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Minutes: 11 November 2013 (7 pm at Settlement)

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Minutes approved
Treasurer’s report

See Deirdre’s report (from email)
$8420 starting balance
$3660 from this year’s honey
$8964 ending balance

3 things helped this year: activity fund transfer, bee income, BBQ donations

Trees – Carolyn
Committee given $1500 to take care of the trees. Carolyn got a 3rd estimate. Work would cover orchard, crabapple trees, euonymous, Sephora, treatment of bagworms on cypress. Requesting $105 additional to cover total of the work cost. Condo association has been asked to split the cost of the trimming along the fence – waiting to hear. Motion was made, seconded and passes unanimously to authorize Carolyn to spend a total of $1605 on tree care for this year as stipulated above.

Budget discussion
Reviewed maintenance request from Thom (rehab garden shed $2500 and other maintenance projects – please include from Thom’s email). Reviewed expenses planned between meeting and March 2014 (see and include from Deirdre’s email).

Discussion focused on water costs, maintenance, etc.

Motion was made and seconded to add projected water bill of $1200 into basic costs and increase dues to cover basic costs as stipulated in the by laws. Raising costs by $1200 raises dues for each plot by another $20, bringing dues to $50 per plot. Motion stipulated that if there is a surplus of funds as a result of a lower than anticipated water bill, the membership will determine what to do with the surplus. 23 plots were present and voted unanimously to support the motion.

Holiday Party is Dec. 18 6-9, serving food will start at 630.

City Harvest collected another 135# of food for a total of 1055 this year.

A water usage report was provided and work continues on water issues.

Meeting adjourned.

Agenda: 11 November 2013 (7 pm at Settlement Music)

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

1. Meeting Introduction (Cyndi)
2. Approval of Minutes (Cyndi)
3. Treasurer’s Report & Budget for Next Year (John for Deirdre in absentia)

a. Tree Pruning Update (Carolyn – 3 min)
b. Consolidated Budget Requests
c. Monthly Garden Financials

4. President’s Report (Cyndi)
5. Vice President’s Report (John)

a. Attendance for 2013: Cleanups and Meetings
b. Last Cleanup this Saturday (Nov. 16)
c. 2014 Garden Officers Search Effort

6. Committee & Misc. Reports:

a. Bees (Carolyn – 3 min)
b. Holiday Party (Leslie / Barbara S – 3 min)
c. City Harvest (Ed – 3 min)
d. Water Report (Thom – 3 min)

7. Q & A

Next meeting: March 10, 7:00 pm at Settlement