12 October 2015 Minutes



  1. Last months minutes
  2. Treasurers Report
  3. Chairs Report
    1. Upcoming Clean Up
      1. Task list will be posted in the garden Friday night for Saturday early birds
      2. Start time will be 9am until 12noon
      3. BBQ clean up will be helpful
    2. Water Report
      1. Meter is not working
      2. Water will be turned off November 2
    3. BBQ Recap
      1. Ticket sales were approximately $1500, expenses are still to post.  Further report next month.
    4. Tree work this winter
      1. Costs included in email agenda sent 10/9/15
      2. The Cherry Tree is failing and recommended for removal.  The leadership proposes to cut the Cherry Tree down ourselves (saving $350) and take the remainder of the estimate.  A vote was taken and the vote was approved to have Shechtman (the tree company) remove the Cherry Tree stump and do the remaining ~$1,600 worth of tree work.  NGA will be reimbursing $1,500 of the cost.
  4. By Law Review
    1. Document – review of the document and comments was performed.   Comments and  notes from the discussion at the meeting will be incorporated to the final draft.  We will vote in the November meeting (11/9/15)
    2. Comment – some dialogue was raised about the following:
      1. Suggestion – to avoid a necessary quorum, should we allow absentee?
        1. Most felt that we should explore this, possibly Survey Monkey.
      2. Co Gardeners have been removed from the By Laws, existing Co Gardeners will remain.
      3. Emeritus Gardeners have been added to the By Laws.
      4. Helpers will remain.   Helpers can be introduced to the garden with approval from the Leadership.  Helpers can’t attend Meetings or Clean Ups without Leadership approval.  The helper will never be permitted to inherit the plot.   Helpers have no voting rights.
      5. Termination was discussed at length.  No changes to the updates.
  5. Special Reports – Not completed b/c we ran overtime with By Law discussions.

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