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Agenda: 11 May 2016 (7 pm in the garden, weather permitting)

Friday, May 20th, 2016

1. Welcome & Chair’s Report – Shanna


Welcome New Gardeners

Plot switches

Gardener status – confirm status at May 14th Clean-up

Inspections – every Clean-up, starting May 14th

2016 Gardening and Greening Contest

Community Gardens Day—June 18, 2016

Any volunteers to be present and give tours

Social media and website updates


2. Treasurer’s report – Ed


3. Arbor and concrete repair update – Mark


4. BBQ—40th anniversary of the Garden – Shanna


August date?


5. Other reports & announcements (if time permits)


Minutes: 10 May 2016 (7 pm in the garden)

Friday, May 20th, 2016

1. Welcome and Chair’s Report – Shanna.

• Theater group performed in the garden Sunday night and Monday night.

• On meeting sign-in sheet is a new column with member status. Circle your status if it’s correct. If incorrect, cross out and write correct status.

• Plot inspection takes place during clean up Saturday, May 14.

• New gardeners at plot 63 are Barbara Porter and Sebastien Bacle.

• New gardeners at plot 8 are Uri Hershberg and Shira Ninio.

• Left the garden – Cheryl Shugars, plot 8

• Moved to plot 8 – Michelle Grimley and Audrey Jaros

• We’re participating in PHS garden contest. Judging is in July. Need volunteers.

• We’re participating in Community Gardens Day, June 18. Need volunteers.

• We have two volunteers –Brian & Barbara– working on revisions and updates to our website. Brian will also use social media outlets to post things happening in the garden.


2. Water Report – Thom.

• Since water was turned on, we’ve used 523 gallons of water. This is about the same amount as last year at this time.

• Water crisis we had last month was resolved without any explanation from water department.

• No further word from water department re storm water dispute.


3. Volunteers needed to maintain structures – Mark.

Mark reminded us that if we want structures in the garden (e.g., gazebo), we must be willing to do the maintenance they require. Please volunteer when work needs to be done.

Our structures were recently power-washed in preparation of staining to be done during clean up, May 14. Thom and Ed have seen to it that power-washing was accomplished and supplies purchased for the staining.

We’ll need volunteers to replace a third of the plants on the green roof because they died over the winter.


4. Arbor – Mark.

We’re replacing the arbor this year. The wood is old and rotting. To do the work, grape vines will have to be cut back.

Gardeners asked questions and gave suggestions regarding grape vines and flowering vines to cover the new arbor so that we can continue to have shade. We agreed we’d like a leafy cover of some kind until grape vines grow back, but we don’t want plants that attract bees.

We also discussed protection of plants growing in area of arbor construction. Gwyn will be consulted about this.

NGT will pay for new arbor, but we’re responsible for getting bids. Mark is working on getting bids. Work is likely to be done after July 1, but before fall.


5. Sidewalk repairs – Shanna.

NGT will pay for the sidewalk repairs. Work will be done this year.


6. Treasurer’s Report for period 4/12 to 5/10 – Ed.

This past month our income was from membership dues, and our payments were for the following: irrigation turn on, backflow preventers, structure power-washing, structure stain, & supplies.

Upcoming expenses: green roof plants and honey house trim lumber.

Our rainy day fund is secure, and our bank balance is about $700 more than it was last year at this time.

Carolyn asked if the theater group made a donation to garden. John V said Yes, they will send money to NGT and we will receive money from NGT. He wasn’t sure of the amount, but he will let us know.


7. Annual BBQ – Shanna.

Shanna asked what date we want the BBQ. We agreed to have it Sat., Sept. 17. Rain date – next day. Shanna and Brian have a system for running the BBQ and will work together again. Nevertheless, there are many tasks for which volunteers are needed, e.g., ticket sales.

Brian has been able to get a number of donations for the BBQ. This has turned the recent BBQs from break-even events into fundraisers.


9. Plot Inspections – Mark.

Reminder: First plot inspection of the season May 14. (See Rules & Regulations, Section IX.)


8. Other

If anyone has advice about starting a new community garden, please talk to Nadine at plot 33.



Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.


Minutes by Isabelle Buonocore, Recording Secretary