two just north of the gazebo have been missed      more than a few times this year.  Yvonne H. suggested that it might be appropriate to schedule watering days to have 2 people on each day so that there is less chance of forgetting barrels.

ii. If pressure is low – try turning main value off and then back on (though not confirmed, some have reported it helps).  It seems this works best if a tap is open at the time you turn off and on the main tap.  You may have to do this a few times as you go through the garden.

iii. Water usage is down this past month by about 1/2 compared to the same period as last year.  While we can all be thankful for the consistent rain, we must remember to use the water judiciously as always

c. The last Garden inspection went well with few issues. Good job, Gardeners!

4. Chairs’ Report (2):  John V. presented Chair Report (Part 2):

a. NGT’s Community Garden Day was a nice affair with good attendance.  Whole Foods gave a demo that resulted in free lunch for attendees.  Paper flowers are still decorating the grape arbor from the kids who participated in the arts and crafts program.  Thank you Lisa Z.!

b. The By-law committee has been created and has met twice so far

i. It is taking the results of the Council’s meeting, which identified possible changes and additions   (i.e. plot secession), and proposing changes that will be beneficial in clarifying the bylaws as currently stated.

ii. In August or September it will Deliver these proposed changes to council for their approval

iii. In September these changes will be sent to membership for review prior to September meeting

iv. Discussion by membership will be held at September’s meeting

v. In October, any changes based on meeting will be discussed by committee and council

vi. At October’s meeting membership will vote (Up or down) on the final Draft. Attendance is greatly encouraged for this meeting—a quorum is necessary.

c. Locks on the Gate (s) and the shed have been found unlocked several times recently.  Please remember to locks all gates and doors behind you at all times.  Consider leaving the garden by the same gate that you came in , in case you forgot to lock the gate on the way in.

d. Again:  Fill ALL Water Barrels! Next to last row (half row north of gazebo) has been forgotten on occasion. There are two barrels in that half row.

5. The Annual BBQ:  Plans were updated by Shanna F. The BBQ is scheduled for Saturday Oct. 3 (rain date Sun. Oct 4).  A sign-up sheet for dishes was handed around, though it’s not mandatory to bring what you’ve signed up for.  Ticket prices have been set at $7 for children and $15 for adults.

Once again we are happy to have Scot M. get the band back together for our event.  And Brian R. will be coordinating procurement and cooking the wonderful food we’ve become accustomed to!  Our thanks to both of you!

Irene S. suggested that the times for the BBQ be adjusted to take best advantage of the earlier loss of daylight.  It was agreed by membership to move the time for the BBQ to 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. (Set up and cleanup will therefore be an hour earlier as well.)

Besides help setting up for the event and cleaning up afterward, we will be looking for people to sell advance tickets, and to help with food prep.  More details will follow as we get closer to the event.

6. The Special Reports were as follows:
a. Bees:  Carolyn S. reports that after several setback over the winter and spring the bees are in good shape, but the amount of honey that they have produced so far  indicates that it would be best to leave it there for the bees to be able to securely feed through the winter. 

b. City Harvest:  Ed M. reports that City Harvest is on its way to catching up to last year’s totals.  It was explained that a volunteer group from Whole Foods would be invading the garden on Thurs. the 16th to help rebuild the City Harvest beds, which have become rotted, unsightly, and unsafe. This is all made possible by a partnership with Whole Food and NGT/PHS.

An added note: the Summer Camp that is held at the Courtyard at Riverview Apartments is going on its Monday adventure and will be at John Heinz on Mon. the 20th, at Whole Foods and the Magic Garden on Monday the 27th, and in our Garden for an end of summer event with Fleisher Color Wheels on Mon. Aug 3.  Events get underway at 9:30 and Chaperones and volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.

c. Compost Toilet:  Compost Toilet Training Class was a success, not only teaching interested parties how to upkeep the facility, but how to pass that knowledge on.  It was also reported that there are 2 buckets of compost by the fig trees that are safe to use on flower beds. 

7.  The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.

Minutes taken by Janice Chorba, Communications Secretary

Minutes 8 June 2015

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden Meeting Minutes
June 8, 2015 @ 7:00 PM (in the Garden)

1. Welcome. John V., Chair, Welcomed members, outlined the agenda, and called for approval of the May minutes. The May minutes posted on the website were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report. Suzanne S., Treasurer, gave a report on dues collected, donations received, bills paid, and funds available.

3. Chair’s Report, Part I. Thom H., Vice Chair, announced the following:
• Garden clean-up is Sat., Jun 15, 10:00 AM. You may come early – the weather predicted to be hot.
o Save water, also be aware as you serve your water week.
o Timers currently used for soaker hoses to limit water waste and a committee will be developed look into their use or alternative methods for use of these hoses.
• Row captains update:
o Operating fine, no update
• Inspection update:
o Gardens overall look good, some issues with bindweed and other weeds were addressed and have been taken care of. Next inspection June 15 will look how things are being maintained.
o Note: Garden plants should not intrude into pathways, maintain the pathways clear. Member noted that crabgrass is growing abundant around the fence, needs to be cleared at clean up.
• City Garden Contest:
o We have entered in the city garden contest this year; this hasn’t been done in the past year or two.
o Please keep your garden plots clean and pathways clear in preparation for the contest.
o Entered the ‘mixed community garden category’ for contest. Date is unknown; we will have approximately a 2 week notice, and then will ask for volunteers to escort the judges.

4. Chair’s Report Part 2. John V. announced the following:
• NGT’s Community Garden Day, June 20, 10a-3p
o Garden members are encouraged to be present so that guests can see us and talk to us. So come out and support the Garden day. There will also be some tours and children’s activities.
o Whole Foods has offered and will come in and give 2-45 min sessions (10 and noon) on cooking and healthy eating.
o John created a new flyer for the garden tour; you can post the new flyer to any social media to encourage attendance.
• Officers for next year:
o Some members will be approached to run for an office. We would like to see those members who have not served officers to take a turn as secretary, treasurer, vice-chair/chair (co-chairs).
• Bylaws update:
o Nine members volunteered to participate in the committee, they will be meeting soon.
• Garden BBQ
o First weekend in Oct, Oct 3rd was agreed upon for the annual BBQ (changed from last weekend in Sept to avoid the Pope’s visit timeframe)
• Tours:
o Tours have been going on with Meredith schools, and well enjoyed by all. Great partnership
o Eileen Gallagher of NGT has asked to have the SWQV garden as a stop for people from the visitor center. 9:45 tour scheduled this Friday. Would like to encourage activity in the garden.

5. Special Reports:
• Bee update:
o Scott said the bee’s, honey forecast has not changed, 4 hives look good, 1 a bit questionable.
o Bees swarming this time of year, when they swarm they will not go after you; they are full of honey and are not interested. If you see a swarm please contact Scott and/or Carolyn.
• Tree update
o Carolyn and Thom: Tree arborist was here and the magnolia has begun to fix itself, more of the root is now exposed.
o Cherry trees are doing better, keep yellow tape around it. Not many cherries this year, so no cherry picking will be scheduled – feel free to pick a few if you can reach them, but stay away from the 2nd tree to let it rest. Cherry trees were trimmed to keep them healthier by Fred and Thom. As this is a saving to our budget a well-deserved thank you goes out to them.
o Carolyn will water both the magnolias and cherry twice a week as prescribed by the arborist.
• City harvest:
o Ed M. 166.5 lbs donated to date, 17 lbs less than last year due to the late start to the growing
o The Pink Flag Program is in place: if you choose to donate your produce, we will take everything next to your flag on Monday mornings. Use as many flags you need to identify the different produce.

6. Additional Topics, Q and A:
• Linda clarified when the water is turned on, you can turn the soaker hose to a time (i.e.: 45 min), and it will water for that time (or until the water is turned off). Track the soaker hose to the origin to find the timer. Pay attention to the front fence if the plants are looking dry or wilting.
• Iris deadheading: Many iris need deadheading, the stalk will take the nutrients away from the plant, so cut the stalk off down to the leaves near the base to support the health of the plant.
• Rose pruning along the front fence will be done on Sat clean-up. Linda addressed rose pruning, and is the expert to ask questions (she will be there 8:30 or 9a on Sat.)
• Kitchen scraps need to be buried under existing compost to assure scraps are not carted away and to speed breakdown. Scraps should be chopped as into smaller pieces.
• Keep your pets on a leash or well monitored while in the garden: there have been dogs seen wandering into people’s plots when left unsupervised by owner/gardener. Dogs can cause damage in plots, so please be respectful. A dog going into a plot can be considered a violation of the by-laws, just as if you went into someone’s plot.
7. The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm

Minutes by Sue Walton
Substitute Recording Secretary