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Minutes for 10 October 2011 (7pm at Settlement)

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011


Approval of the Minutes

  • Minutes from September were approved

Treasurers Report

  • $2,809.00 Rev
  • $  732.40 Exp
  • $5,494.53 Ending Balance


  • Bees Committee – Feeding the bees with sugar water.  The Revenue exceeded the Expenses this year by quite a bit.
  • Share the Harvest Committee

o      September 1,282 pounds thus far.

o      Use Yellow Flags to identify produce you want us to pick

o      Leave extra produce in gazebo if you pick it and want to donate

  • Arbor Committee – Chipping the brush pile for wood chips, we may need your help bringing the branches to the gate so the chipper guy can get to them easily.  Watch your email for a call to help.
  • Nominating Committee – the website has a chart with the job descriptions on it.  Please submit your comments to Jed.
  • BBQ  Committee – no report

Holiday Party

  • The holiday party is on December 14 – IT IS A WEDNESDAY- PLEASE NOTE THE DAY OF THE WEEK!

Other Business

  • Clean Up – 9AM to 11AM is the time on Saturday October 17, 2011.  NOTE THE TIME.
  • Water – Turn off will be November 2, 2011
  • Plot Changes – If you want to change plots, please email Marcy Hasbrouck

Dues Increase Discussion (No Vote  was taken) –

§       The charge was to present the Financials, they have been prepared

§       A request was made by Carolyn to keep the meeting within the rules of the Member meetings.

§       Purpose of the Dues – Deirdre Crowley led a discussion to help clarify the collective thinking

o      Privilege

o      Commitment

o      Moneys for unforeseen expenses and emergencies

§       A pay it forward fund for a rainy day

o      Maintenance, Repair, Function

§       i.e. Water, Bees, Chips, Electricity, Structure

o      Seed Money for events and fund raisers

§       Dues vs. Donations/Grants/Fundraisers – so, what percent do the dues pay and what is the risk of not getting the other money.

o      NGA and City Activities Grants are both at risk this year.

Financials (Five Year Review) & Dues Increase

§       Pauline reviewed the approach to the financial analysis

§       LOTS of discussion about sliding scale dues, some expressed preference to keep increases minimal

§       Very obvious that revenue is at risk and that if we keep dues the same we need to be aware that there may be a gap of some undetermined size.

§       Because we did not have a quorum, and some gardeners felt the need for additional information, we will have to wait to study further.

§       A committee to analyze Dues Increase was suggested, Deidre will head the committee.

  • Members present voted to run overtime to complete the discussion on membership dues increase.  UNFORTUNATELY there is not a quorum so we can’t vote.  Meeting ran over.

Agenda for 10 October 2011 Meeting (7pm at Settlement)

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

1.   Introduction (Carolyn Scott) (1 min.)

2.   Approval of September Minutes (Carolyn) (1 min.)

3.   Treasurer’s Report (Carolyn) (2 min.)

4.   Committee Reports as needed (Committee Chairs) (10 mins. total)

5.   BBQ Report, including financial results (Jeanne C) (5 mins.)

6.   Continued Discussion of Dues Increase and Vote  (Pauline) (10 mins for presentation; 15 mins for discussion)

7.   Nominating Committee (Jed Campbell) (3 mins.)

8.   Holiday Party Dec.14 at 7 PM (Carolyn) (1 min.)

9.   Other Business

a.   Water will be turned off Nov. 2

b.   Cleanup Saturday, Oct. 17, 9 a.m. – 11 a.m., Kathy DiLonardo to coordinate (Carolyn) (1 min)

10.        Q&A

Next meeting: November 14, 7:00 pm at Settlement

Minutes for 12 September 2011 Meeting (7 pm in the Garden)

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

1. Introduction by Carolyn
A. Pauline confirmed a quorum of voting members.
B. Carolyn congratulated everyone: the garden has once again won first place in the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s garden contest.
2. August minutes were approved.
3. Treasurer’s report by Barbara Seiple.
A. Expenses were $1482, mostly last year’s water bill. They also included a deposit for the holiday party, the annual $149 website fee, and $14 for rock garden plants. Deposits for the month totaled $218.
B. The balance as of the August meeting was $4666. Balance 12 Sept. $3417.
4. Ed reported on City Harvest: Donations of 333.7 pounds in August, and 82.5 to date in September for a total of 1084.75.
5. No compost report.
6. No water report – but Carolyn urged gardeners to conserve water, and to be aware when they are filling barrels not to let the water run over.
7. Carolyn marveled about the bee swarm that occurred, unusual for this time for the year. She estimated 11-12,000 bees swarmed, raising concerns that the hive may have become congested. They settling in the large tree on the east side of the garden for several days to wait out a rainstorm, and then disappeared. She estimates some 40% of the hive vacated. She thinks we’ll have four strong hives going into winter.
8. Jeanne brought everyone up to date on the BBQ and asked for auction donations and more volunteers. Shannon and Elizabeth passed around signup sheets.
9. Barbara Seiple led a discussion regarding a proposed dues increase. Other gardens have much higher dues, averaging $35, grants are becoming more difficult to win, the honey sales are down this year due to decreased production, and our formerly free city water now comes at a cost. Our dues were doubled several years ago and it was proposed we double them again. After discussion, the consensus was that we needed more information about annual expenses over several years and the issue was tabled.
10. Jed Campbell reported that the Nominating Committee is beginning its work by working up job descriptions.
11. 30th anniversary teeshirts are available: $15 adult, $10 kids.
12. The Christmas party will be Dec. 14 at Gloria Dei.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m. The Oct. 10 meeting will be at Settlement Music School.