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Minutes for 11 April 2011 Meeting (7pm in the garden)

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Approval of the Minutes

  • Minutes Approved from Last Meeting

Ground Rules

  • Last Years

o      Punctuality

o      Conduct ourselves with Respect

o      No Side Conversations

o      Stand up when you speak

o      Facilitator will repeat the questions

o      Raise hand before speaking

o      Silence all devices

o   No surprise topics at the meetings Vote should be announced ahead of time in the agenda with “for action” noted

Treasurers Report

  • $ 6,922.00 Starting Balance
  • Expenses and Revenues were reviewed (detail available from Barbara S)
  • $ 6,781.00 Ending Balance

Committee Reports

  • Maintenance Committee-

o  Water Turn On resulted in a leak caused by a stake being driven into the pipe

o  Please do not drive stakes without speaking to Tom.

o  New Brass back flow preventers ($ 360) for the spouts have been installed and permanent repairs will be installed at the cost of ($600).  These are all unexpected expenses for the garden.

  • City Harvest –

o  52 pounds harvested today (the first Monday morning harvest).

  • Bees

o  We lost two hives this year.

o  We have replaced both hives (~$85) but they will not produce honey this year.

  • Flower Committee

o  Raspberries have been moved and reestablished.

o  Please do not work in the common gardens without direction from the Flower Committee.

Invasive Plants

  • Bamboo, Violets, Mint, etc should not be planted in the garden without being properly contained.  Other invasives (like Morning Glories) are not permitted in the garden at all.  A list has been made available by the Committee members.  If you have any doubts about invasives, please ask before you plant!

Garden Pests

  • Good and Bad insects

o  Good

§  A release of nematodes is planned.

o  Bad

§  Flea Beatles – Early arrival (now), and they harm all year.  They do the most damage when plants are young and just planted.  PLEASE try to destroy them as much as possible when seen.  Bok Choy is a good “bait” plant, which will draw them away from young plants starting.  You may be best to start with larger plants to avoid issues (especially Eggplants).  Sticky traps can be created to be used while you work so that we do no other harm to beneficial insects.

§  Harlequin – Arrive in May and may appear not to be “eating” your leaves, but they actually don’t eat the leaf matter, they suck the juice out of the leaf itself.  As with the Flea Beatles, please destroy all that you find in the garden.

§  Questions about how to help battle the bad pests???  See Karyl.

Barbeque / Fundraising Committee

  • The Fundraising Committee is going to lead the effort on the Barbeque.
  • Please sign up for the first meeting of the Barbeque Sub Committee in May.

Plant Sale

  • Please sign up for Sat and Sunday shifts to help staff the sale.  The effort does count towards your Clean Up hours.
  • Advertising for the Plant Sale

o  Please sign up on a separate list to commit to distribute flyers and signage.

  • Plant donations are welcomed.

o  They need to be 3” high.

o  Please notify the Committee in advance that you have donations.

o  Label your plants and leave them on the picnic table.

o  Please feel free to donate CLEAN small pots and trays for donated plants.

  • Bake sale donations are welcomed, please sign up.

o  Ensure the items are wrapped in individual portions.

o  Further guidance about the Bake Sale donations is available from the Committee.

Clean Up 4/16/11

  • Pauline will coordinate.
  • It will start at 8:30am for early risers

Watering Committee Duties

  • Trash on Thurs night (be sure all trash is put out)
  • Pick Up Trash inside and outside the fence all week
  • Water the City Harvest  Garden if needed
  • Water the East-most tiny garden with the Rose Bush (common area that does not have soakers)
  • Water the Compost if needed
  • Fill the barrels

Other Business / Announcements

  • Plots must be cleared by May 1
  • Inspections will occur in May
  • All children MUST be supervised while in the garden.
  • Please see the website for all documents.  All are available there (Lists, minutes, etc)



Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Southwark / Queen Village Community Garden, EST. 1976
311 – 333 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Mailing Address:
Southwark / Queen Village Community Garden
c/o Queen Village Neighbors Association
P.O. Box 63763, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Mission Statement:
Southwark / Queen Village Community Garden (SWQVCG), created in 1976, is a space for public gardening, creating and connecting communities and nurturing bio-diversity.  Southwark / Queen Village Community Garden is managed as a gardening park by the Neighborhood Gardens Association / A Philadelphia Land Trust and by the gardeners.



A. Each plot must have at least one Voting Member, who:
1. pays an annual membership fee of $15 or $10 for seniors age 60 or older;
2. has one vote on any matter coming before the membership for a vote; and
3. must attend 5 meetings and 5 cleanups (or equivalent).
B. Each plot may have one assisting gardener. If the assisting gardener wishes to be a Voting Member, he or she must fulfill all the obligations of a Voting Member.
C.  Eligibility for Membership
1. First priority will be given to Queen Village Residents:  Delaware River to 6th Street; south side Lombard St. to the north side Washington Avenue.
2. The Garden Chair(s) maintain the waiting list of applicants for membership. Order on the waiting list is determined first by residency and then by date of application.
3. Gardeners have first preference to apply for a vacant plot.  No household may have more than one plot. The Garden Chair(s) will maintain the plot list of assigned plots. Only the Garden Chair(s), after consultation with the Officers, may assign or transfer plots, and should do so based on the expected commitment of the applicants to the goals of the community garden and ability to meet ongoing membership requirements.
D. Membership Requirements
1. In addition to the requirements described above, each Voting Member is required to:
a. sign the SWQVCG By-laws
b. if required, sign the Neighborhood Gardening Association (NGA) Agreement,
c. register for and perform two weeks of watering duty,
d. join and actively participate in a Committee, and
e. meet the Garden Criteria and General Rules described below.
2. Each Member is to renew his/her membership annually at the March meeting.

1. Meetings are held on the second Monday of every month from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, except the months of December, January and February. If the second Monday needs to be cancelled, the meeting will take place on the second Tuesday of the month.
2. Location of meetings October through March will be at an indoor site; from April through September, meetings will be held in the Garden unless the Chair(s) moves the meeting because of inclement weather.
3. A Voting Member who attends fewer than five meetings per season, March through November, will receive one warning.
4. Any Voting Member unable to attend at least five meetings due to issues outside of his/her control must inform his/her Row Captain.
5. The Officers are to give notice and provide an agenda, noting the matters on which a vote will be taken, at least two days before a Meeting.
6. The members who have a right to vote who are present at any regularly scheduled meeting will constitute a quorum, except for amending the By-laws, when 50% of the Voting members must be present to form a quorum.
7. Except for amending the By-laws, all issues to be voted on shall be decided by a simple majority of the Voting Members present at the meeting in which the vote takes place (Ex.: If 20 Voting Members are present a simple majority constitutes 11). The vote of two-thirds of the Voting Members present is required to amend the By-laws, assuming a quorum is present.

1. Regular garden clean-ups are held the Saturday following a garden meeting. Rain dates for clean-ups will be Sunday following a garden meeting. Clean-ups require two hours of work in the common areas as directed by the clean-up leader and excludes any time spent working on the gardener’s own plot.
2. For those who cannot complete the required regular clean-ups, a task list and sign up sheet is posted in the garden shed.  Members are to record his/her completed tasks and time to be counted towards the regular clean-up requirement on the sign up sheet.  Two hours of tasks equal one regular clean-up.
a. A member who attends fewer than the required regular clean-ups and doesnot complete equivalent task time will receive one warning.
b. Any Member unable to attend the required number of regular clean-ups or complete equivalent task time due to issues outside of his/her control must inform his/her Row Captain.

1. Officers are elected to a two-year term at the March meeting.  The holding of an office is limited to two consecutive terms.
2. The officers are:  Chair(s), Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary.

1. One or two gardeners per row will be appointed by the Chairs to serve as Row Captain(s) for a term of two-years.
2. Row Captain duties include:
a. Making sure each gardener on his/her row keeps his/her garden plot free of weeds and debris and paths are clear and weed free.
b. Making sure no items are stored in any path (except watering cans).
c. Notifying gardeners in your row of special clean-ups and other events.
d. Notifying gardeners in your row without email service of all meetings, clean-ups, and other activities by phone.
e. Resolving gardeners concerns and grievances or bringing them to the attention of the officers if unable to resolve.
f. Coordinating and leading one clean-up per season.
g. Reporting the general health of the row to the Chair(s) on a regular basis.

1. The officers, Row Captains, and the immediate past Garden Chair(s) will constitute the Garden Council.
2. The Garden Council will serve as the By-laws Committee to consider proposed changes to the by-laws.  The Committee will present its recommendations on the By-laws to the Members.  Only the Members can approve changes to the By-laws.

1. Each garden plot must be cleared and planting begun no later than May 1 or the plot will be forfeited.
2. Each Voting Member is responsible for mulching, weeding and clearing his/her plot and the paths surrounding it. Each Voting Member must chip the paths bordering his/her plot.
3. Each Member is responsible for maintaining the ‘health’ of his/her plot by removing noxious or invasive plants, sickly plant material, rotting plant materials and/or pest infested plants. Any Voting Member receiving notice from his/her row captain, the Inspection Committee or Garden Council of unhealthy conditions in his/her plot must clear the unhealthy conditions within five days of receiving the notice.  Plots with serious infestation may be cleared at the discretion of the Garden Council or Inspection Committee.
4. Absence:  Any Voting Member unable to maintain his/her plot due to circumstances beyond his/her control must inform the Garden Chair(s).  A Voting Member who requires a temporary substitute gardener who is not a garden member must request permission from the Garden Chair(s).  Temporary gardeners must abide by the garden By-laws and the NGA agreement.
5. Gardening activity and plant growth must be restricted to each individual’s plot.
6. The Garden Council will determine if any of the common gardens produce, materials, or supplies may be donated or sold.  All proceeds will be turned over to the treasury for benefit of the garden only.
7. Harvesting of Common Areas:  The Chair of the Orchard Committee will determine the harvest dates of all common area fruiting plants and will notify the membership of harvesting day(s). Each gardener may pick only enough fruit for a sampling.   Please don’t be greedy.

1. Consists of at least three members of the Garden Council, including a minimum of one current officer.
2. The Committee will conduct inspections in May, June, July and August to ensure that all plots and aisles are clean, healthy, and free of weeds, infestation, and hazards.  Additional inspections may be conducted at the Garden Council’s discretion.
3. The Committee will notify the appropriate Row Captains of plots or aisle areas that do not meet criteria and the Row Captains will notify the members whose plots and aisle areas require remediation. Members are expected to reply immediately to such a notice and make arrangements to have the plot and aisle area back to standards within five days of the notice. Failure to comply within five days without adequate excuse, as determined in the discretion of the Chair(s), will result in a warning.

1. As part of the community, gardeners are expected to participate in garden activities and preparation for special events, such as:  the PHS City Garden Contest, Fundraisers, Festivals, Holiday Party, Special Projects, and Fall BBQ.
2. Grievances should be brought to the attention of the Row Captain.  The Row Captain will attempt to resolve grievances and will convey unresolved grievances to the officers for resolution.
3. Removal or harvesting of any beneficial creatures from the garden is prohibited.  No digging of worms.
4. Use of non-organic or synthetic pesticides or herbicides by individual gardeners is not permitted.  The Garden Council encourages and prefers gardeners to utilize organic and natural gardening methods.
5. No one may climb trees except at the direction of the Orchard Committee.
6. Gardeners may not damage, prune, harvest, pull out weeds or plants or tend to other gardener’s plot unless specifically invited. Failure to comply with this Rule may result in loss of membership in the Garden. A dismissal requires a majority vote of the Garden Council.
7. Guests and children, must be accompanied by a Voting Member or assisting gardener and obey all garden by-laws.
8. Pets brought into the garden must be restrained on a leash, kept out of plots and the person responsible must clean up after the pet.
9. Illegal activities within the garden, by a Member or his/her guests, will result in the Member’s immediate expulsion.
10. Violation of any of the garden by-laws will result in a warning.
11. Any gardener who does not satisfy the Membership Requirements or receives two warnings in a season is eligible for dismissal.  A dismissal requires a majority vote of the Garden Council.


Southwark Queen Village Community Garden

I have read the by-laws governing Southwark Queen Village Community Garden.

I will abide by the by-laws, rules and regulations of the garden. I understand failure to do so may lead to termination of my membership.  I understand that if I give up my membership or my membership is terminated, I must return my key in a timely manner.

Signature: _________________________________________________________

Please print clearly

Name:_____________________________________________  Date:__________

Plot No.:____________

Address :__________________________________________________________

Telephone: (      )____ – ______

Email: ____________________________________________________________

□ I do not use email.  Please have my row captain contact me when necessary.

T o be filled out by a representative of the Garden Council

Amount of Dues Paid: __________            Date: __________

Representative’s Initials:________

Agenda for April 11, 2011 Meeting (7pm in the garden)

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

1. Introduction (Carolyn) (1 min.)
2. Approval of March Minutes (Carolyn) (1 min.)
3. Discussion of Groundrules (Najiba) (10 mins.)
4. Treasurer’s Report (Barbara S) (2 min.)
5. Committee Reports as needed (Committee Chairs) (10 mins. total)
6. Invasive Plant Life (Delaney) (2 mins.)
7. Garden Pests (Karyl) (8 mins.)
8. Barbecue/Fundraising Committee (Mark R) (5 mins.)
9. Plant Sale (Jeanne C) (8 mins.)
10. Cleanup April 16 (Pauline to coordinate) Carolyn) (1 min.)
11. Watering Committee duties (Patty) (4 mins.)
12. Other Business
a. All plots must be cleared and planting begun by May 1 (or the plot will be forfeited, per Section VII.1 of the By-Laws) (Carolyn) (1 min.)
b. Inspection in May (Carolyn) (1 min.)
c. All children must be supervised while in garden (Carolyn) (1 min.)
13. Q&A

Next meeting: May 9, 7:00 pm in the garden.

After the meeting, those who have not paid dues, signed the by-laws or signed up for two weeks of watering duty will have an opportunity to do so. Please bring exact change for dues ($15; $10 for seniors age 60 and older).

Minutes for 14 March 2011 Meeting (7pm at Settlement Music School)

Thursday, April 7th, 2011


Thanks to Najiba for Shed Shelves Construction

Thanks to ALL who helped shovel snow this past winter –- SUCH A HELP.

Approval of the Minutes

Minutes Approved from Last Meeting

Treasurers Report

Treasurers Report — Balance $6,922.37 (Expenses, Income, Donations disclosed)

Committee Reports

• City Harvest -– Monday morning cycle will start soon.

• Children’s Garden –- Last season’s learning and this season’s plans were reported.

• Flower Committee

….. New plants along the front fence will be worked on Saturday with the donation from QVNA to beautify the Christian Street border.

….. Corn Gluten Meal will be used to help control weed seed along the front fence and other areas.

….. Climbing Roses and clematis are also included in the improvements along the west fence and around the composting toilet shed. Pruning of current climbing roses will be done this clean up and will require leather gloves to help.

• Orchard Committee –- Do not touch the grapes on Saturday.

• Compost Committee –- Ted M building the compost bins. They are a bit more sturdy and functional. This Saturday the Committee needs your help in Grant/Karyl’s absence, please contact Grant/Karyl for guidance.

New Gardeners

Introductions and plot moves were announced (see Contact List and Map when issued in April)

Winter Activities

Reported on things that occurred during the winter.


See By Laws for inspection months. Garden Inspections will be coordinated by Co-Chair (Marcy H) if you have questions in advance.

NGA Grants

NGA Grants have funded the Compost Bins and the Honey House

• The Compost Bins are in progress

• The Honey House will start in mid-April

Plant Sale & Fundraising

• Plant Sale scheduled for May 7/8 – Mother’s Day

    • All members asked to sign up for a shift

    • Bake Sale –- Rebecca T -– See Sign UP

• Extra Plant Donations would be useful

• Donations of boxes needed. Paper bags from last year are in the shed.

• Signage Needs To Be Distributed, please get copies from Jeanne C.

Other Announcements / Discussion

Anne S: Gas Company drilling petition coming online -– please review and sign if you concur.

Water will be turned on April 4, 2011

The Website will be used to Communicate:

• The Map, Committee Lists, and Water List will be on the Website.

• Paper copies will be distributed to the two members without email.

Chips will come later in the spring due to all the access needed to the West Gate for projects.

Saturday Clean Up -– Special Notes

• The down spouts will be put in place on Saturday, but the water will not be turned on until April

• The bins should be leveled before the season starts. Thom can help.

Celebration for Libby

• Low Key, Date proposed to be the May Clean Up afternoon.

• The garden purchased a rain gauge for Libby as a gift.