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Minutes, 10 March 2014 (at Settlement)

Monday, March 17th, 2014

6:30 to 7:
Signing of bylaws, paying dues, signing up for hot/cold watering weeks…..
Dues for 2014 are $50 per plot.

Meeting introduction by Cindi.
Cindi resigns as president. John Ventre will be taking over Cindi’s duties as Chair.
Cindi’s comments include: “Thank you for accepting new dues amount.”
“Thank you to past officers from 2012-2013” ….

Introduction of new slate of officers:
John V entre (Chair)
Thom Hardenberg (Vice-Chair)
Suzanne Schectner (Treasurer)
Janice Chorba (Communications Secretary)
Lisa Zollinger (Recording Secretary)

Meeting turns over to John V. whose comments include: “Keep gardening as our focus.”

Treasury report, 2013 summary
$7325 total revenue
$3200 in expenses
March balance is $7290 (enough to cover water bill and other expenses)

NGA is now NGT (Neighborhood Garden Trust)
• They will be rolling out a new web page that will have all sorts of information –
• There will be a map with links to garden pages
• There will be a page for “How to support NGT”
• Protect and Preserve page for those interested on starting a garden (process and application)
• News and events
• Resources (links, message board and press kits)
They are interested in using a garden for the rollout of the webpage with gardeners attending. Mid-day and Mid-week. Some items and activities they are looking at for this and coming years…

• Participation at the PHS fall fest
• Bike tour with gardens as stops for bikers
• A Citywide Community Garden Day – Timing is still up in the air. It would be a day for the gardens and each garden would decide how to recognize the day.

Looking to draft a new NGT Garden Agreement. It sounded like it would apply to new gardens but established gardens may need to sign (organic, soil monitoring, etc.)

Bees and other news:
Pruning is done. Not much taken off of cherry trees because we didn’t want to lose a season of cherries.
Cats are fine. They are fat. Total beggars. Must go on diet this summer.
The bee news is not great. We had 4 hives going into winter. We lost 2 over winter. We don’t know why. Carolyn opened top of hive in Jan. to feed it and it was dead. We still have 2 strong hives. We ordered 2 bee packages which includes 1500 bees and a queen. Cost is $100 per package. Unfortunately, the first year of a hive usually doesn’t produce honey….
Please put any recycled honey jars in Barbara’s plot number #26 or in the shed.
The water will be turned on the last Monday in March (the 31st)

City Harvest:
We had 1300 lbs of produce from the garden last year.
If you’ d like to join and participate in City Harvest, meet in the garden on Monday mornings at 9am to approx. 11am.

No plots were turned over this year. All the same members. There are currently 48 people on the waiting list. There was discussion on how to redo the waiting list. It was suggested that interested people should reapply every year to weed out people who move, lose interest, etc.

Water report:
Water will be turned on Monday March 31.
In 2013 the water was turned off on Nov.1. That’s when Thom went over the final billing to reconcile our usage with the bill. On Feb 12, 2014 we received a letter from the water dept. stating a new process of billing for water usage. In the past year, we received bills each month for $200 and some dollars…. We now have a $2,300 outstanding water bill balance. We need a new program of water usage, storm runoff, and how to keep track of our usage…. We’re still not sure what’s going on. Tom will continue to read water meter each month and keep accurate data. Thom will go to PHS and NGT meetings to keep communication open…. So this summer, think conservation!!

This is not a regular garden clean-up, but a very specific one involving pruning the fig tree and a general “dusting off” of the garden!! The ground is still frozen. While participation isn’t mandatory, any time you put in will go toward your total clean-up hours. And, if you can, please bring along your (small) electric saws to help speed things along.
Thank You and Look forward to seeing you between 10 & noon on Saturday!

Karyl gave us some insight into the concerns present when using commercial compost, which is going to contain biosolids. She has passed on this link which addresses the issue plainly:
“Out of the thousands of toxic chemicals that are found in that sludge, they strictly regulate exactly 10 heavy metals and two pathogens. And it’s nice that they regulate lead, mercury, and Salmonella. But you’re still left with everything else: flame retardants, nanoparticles, pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruptors like triclosan, cancer-causing dioxins, and a long list of other nasties you don’t want in your garden. Or in your body.” Karyl recommends visiting the Organic Materials Review Institute at for a listing of safe products for use in your garden. Thanks Karyl!
Next meeting will be April 7 (due to Passover and Easter the following weeks.) Cleanup will be the 12th.

Meeting adjourned at 7:56pm.

Minutes: 11 November 2013 (7 pm at Settlement)

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Minutes approved
Treasurer’s report

See Deirdre’s report (from email)
$8420 starting balance
$3660 from this year’s honey
$8964 ending balance

3 things helped this year: activity fund transfer, bee income, BBQ donations

Trees – Carolyn
Committee given $1500 to take care of the trees. Carolyn got a 3rd estimate. Work would cover orchard, crabapple trees, euonymous, Sephora, treatment of bagworms on cypress. Requesting $105 additional to cover total of the work cost. Condo association has been asked to split the cost of the trimming along the fence – waiting to hear. Motion was made, seconded and passes unanimously to authorize Carolyn to spend a total of $1605 on tree care for this year as stipulated above.

Budget discussion
Reviewed maintenance request from Thom (rehab garden shed $2500 and other maintenance projects – please include from Thom’s email). Reviewed expenses planned between meeting and March 2014 (see and include from Deirdre’s email).

Discussion focused on water costs, maintenance, etc.

Motion was made and seconded to add projected water bill of $1200 into basic costs and increase dues to cover basic costs as stipulated in the by laws. Raising costs by $1200 raises dues for each plot by another $20, bringing dues to $50 per plot. Motion stipulated that if there is a surplus of funds as a result of a lower than anticipated water bill, the membership will determine what to do with the surplus. 23 plots were present and voted unanimously to support the motion.

Holiday Party is Dec. 18 6-9, serving food will start at 630.

City Harvest collected another 135# of food for a total of 1055 this year.

A water usage report was provided and work continues on water issues.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes: 14 October 2013

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Southwark Queen Village Community Garden Minutes
14 October 2013
At Settlement School
September Minutes Approved

Treasury Report
• General Fund – $8420
• Emergency – $2000
• Activity Grant – $1600
• Monthly Highlights: Net honey profit was ~$2482, Net BBQ profit was ~$1521
• Comments: The activities grant is likely able to be moved into the general fund. Receipts that the garden currently has in their possession can likely qualify for the grant allowing us to withdrawal from the Activities Grant Fund and deposit to the General Fund retroactively.
• Comments: Jean sent details to Deidre.
• Comments: Budgeting has started for 2014 – BE PREPARED FOR A VOTE AT NOV MEETING

Tree Porposal
• Detailed proposals were presented to care for the orchard and other trees in the garden by Carolyn Scott. There was a request to consider funding the work. The garden members moved to authorized a cap dollar value for the work and allow a sub committee (led by Carolyn) determine the best combination of efforts for the value of the funds. $1500 was the cap authorized in the member vote.

Presidents Report
• An offer to arrange Salt Hay was made to the garden for winter cover. There were 9 interested. John to have Cyndi follow up with arranging formally the order.
• A request for a coordinator of the Holiday Party – Leslie Brown volunteered. It was mentioned that Monday’s are best at our usual Swedes location.
• If you have attendance questions see John Ventri – be reminded of minimum attendance requirements at the garden. Five Clean Ups (or 10 total hours) and attendance at Five Meetings. If you are unable to attend a Clean Up, please seek out duties on the back of the shed door and sign off to account for your date and hours of effort so that you can get credit against Clean Up hours.
• Nomination for Officers – Jed will reach out to candidates before 1/1/2014.
• BikeShare is investigating installation of a bike rack system in front of the garden. More information will be provided if our site is down selected for final approval to determine if the garden will be impacted negatively.
• Please note the great article in the QV Crier from Tom H on the Honey House.

Winter Trash
• Effective after the watering season, there will be a separate winter trash committee formed to ensure trash is taken to the curb on Thursdays. Ed, Janice, Tom H, and Ted immediately volunteered to join the temporary sub committee. THANK YOU!!

Committee Reports
• City Harvest

o Extra Produce, please place flags near plant for harvest committee to pick on Mondays.
o YTD total is 1066# vs 2012 1185#
o There will be construction supplies arriving to repair the raised bed structure.
o The hoop house is being repaired for winter installation and growing.

• Water

o Good News – YTD 38000 gallons versus last year 79000 gallons – due to rain fall this year.
o The garden received a letter on 9/18 with a ~$3300 balance since spring of 2012. It is believed that this is negotiable and more work will be done before final terms are reached on the outstanding run off and usage charge issues.

• Bees

o Three strong hives and one weak hive remain for over winter.
o 2014 will begin with three new hive purchases for $300 but those new hives will not produce honey in the first year. Therefore 2014 honey revenue is projected to be much lower than 2013.
o Honey Sales – Barbara Seiple has just a few jars left and then we’re DONE.

• BBQ – Not much to say except THANKS to Brian and all the helpers. It was a superb event.
• Children’s Garden – no activity

Minutes: 9 September 2013 (at the Garden Patio)

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

• Please be reminded of minimum attendance requirements at the garden. Five Clean Ups (or 10 total hours) and attendance at Five Meetings. If you are unable to attend a Clean Up, please seek out duties on the back of the shed door and sign off to account for your date and hours of effort so that you can get credit against Clean Up hours.
• If you have questions about your Attendance status, contact John V for your counts.

Clean Up
• Saturday 9/14/13 at 8am. Cindy will manage from 8am to 10am and Kathy D from 10am to noon/completion.
• This Clean Up is important for BBQ prep.
• Chips are here for spreading. If you can help deplete the pile before the Clean Up that would be helpful. Please spread in aisles first. If there are chips remaining, please spread some in Children’s garden.
• Iris will need to be split and transplanted. This will begin on Saturday with direction from community garden leaders. See coordinators of clean up for details. This duty will be ongoing for a few weeks after clean up to complete.

• If you plan on leaving the garden after the season, please contact John V
• If you would like to change plots between seasons, please contact John V

Officer Nominations
• If you wish to volunteer or nominate officer positions, please contact Jed Campbell.

Presidents Report
• SWQVCG is featured in Milestone Magazine and Green Scene (specifically Don Shump). Check it out.
• TEAM work is key for the garden to be successful. Please do your part in volunteering for efforts when needed to keep the burden distributed across all members.

• Band and Beer are secured
• Tickets – 170 total – 47 sold, 123 remain.
o on sale each evening at 6pm in the garden, and at clean up on Saturday
• Sign Ups need to be completed. Special needs include:
o Friday Night Prior – Pottie Delivery – Pauline Cadeaux has volunteered at the meeting.
o Small Tables and folding chairs are needed
o Meat and Produce Pick Up needs to be addressed during the week before the BBQ
o TJ, Target, and ShopRite have all provided Gift Cards to help with expenses.
o There will be an Artist at the Garden Entrance showing / selling her work. Her name is Heidi Barr, a portion of the proceeds supports community urban gardening.
• Food
o Vegetable donations are welcome, please be sure they get to Brian at Kennett
o Help with prep is really needed the week prior to the BBQ, contact Brian at Kennett for instructions.
• Fire and BBQ Tenders
o Ppl are needed for building the fire and tending both the flame and the food on the day of the BBQ
• RAINDATE – Sunday (the day after the scheduled event)

Committee Reports
• City Harvest
o Extra Produce, please place flags near plant for harvest committee to pick on Mondays.
o 968 lbs YTD versus 1091 lbs last year at this time. Although the pace is improving from August weigh in.

• Water
o Good News – YTD 4100 gallons versus last year 11000 gallons – due to rain fall this year.
o Bad News – Water Bureau is suing the garden for not paying the Run Off fees. This is an ongoing issue that has not been addressed well by the Water Bureau. We believe this threat for a suit may allow us the venue to finally get the Run Off fees addressed. The garden does have the funds set aside in case we will owe the back Run Off fees, but this will be determined by the outcome of the suit (or settlement). Assistance from PHS and NGA will be employed for legal support if needed.

• Bees
o Three strong hives remain for over winter
o Three hives lost due to mites and other treatments that were not successful.
o 2014 will begin with three new hive purchases for $300 but those new hives will not produce honey in the first year. Therefore 2014 honey revenue is projected to be much lower than 2013.
o Bee work – 9/10 at 9am
o Bee work – 9/15 mid morning
o Honey Sales – Lots of small jars left, please contact Barbara Seiple

• Children’s Garden
o Raised bed in Children’s Garden will be installed by using pre-fab construction
o Bee observation hive will be put in place

MInutes: 12 August 2013

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Minutes approved
BIG thank you to Kathy for taking minutes!!
President’s report
• John Kisker volunteered to take minutes at next meeting if Pam is not there
• BBQ is Sept 28- volunteer signup sheets will be available at the cleanup. Brian is chef, letters for donations were sent, beer, band, and porta potty arranged. Need ticket seller. Lisa Zollinger volunteered so tickets would be available for Saturday cleanup.
• Brief update on PHS judging, no results yet. Big THANK YOU to gardeners who met the judges.
Treasurer’s Report – details will come in an addendum. Got $500 from Philly Tap Finders event (Thanks, Jared!), still working on water bill, electric bills will come directly to Treasurer now, we do get a credit for solar panels.
VP report
• Clean up this Saturday, task list in shed so can pick up hours/tasks as needed
• Expect chip delivery in September
• Inspect was a week ago
• John and Barbara have attendance lists available for review.
• John suggested people start thinking about being officers next year.
Committee Reports
City Harvest (Ed) – 162 lbs this month, 634 lbs for the year, reminded members to use pink flags to donate produce, updated garden on summer camp program and support
Water (Thom) – discussed current barrel moving/replacement, no real update on water bills – still in process. Reminder to not use empty barrel for trash and to please not fill barrel that will be moving.
Bees (Carolyn) – bee season is coming to a close, bees are being treated for mites, 2 extractions for 247lbs of honey – the most ever! Reminder to plant bee friendly plants and to recycle honey containers.
Honey sales (Barbara S.) – 8oz = $7, 12 oz = $12
Children’s Garden (Barbara M.) – planning for plants is completed, infrastructure plans are being finalized, may include an observation hive
There were no questions.
Meeting adjourned.

Minutes: 11 June 2013

Friday, June 14th, 2013

John Ventre presided in Cyndi Line’s absence.

Approval of May Minutes – May minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report (John in Deirdre’s absence)
• The general account started at $3434 and ended at $3609. June expenses were for dunks, PECO and planters, totaling $83. Dues of $175 were received. Four plots have still not paid dues. Donations of $70 were received and $50 for a wheelbarrow. The activity account has $2000. $2000 is set aside for the unresolved water bill and $2000 is in the rainy day fund.

Linda Witt gave a tutorial on deadheading and on Libbyfest, which will be on June 21 (Friday) from 6 – 9 PM. It is potluck byo. Linda needs setup and cleanup volunteers. Linda also reported that timers have been added to the soaker hoses, for the use of the community garden volunteers.

President’s Report (John in Cyndi’s absence)
• Elizabeth Coleman is moving to DC and a replacement recording secretary is needed.
• The Department of Health has offered to meet about lyme disease and west nile virus. The officers will explore if they can give a brief presentation at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Vice-President’s Report (John)
• Cleanup is Saturday 9 – 12. Lisa Zollinger will coordinate.
• Inspection of plots will be done in the next week of so. Weeds and overgrowth will be the focus.

Committee Reports
City Harvest (Ed Mitinger):
340 pounds so far this year compared to 400 in 2012. Ed reminded gardeners about the pink flags for identifying crop donations.

Bees (Carolyn Scott):
One of the hives swarmed last week. The beekeepers harvested 130 pounds of honey last week and will harvest again in July. Barbara Seiple handles the jarring and sale of the honey. The price for small jars will be $7, and for large, $13.

Compost and Bugs Committee (Karyl Weber):
Start looking for bug eggs. Orange eggs on the underside of eggplant leaves are of the Colorado potato beetle. Harlequin bugs have started to show up. Squash borer eggs may not be in a bunch. They are brownish and make a hole near the base of a vine. If you catch it early, you may be able to slit the vine and extract the bug. If you have wood lice, you might be able to wrap a small piece of aluminum foil around the stem of your plants to prevent the lice from climbing
If you can help, the compost needs to be sifted.

Kids Lab (Frank): The plan and layout of the Kids Lab is posted online and the committee is progressing to select appropriate plants.

Water (Thom Hardenbaugh): Water use in May was about equal to May 2012.

Special Event (Jared Littman): His beer tasting night will be Sunday, July 23 from 4 – 7 PM. He is reserving 10 tickets for garden members at $15 per ticket.

BBQ (John): After discussion, the favored date is Saturday, September 28.

Submitted by Pauline Candaux.

Minutes: 13 May 2013 (in the Garden)

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Meeting Intro and approval of April Minutes – Cyndi

Treasurer’s Report – please see full report posted on the website. The PECO credit from 2012 has been exhausted. Four plots still owe dues. In June we will start paying for water usage but not the storm water run off.

President’s Report – There is a sustainability fair for Queen Village on June 1st. If anyone is interested see Cyndi.

Fundraising ideas: Christmas tree chipping in late December / early January. Bartlett can do it. Our job is to simply collect money and smile. We need to find out if Bartlett charges a fee.

Jared’s beer tasting on June 23 in the evening in the garden. 100 people are expected and 10 spots are reserved for gardeners. If anyone is interested in attending please see Jared Littman.

A discussion was held regarding proposed by-laws changes. The proposed changes were prepared by Garden Council and posted on the website prior to the general meeting. The primary substantive change is that each plot will now have one (1) vote which may be voted by either gardener where a plot has more than one (1) gardener.

The term “secession” will be changed to “succession”.

Concerns were expressed about folks circumventing the waiting list by becoming a gardener (formerly referred to as an assistant) and then taking over the plot if the other gardener (formerly the primary gardener) left the garden. It was decided that questions about succession will be handled by Garden Council. There was a strong desire not to “legislate” every possible scenario and leave discretion with Garden Council.

Thirty one (31) plots must be represented at a general meeting to form a quorum to vote on By-Laws changes.

The following language shall be added to the By-Laws regarding giving notice when leaving the garden: “If a gardener decides to leave the garden and give up his/her plot, the gardener shall give notice to Garden Council within four (4) weeks, or as soon as reasonably possible, after the gardener knows he/she will be leaving the garden.”

Motion was made and seconded to adopt the proposed changes to the By-Laws. Forty four (44) voting members were present. Forty one (41) voted in favor of the proposed changes, one (1) voted in opposition and one (1) abstained. The proposed changes were adopted.

Vice President’s Report – Clean up on Saturday from 8 am to noon. A punch list should be in the shed tomorrow. First inspection will be this Wednesday. Anne S, Linda W. and myself will head it up. Plots should be planted or ready for planting. Mulching will be noted for water conservation and weeds, as always will be noted. Hopefully a report on the inspection will be out to row captain by the end of the weekend.

Committee & Misc Reports –
Water Report – Thom – 618 cubic feet of water have been used which equals 4,624 gallons (for April). This is less than half of what was used during April in 2012. We are now getting monthly bills from the water department and will begin paying the monthly usage and service fee. The storm water runoff is still being disputed.

City Harvest – Ed – 39 lbs were harvested this morning. Five gardeners worked at Bartrams Gardens with other City Harvest volunteers.

Bees – Carolyn – We’re half way through the nectar season. Bees are doing well.

Woodpile – Carolyn – Several wooden boards with nails protruding from them were left in the woodpile. This is dangerous and not what the woodpile is for. The nails should be hammered in so not protruding and the boards left for the trash. The woodpile is also NOT for: lumber, bamboo and sunflower stalks.

Kid’s Lab – Don – Frank and Barbara donated a table and plants. Thom to add an arbor and raised beds.

Next meeting will be June 10, 2013 at 7:00 pm in the Garden.

Minutes: 8 April 2013 (in the Garden)

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

1. Introduction and approval of March minutes – John V.

2. President’s Report – presented by John V.
Bylaws changes will be proposed by Garden Council at an April 16th meeting and presented to the membership during the May meeting. A quorum will be needed at the May meeting. Please attend!

3. Vice President’s Report – John V.
March clean-up was well attended and a resounding success. Thank you everyone!

April clean-up is 4/13 from 8 until 12. Come for 2 hours during that window to get credit. More wood chips are being delivered this Wednesday evening so if you need hours come spread them around.

30th anniversary t-shirts are available for $10. They are in the shed and are organized by size. Leave money in an envelope in the cigar box on the bench inside the shed.

Plot inspections will be mid-May. Plots must be cleaned up, planted, mulched and looking cared for.

The weekly watering duty schedule is posted on the website on the calendar. Place your cursor on “Watering Week” on the Monday of each week to see a pop-up list of who is on duty. Questions, see Anne S. A list will also be posted in the shed for quick reference.

Rose clippings should NOT be composted or put in the chipping pile. They must be trimmed down and disposed of in double paper bags (as you would a broken glass).

4. Treasurer’s Report – Deirdre
15 plots still owe dues. Please submit dues directly to Deirdre or leave them in an envelope with your name and plot number in the cigar box in the shed and then call Deirdre and let her know you’ve done so.

Current balance is $3,800. $500 was given to Thom for the rain barrels. Water bills remain unpaid on advice of PHS.

5. Fundraising – Chris Jefferson
For those who want to make tax deductible gifts to the garden it can be done in four simple steps: 1) write a check payable to “Neighborhood Garden Assoc.” and in the memo line, write “SWQV Community Garden”; 2) send the check to the Horticultural Society; 3) NGA will send an acknowledgement letter to the donor with tax info; and 4) NGA will remit the contribution to the Garden.

Consider leaving a gift to the Garden in your will.

Whole Foods Markets offers weekly 5% days (tuesdays) where a local organization receives 5% of the daily sales proceeds. Chris to see if the Garden can get on the list of beneficiaries.

6. City Harvest – Ed. M.
The Garden has participated with City Harvest since 2005. City Harvest operates in 60 gardens city wide. The weekly harvest takes place at 9am on Mondays and volunteers are welcome. All produce goes to River View just across Christian Street. Over the past 5 years the Garden has donated over 8,000 lbs of produce to River View. This year harvesting started last week and 75 lbs has been harvested to date in 2013.

City Harvest is helping out with obtaining salt hay and Ed and Janice are organizing the effort. If anyone wants salt hay to mulch their plot please bring cash to the clean up on Saturday and give it to Janice. Bales are $12 a piece and will be delivered in 2 weeks to the plots.

7. Bees – Carolyn
The hives were inspected last week and are approximately 2 to 3 weeks behind where they were last year. One hive died over the winter, and one is pretty weak and won’t produce honey this year. We have four healthy hives and a new hive was ordered to replace the hive that died. The new hive cost $100.

The bees are not in a good mood right now so it’s best to stay off the patio if possible and don’t go near the hives.

The Garden doesn’t have Epi Pens because it doesn’t have a place to keep them at the necessary temperature. If you have an allergy to bees, please be sure to bring an Epi Pen with you and let others know.

8. Kids Lab – Don S.
The perimeter of the Lab has been finalized and plants in the space will be kept and used to designate the boundaries between the Kids Lab and the Shade Garden. The maximum number of children allowed in the Lab at any time won’t exceed 10-12. There will also be general educational information available for everyone in the Lab. Initial plans for events will be out in June.

9. Composting Toilet – Anne
Maintenance of the toilet will be added to the Saturday cleanups. Additional people are needed to help with the upkeep. It has been getting a surprising amount of use over the winter and will need to be emptied every 4 to 6 weeks.

Practical tips: 1) make sure to fully cover your “contributions” with the mulch that’s in the bin next to the toilet. 2) if the “contribution” pile appears tall, use the small purple hoe that’s in the toilet shed to push the pile back a bit. Sometimes it appears the receptacle is full but it’s just the pile that needs to be spread out.

10. Jared Littman’s Beer Sharing Fundraiser – Jared L.
Jared hosts a monthly beer sharing event at various restaurants in the city that draw 70+ people who pay $15 for the event. Jared proposes hosting one in the Garden as a fundraiser. The number of attendees will be determined after consulting with the BBQ organizers for their thoughts and experience but will probably be around 100. The event would take place on a weekend evening and last approximately 3 hours. Jared will handle the recycling and will investigate the possible need for a portapotty. The membership voted to approve this event.

11. Other Business
Carolyn raised concerns about children running in the garden and cutting through plots. The membership expressed various points of view and it was agreed that all children must abide by the rules of conduct set out in the by-laws (i.e. may walk/run on main pathways but may not cut through plots on “in plot” paths). Concerns with children’s behavior should politely and appropriately brought to the parent’s attention. We are a community garden and need to be able to communicate politely with each other about these concerns.

Carolyn requested that trash be left by the west gate and not by the trash cans. It’s too much to drag out on Thursdays.

Thom announced that the water has been turned on and reminded everyone that ONLY the water committee (those designated each week to fill barrels) shall turn on the water to fill the barrels.

Minutes: 11 March 2013 (Settlement Music School)

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Introduction – Cyndi – welcome; motion for approval of minutes from November 2012.

Treasurer’s Report – John
General Funds – November Meeting Balance $4,075.41

Donation – from neighbors to the west
Subtotal Revenue $200

Holiday Party – room deposit
PECO Electric Bill – no charge
Holiday Party – room charge
Irrigation system service
BBQ Expenses
Settlement Donation
NGA Donation
Heifer Fund – $100 donation
Supplies for Holiday Party
PECO Electric Bill
PECO Electric Bill
Subtotal Expense -$1,145.57

General Funds – March 2013 Meeting Balance $3,129.84

Settlement Music School – Thank you for use of room during off-season $100
NGA – Thank you for support of SWQV Community Garden $100
Heifer Fund – $100 Donation meeting collections +$28 from general funds
Flock of Chicks, Ducks, Geese, Honeybees and Share of Trees $100

Electric: Credit due to solar panels covered Nov, Dec and Jan bills current credit balance is $37.10
Water: $220.84 water bill for 2011 – 2012 service charges and 2012 usage charge (2011 usage charge was lost by PWD and will not be paid). Runoff charges remain unresolved at this time.

Grants Account – No changes since August 2012 Meeting
Philadelphia Activities Fund Account
Starting Balance $2,000
No expenses/revenue – no activity
Ending Balance = $2,000

Green Roof Account Balance – $520 – no activity

Rainy Day Account
Balance = $2,000 – no activity

Please note: with the current general funds balance of $3,129.84, if we take out the $1,150 seed money required for Bees and BBQ, we are left with $1,979.84 that could be applied towards a 2013 water bill.

State of the Garden – Cyndi

Generally all is well.
The arborist hasn’t come this year. If the membership wants an arborist, we need to find/raise money.
House hours are May 4th. Volunteers are needed.
No new member. The waiting list is 50 long.
Bylaws changes are forthcoming. The intention is to call a Council meeting in early April and then be able to present proposed changes to the membership at the April meeting and bring to a vote in May.
We’re seeking suggestions for 5-10 minute educational sessions during general meetings. Got an idea? Let us know!
The water bill – it’s still unresolved. The run off assessment is in dispute. Thom has been very actively involved in communications with PHS and PWD. In 2012 the Garden paid $200 for water usage. The storm water run-ff is in dispute and we’ve not paid it as recommended by PHS.
Budget – The Fiscal Health of the Garden. We’re living “paycheck to paycheck” with one month of expenses in the bank. The bees and bbq are self-sustaining. Dues cover the following: 1) turning on the water; 2) mosquito control (dunks); 3) PECO; 4) trash bags; 5) munch for flower beds. Water – update from Thom – the water department hasn’t assessed usage charges for 2011 because the date was lost. Other items that need funding: maintenance items (shed repairs, arbor repair, arborist for the orchard).

The Garden needs fundraising this year. Please start thing brainstorming. Think beyond the plant sale and events we’ve done in the past. We can do lots of little events or one big event. Possible ideas: a flea market on the sidewalk in front of the garden; a rummage sale; soliciting donations through PHS (if we can use their tax exempt ID #).

Usage has increased for the past several years. We must all encourage conservation efforts such as mulching within each plot. Using runoff from adjacent buildings is being researched. Conservation will be an educational topic for one of the spring meetings.

Vice President’s Report – John V.
The row captains are the same as last year, with the exception of the last row (back row) which still needs a row captain.

Committees are being eliminated. The old structure is gone because it wasn’t working as intended. In lieu of committees, we will have “Advisors” who will advise on the areas generally covered by the committees. Advisors will lead activities during monthly clean-ups. So far, Mark Raymond has volunteered to be the Advisor regarding the orchard and tree trimming; Karyl Weber is advising on compost; Linda Witt and Barb McKenzie and Gwyn McDonald are advising on garden health; Thom is advising on maintenance; Anne Seidman is advising on watering schedules; and Frank Sherman is advising on the Childrens’ Garden.

Make sure you signed in for this meeting, for the NGA waiver and the bylaws and paid dues. ALL GARDNERS (including assistant gardners) must sign the bylaws and NGA docs.

Bee Report – Carolyn
All 6 hives made it through the winter. Five are strong and one is weak. A new hive has been ordered to replace the week hive. Don, Scott, Carolyn and Frank are the bee keepers.
**Reminder – please DO NOT feed the cats! thank you!

Childrens’ Garden – The Garden has a $2,500 grant for educational activities which has been earmarked to develop the childrens’ garden. The Childrens’ Garden group has renamed the project “Kids Lab” and the vision is that the space will be an educational resource for kids and gardners alike. It will be a place for kids to learn about plants, insects, nature and ecology. The plan for 2013 is to start small and grow slowly. This project is being approached as a multi-year project. The first step is to be up and operational by the end of May and have the space available as a resource for summer camp.
One project – create a seed bank over the course of 2013. If interested please speak with Frank Sherman.

Saturday’s Clean-up If you have ideas for tasks contact John V. The list will be posted on Saturday. The clean-up will run from 8am to 12pm.

Please don’t over fill trash bags. Please put trash bags by the west gate, not by the trash cans/compost bins.
The grape arbor was pruned.
The garden is in bloom!

Minutes: 12 November 2012 (7 pm at Settlement)

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Cyndi opened the meeting at 7 a.m. and asked that the previous meeting’s minutes be accepted; Carolyn Scott so moved and the minutes were accepted.

Deirdre being away on business, Cyndi presented the treasurer’s report: (to be e-mailed for inclusion by Cyndi).

Cyndi thanked those responsible, primarily Thom and Carolyn, for battening down the hatches before Hurricane Sandy. The garden suffered no damage.

The holiday party and potluck, Dec. 13 at Gloria Dei, still needs a coordinator. Set up will be 6-7, the party 7-9, and cleanup 9-9:30.

John Ventre is coordinating garden cleanup Saturday, Nov. 17, and it will be a three-hour cleanup (8-11 a.m.) – lots to do to get garden ready for winter – and a good time to makeup garden work hours. Please let John know if you plan to leave the garden or would like to move to a vacated plot.

Carolyn reported that the bees are pretty much dormant for the year, though a warm day may bring out a few.

Grant is resigning as compost co-chair, though Karyl will remain to advise. Presents an opportunity for anyone eager to learn more about composting. She asked that gardeners cut into six-inch pieces material such as vines, stalks, and squash/pumpkins, and that vines especially be cut into manageable size.

Ed Mitinger reported that our City Harvest donations now total 1302 pounds, some 85 pounds less than last year – but he thinks we may still equal that number with the final weeks’ donations.

Linda Witt noted that the flower committee is looking into a different organic humus/compost available from Primex that is less expensive than Right Dress licorice root.

Thom reported the water is now off, the garden used 78,900 gals. This year compared to 54,000 plus last year, but the city still has not billed SWQV Garden for last year. PHS is fighting for some accommodation for community gardens. Cyndi indicated that the city’s billing software may be at fault.

Mark Raymond is interested in the garden raising chickens, and consequently was appointed head of an investigation of chicken feasibility, legalities, etc. Goats were mentioned.

The meeting finished at 7:40.