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Agenda for 13 August 2012 (7:00 pm in the garden)

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

1. Introduction (Cyndi)
2. Approval of Minutes for July (Cyndi)
3. Treasurer’s Report (Deirdre)
4. President’s Report (Cyndi)

  • Garden Security Update: Trespassing & How to Respond
  • Thank you: Essene’s Canopy Donation to Garden
  • PHS on Community Garden Watering Issues
  • Garden Council Meeting Sept 6 at 6:30

5. Vice President’s Report

  • Volunteers Needed to Pick Up Trash Bags for Cleanups
  • Neglected Plots / Inspections

6. Committee & Misc. Reports:

  • City Harvest (Ed – 2 min)
  • Bug Report (Karyl – 3 min)
  • Garden Contest: Judges Visit (Carolyn – 3 min)
  • Bees (Carolyn – 3 min)

7. Projects:

  • BBQ & Ticket Availability (Elizabeth – 5 min)
  • Gardening Books Fundraiser Update (Anne Tapper – 3 min)
  • Water Usage Tracking Report (Thom – 5 min)
  • Honey Extraction Water/Electrical Usage Data (Thom – 1 min)

8. Q & A

Next meeting: September 10, 7:00 pm in the Garden.

Officers’ Meeting 8/7/2012 — Minutes

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

August 8, 2012 Executive Board Meeting
6:15pm in the Garden

In attendance: Cyndi, Barbara, Deirdre and Elizabeth.

Items to ask Garden Council to address:

Children’s Garden – install low raised beds for children to access. Invite Meredith School to participate. It’s not currently being used. We can use grant money already on hand to pay for raised beds etc.
Closing the gap between our fence and the westward neighbors so uninvited visitors can’t enter.
By-laws changes – clarifying the “assistant gardener” role and who qualifies. Deirdre emphasized that each plot gets one vote and each plot gets two keys to keep it simple. The term “family” should not be a defining term. Also proxy voting for by-laws changes has been proposed and would be a good idea.

For the August member meeting:
- BBQ – tickets available at meeting and clean-up.
- Cyndi to address how gardners should respond if an uninvited stranger is discovered in the garden.

Plot inspections – some plots look neglected. John needs to organize another round of inspections and take a firmer stance.

PHS is taking on the water fee issue on behalf of all city gardens. We should NOT interfere and try to sort things out ourselves. Just let PHS take the lead.

Minutes for 9 July 2012 (7:00 pm in the Garden)

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Southwark Queen Village Community Garden
Meeting Minutes
July 9, 2012

1. Intro – Cyndi

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Treasurer’s Report – Dierdre –
June Meeting Balance* = $789.87
June member donations = $25.00 – cash
June member donations = $200.00- Sustainability Fair activities grant donations
June honey sales = $73.00 – cash
$292.00 -checks
Sub-total $1,379.87

June expenses** = $0.00
July Meeting Balance $1,379.87

*Green Roof Donation (T. Hardenberg) $520.00 has been taken out of general funds and set aside
**No June electric bill (It may be still sent to B. Seiple address so waiting for her return from vacation). Water bill also has not yet been received.

Other Monies:
Rainy Day Fund Balance =$2,000 (NOT INCLUDED in general funds)

July Grant Balance (NOT INCLUDED in general funds above) = $2,300 ($200 disbursement for Sustainability Fair in June)

4. President’s Report – Cyndi made the following announcements and reminders:
A) Cyndi reminded everyone to lock the gates when arriving and leaving and lock the shed. There are new tags on the locks on the gates and shed to remind everyone to lock up.
B) PHS Garden Contest – The judges are coming July 17th between 9:30 and 10am. We need to prepare the garden during Saturday’s clean-up. Barb McKenzie and Carolyn will host the judges.
C) Plot inspections were conducted June 29th. Plots in need of attention have been notified. Please remember to weed the aisles adjacent to your plot.
D) Clean-up projects – We need to remove the ivy from the house at the southeast corner of the garden. The clean-up will start at 7am to be done by 10am to beat the heat. If anyone wants to do work ahead of time, e-mail John V and let him know what you did to get credit.

5. Committee Reports –
A) Bees – Carolyn reported that this is the first year we will have two harvests of honey. On June 16th 91 lbs of honey were harvested. This is about $1,094 worth of honey. Based on anticipated expenses of $700, this means the bees will have paid for themselves and brought in a profit. On July 21st the second harvest of honey will take place. All honey orders should go to Barbara Seiple. We’ve received $70 from others who use the extractor. So far honey is the garden’s ONLY fundraiser – so, please buy honey! Prices are $6 for a small jar and $11 for a large jar.

B) City Harvest – Ed reported that to date 573.75 lbs of produce have been donated to Riverview in 2012. The campers visited today and had a lecture on bees from Don S. Next Monday the Fleischer Day Camp will be visiting at 10am. CH meets at 9am on Mondays to harvest for the week. If you‘d like to select the produce you’d like to donate, please leave it in the gazebo Sunday evening or flag your produce by Sunday evening.

C) Bugs – The sawfly larvae are eating the rose bushes. If you see them, pick them off and squish them. Also look for squash borer eggs on zucchini plants. Crush the eggs if you find them. If you have infested vines in your plot take them out and dispose of them in a trash bag – DO NOT COMPOST. Photos of these pests will be posted on the website.

6. Projects – The BBQ planning is underway. Cyndi, Greg, Shanna and Elizabeth are organizing this year. Since the BBQ must be entirely self sustaining financially (we don’t even have any “up front” money as we have in years past) we are asking everyone to buy tickets at the August meeting and clean-up. Tickets are also available online through A link will be posted on the website and/or circulated via e-mail. One big change from last year – tickets will not be held for pick-up at the gate. Everyone must pick-up their tickets when they purchase. Tickets are $15 for adults and $8 for children 16 and under. Sign up sheet were circulated for vounteers and potluck dishes.

Facebook – The garden has a facebook page. Come check us out!

Book sale – Anne Tapper has suggested we hold a book sale of old gardening books & cookbooks. We need volunteers to carry and store books and we need space to store the books. If interested in helping please see Anne.

7) Water – Remember to put the screens back on the barrels so the bees don’t drown. Thom checked the water usage again and it shows we’re on track to incur approximately $2,250 in water fees in 2012. Since we don’t have enough money to cover what is anticipated to be a high bill, it is possible that each plot will be assessed a water surcharge. We’re still waiting on the bill from the Water Dept from last year. The water committee is trying to get access to the bill and usage online. Please note that the water system will be unavailable on July 21st during the honey extraction.

Suzanne is spearheading an effort with the water committee, the executive committee and other community gardens to seek relief of the water bill/charges from the city. This effort is in very preliminary stages.

Suzanne offered several watering tips to conserve water:
(1) Amend the soil with compost soit retains water.
(2) Weed!
(3) Mulch, mulch, mulch. Use the material of your choice but mulch deeply – 7-8 inches is recommended. ***Reminder – mulching your plot is a requirement stated in the Bylaws.
(4) Best time to water is first thing in the morning. If you water mid-day, most of it simply evaporates. Best not to water in the evening because you run the risk of your plants developing fungal disease.
(5) Never water daily UNLESS you’re watering seeds/seedlings. The rule of thumb is aproximately 1 inch of water which translates to 5-6 gallons for a 3ft x 3ft area.
(6) You should water when the soil is dry MORE than 3 inches deep. It’s fine for the soil to be dry for the first 3 inches.

8. New Business – It’s time to plan for the Christmas Party and reserve Olde Swedes’ Church.
Mark Raymond invited folks to pick gooseberries which are ripe (in his plot).
Birdnetting has been strung up under the arbor to try and disuade the birds from eating all the grapes.