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Minutes for 12 November 2011 (7 pm at Settlement)

Friday, November 18th, 2011

October meeting minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report:

Previous bank balance $5,494

Today’s $3,357

Major expenses include donation to Settlement ($100), payment to Irrigation Systems for water shut-off ($174), and repayment to the “Honey house fund” for previous irrigation repairs ($1,681)

Jeanne added that we should receive $2,500 this week for our Activity Fund grant.

Committee reports:

Bees – are active and being fed sugar water

City Harvest – donated 1421 pounds of food this year. They’ll be collecting for one more week; please put out a YELLOW FLAG or EMAIL a member if you have produce to donate

Flowers – no report

Compost – no report

Repairs – we had a large leak at the main valve of our water system, and it may have been leaking most of the summer. The system has been drained and shut off.

Nominating committee – now has an outline of job responsibilities for officers. They are getting a slate together for next year.

BBQ – cleared $1,735 despite food prices being up about a 1/3 and the weather being less than ideal. They have a list of suggestions to improve it next year.


Fruit trees should be pruned yearly, but ours have not been done regularly. Carolyn received estimates (~$700) to have them pruned and to have the dead apple tree cut down to the base.

Don Shump volunteered to chop down and remove the tree. Carolyn expressed concerns. It was decided by the garden that we set a date for the removal, and if not completed, we would have the arborist do it along with the pruning.

Fig tree – we don’t have enough people who know how to do this now that Libby has left.

Bedding down plots for the winter:

Consists of cleaning out dead plants and covering soil.

Eases spring clean-up and planting

Many suggestions from gardeners (salt hay, dead leaves, manure) – they will be included on the website.

Holiday party:

Wednesday, December 14th, 7 pm, Old Swedes Church

Need help with set up around 6:30 – contact Barbara if available

Pot luck – bring whatever you’d like. Soda and water provided.

Final clean-up: this Saturday, 9-11

Beck Park:

Shed was left unlocked, and tools and supplies were stolen. If you can donate hand-tools, contact Cynthia Line.


Barbara McKenzie put up a “discussion software” and would like people to try it out. This would prevent unnecessary “reply all” emails to gardeners.

Standing ovation given to Carolyn for all of her hard work.

Budget & Dues Committee:

Deidre Crowley presented with slides. She outlined past dues and expenses to show how dues are flat and expenses are rising.

For clarity, the committee divided expenses into 2 categories:

“Basic”: water, irrigation system, trash bags, dunks, electricity (as necessary)

“Other”: everything else

Both of these alone are higher than dues income; we are getting by on fundraising and grants (no longer as plentiful)


Get input from gardens through short surveys

Look for ways of reducing costs

Develop a budget that balances income and expenses

Adjust dues to cover basic costs, keeping a 2 tier structure

Divided by the number of plots, dues to cover only basic costs would be $55

Have a special February meeting to present and discuss

Gardeners input:

Gywn said we have purchased a lot of plants in the last few years and may not need to have a budget item for that. Many of the plants we have were donated by individual gardeners.

Lisa Mell suggested keeping dues lower and asking for additional $ as needed (if the water bill comes in higher than expected).


Elections are this Thursday; 2 people connected to the garden (Kathy DiLonardo and Jeff Hornstein) are running. All residents with ID may vote.

Our proposal to QVNA ($5,000 to equip the honey house) will be voted on in December. Carolyn hopes to offer beekeeping classes at the garden and offer the facility to others for a fee.

Agenda for 14 November, 2011 (7 pm at Settlement)

Friday, November 11th, 2011

1.   Introduction (Carolyn Scott) (1 min.)

2.   Approval of October Minutes (Carolyn) (1 min.)

3.   Treasurer’s Report (Barbara Seiple) (2 min.)

4.   Committee Reports as needed (Committee Chairs) (10 mins. total)

5.   BBQ Report, including financial results (Jeanne C) (5 mins.)

6.   Nominating Committee (Jed Campbell) (3 mins.)

7.   Orchard Trees (Carolyn) (3mins.)

8.   Putting garden to bed for the winter (Carolyn) (5 mins)

9.   Holiday Party Dec.14 at 7 PM (Barbara Seiple) (1 min.)

10.  Final clean-up Nov 19, 9 – 11.  Very important.  (Carolyn to coordinate) (1 min)

11.   Report of Dues Committee (Deirdre Crowley) (10 mins)

12.  Other Business

a.   Beck Park tools (Cyndi Line) (2 mins.)

b.   Water was turned off Nov. 2

13.  Q&A

Next meeting: March 12, 2012, 7:00 pm at Settlement