SWQV Community Garden Meeting Minutes July 13 2015 @ 7:00 pm – The Garden

SWQV Community Garden Meeting Minutes
13 July 2015 @ 7:00 pm – The Garden

1.  Welcome: John V. welcomed the membership and asked for a motion to approve June’s minutes.  Minutes were approved.  A review of tonight’s agenda and announcements proceeded.

2.  Treasurers Report:  Suzanne S., Treasurer, presented the Treasurer’s Report. 

3.  Chairs’ Report (1):  Thom H. announced the following Chairs’ Report (Part 1):

a. Upcoming clean up is scheduled for Saturday the 18th, at 10 a.m.  Early birds will find task list and         sign in sheets available as early as 8 a.m.  Regular cleaning of sidewalk and fence area, weeding and patio cleaning will be on the list as well as more detailed projects.

b. Water Report:
i.  A reminder when watering please fill all barrels – two just north of the gazebo have been missed      more than a few times this year.  Yvonne H. suggested that it might be appropriate to schedule watering days to have 2 people on each day so that there is less chance of forgetting barrels.

ii. If pressure is low – try turning main value off and then back on (though not confirmed, some have reported it helps).  It seems this works best if a tap is open at the time you turn off and on the main tap.  You may have to do this a few times as you go through the garden.

iii. Water usage is down this past month by about 1/2 compared to the same period as last year.  While we can all be thankful for the consistent rain, we must remember to use the water judiciously as always

c. The last Garden inspection went well with few issues. Good job, Gardeners!

4. Chairs’ Report (2):  John V. presented Chair Report (Part 2):

a. NGT’s Community Garden Day was a nice affair with good attendance.  Whole Foods gave a demo that resulted in free lunch for attendees.  Paper flowers are still decorating the grape arbor from the kids who participated in the arts and crafts program.  Thank you Lisa Z.!

b. The By-law committee has been created and has met twice so far

i. It is taking the results of the Council’s meeting, which identified possible changes and additions   (i.e. plot secession), and proposing changes that will be beneficial in clarifying the bylaws as currently stated.

ii. In August or September it will Deliver these proposed changes to council for their approval

iii. In September these changes will be sent to membership for review prior to September meeting

iv. Discussion by membership will be held at September’s meeting

v. In October, any changes based on meeting will be discussed by committee and council

vi. At October’s meeting membership will vote (Up or down) on the final Draft. Attendance is greatly encouraged for this meeting—a quorum is necessary.

c. Locks on the Gate (s) and the shed have been found unlocked several times recently.  Please remember to locks all gates and doors behind you at all times.  Consider leaving the garden by the same gate that you came in , in case you forgot to lock the gate on the way in.

d. Again:  Fill ALL Water Barrels! Next to last row (half row north of gazebo) has been forgotten on occasion. There are two barrels in that half row.

5. The Annual BBQ:  Plans were updated by Shanna F. The BBQ is scheduled for Saturday Oct. 3 (rain date Sun. Oct 4).  A sign-up sheet for dishes was handed around, though it’s not mandatory to bring what you’ve signed up for.  Ticket prices have been set at $7 for children and $15 for adults.

Once again we are happy to have Scot M. get the band back together for our event.  And Brian R. will be coordinating procurement and cooking the wonderful food we’ve become accustomed to!  Our thanks to both of you!

Irene S. suggested that the times for the BBQ be adjusted to take best advantage of the earlier loss of daylight.  It was agreed by membership to move the time for the BBQ to 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. (Set up and cleanup will therefore be an hour earlier as well.)

Besides help setting up for the event and cleaning up afterward, we will be looking for people to sell advance tickets, and to help with food prep.  More details will follow as we get closer to the event.

6. The Special Reports were as follows:
a. Bees:  Carolyn S. reports that after several setback over the winter and spring the bees are in good shape, but the amount of honey that they have produced so far  indicates that it would be best to leave it there for the bees to be able to securely feed through the winter. 

b. City Harvest:  Ed M. reports that City Harvest is on its way to catching up to last year’s totals.  It was explained that a volunteer group from Whole Foods would be invading the garden on Thurs. the 16th to help rebuild the City Harvest beds, which have become rotted, unsightly, and unsafe. This is all made possible by a partnership with Whole Food and NGT/PHS.

An added note: the Summer Camp that is held at the Courtyard at Riverview Apartments is going on its Monday adventure and will be at John Heinz on Mon. the 20th, at Whole Foods and the Magic Garden on Monday the 27th, and in our Garden for an end of summer event with Fleisher Color Wheels on Mon. Aug 3.  Events get underway at 9:30 and Chaperones and volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.

c. Compost Toilet:  Compost Toilet Training Class was a success, not only teaching interested parties how to upkeep the facility, but how to pass that knowledge on.  It was also reported that there are 2 buckets of compost by the fig trees that are safe to use on flower beds. 

7.  The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.

Minutes taken by Janice Chorba, Communications Secretary

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