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Minutes for 9 May 2011 Meeting (7pm in the garden)

Thursday, May 12th, 2011


  • Thanks for Plant Sale
  • Thanks for Toilet beautification

Approval of the Minutes

  • Minutes Approved from April Meeting

Treasurers Report

  • $ 6,781.00 Starting Balance
  • Expenses and Revenues were reviewed (detail available from Barbara Seiple)
  • $ 23,318.00 Ending Balance

o      $18,000 was received and is allocated for the Honey House project

Watering Committee

  • Be sure you have signed up for a Warm Week and Cool Week (see Patti White)
  • The web site has the schedule/members for watering weeks on the Calendar.
  • The person who signed their name on the top line of the signup sheet is the coordinator.  This person is responsible for making sure there is collaboration and cooperation for duty.
  • Duty Includes:

o      Fill Water Barrels

o      Clean Sidewalk and inside of the fence of any trash

o      Trash to curb Thursday Evening (Friday Evening on holiday weeks)

o      Water Rose Island (East of East Gate), Raspberries, Iris along entrance, City Harvest plot, and Compost pile if needed.

o      Ensure the East most barrel in Row 7 (near Children’s garden) has the main dial faucet left wide open and the small turning faucet turned off to the down spout.  This allows the water to go to the soaker hoses but keeps the down spout off when the main water system is on.

Children In the Garden

  • Paragraph 7 in General Rules Section of the By Laws says, “Guests and children must be accompanied by a Voting Member of assisting gardener and obey all garden by-laws”

o      There have been several reports of issues with Children in the Garden entering other member’s plots and impacting other public areas and property.  This is not tolerated and will result in warnings where necessary.

Committee Reports

Fund Raising

  • Plant Sale $1,200-$1,600 profit once all expenses are paid.
  • Remainder of plants are on West Side of garden at 50% off.
  • BBQ is 9/24/11 – volunteers needed for all phases.  Please contact a member of the Fund Raising Committee to sign up.

City Harvest

  • 152# to date
  • Garden in the Riverview Courtyard is being created to add to City Harvest yield.  City Harvest is helping by building planting boxes and filling them on May 21 at 10am.
  • There is Salt Hay available, contact Janice or Ed.


  • Rough winter has led to issues with the bees
  • Hive uncertainty, potential missing queens – may jeopardize honey production volume.


  • $600 to replace faucets – APPROVED SPEND BY MEMBERS


  • 4 x 42 plants will be planted at Saturday’s Clean Up, if delivered on time
  • Corn Gluten Meal (see website) is an Organic Pre-Emergent

Libby Fest

  • A celebration is being planned on June 21 from 7pm to 9pm for our Founder Libby Goldstein.  It is on the eve of the Summer Solstice.  Pot Luck and BYOB.  This is to honor her vision and service.

QVNA House Tour

  • Marcy will coordinate having the garden open for tours, volunteers needed, please contact Marcy Hasbrouck.

Honey House

  • Money received ($18,000)
  • House will be half for Beekeepers’ use and half for general member use.
  • Green roof with run off to barrels
  • Long term hope to use Honey House to extract our honey on premise.
  • Project Start 5/23/11


  • 5/14/11 Clean Up
  • Inspections will occur 5/10/11.  If you have issues your Row Captain will contact you and you will have 5 days to correct issues.
  • Assisting gardeners are to be introduced to an Officer and your Row Captain.
  • Chips are desperately needed; the officers are trying to arrange delivery.
  • Orchard was sprayed with an organic fungicide and the service company says the orchard looks great.
  • Reading Minutes is your responsibility to get information.
  • Concept of Community

o      Please realize that this is a COMMUNITY space.  Each person here is steward to this garden and all of its facilities.  As an example, if you see a trash can full – empty it.  Be proud of what this garden is and help keep it that way.  Don’t leave things for the few that often do the work on premises.

  • Art in the Park is this Sunday 5/15 at 11am


Agenda for 9 May 2011 Meeting (7pm in the garden)

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

1.   Introduction (Carolyn) (1 min.)

2.   Approval of April Minutes (Carolyn) (1 min.)

3.   Treasurer’s Report (Barbara S) (2 min.)

4.   Watering Committee duties (Patty W) (4 mins.)

5.   Children in the Garden.  Paragraph 7 under General Rules of the By-laws says: “Guests and children must be accompanied by a Voting Member or assisting gardener and obey all garden by-laws.”  (Carolyn) (3 mins)

6.   Vote on approximate $600 expenditure to replace spouts on watering system  (Thom) (5 mins.)

7.   Committee Reports as needed (Linda W, Ed M, others?) (10 mins. total)

8.  Plant Sale Report (Jeanne) (5 mins.)

9.   Libby Fest (Lisa R) (5 mins)

10.  Cleanup May 14 (Lisa Z to coordinate) (Carolyn) (1 min.)

11.  Honey House (Carolyn) (2 mins.)

12.  Other Business (Carolyn) (3 mins)

a.   Inspection this week.

b.   BBQ date: Sept. 24

c.    Responsibility to read minutes, especially if miss a meeting.

d.   Concept of community

13.  Q&A

Next meeting: June 11, 7:00 pm in the garden.