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12 October 2015 Agenda

Friday, October 9th, 2015

SWQV Community Garden Meeting Agenda

October 12, 2015 @ 7:00 pm - 

Review of By-Law updates tonight: Please read all materials in email, attached or sent in separate emails *

1.   Welcome; Approval of Last Meeting Minutes and Review of Tonight’s Agenda (John – 2 min)

2.     Treasurer’s Report (No report – Suzanne is/was away)

3.     Chairs’ Report Part 1 (Thom – 5 min)

a.     Upcoming clean up – Timing & Key Tasks (Depends on which of us is leading this month’s clean-up)

b.    Water Report

3.     Chairs’ Report Part 2 (John – 10 min)

a.    Quick BBQ Recap

b.    Tree work this winter – Estimate, PHS/NGT help and vote to approve work - Estimate at bottom of email – please read.

4.     By-law Review – Shanna / John (40 min) – See attachments

a.  Two documents attached – By-Laws (BL) and Rules and Regulations (R&R) – Recall from previous meetings the BLs were being separated into a static document “The By-Laws” and  a more dynamic document “Rules and Regs” that can be more easily changed year to year without mucking with the BLs.

b.  Table below contains comments made by council members prior to release of agenda.

5.     Special Reports (If time allows: 3 min)

a.     Bees (Scott)

b.    City Harvest (Ed or Janice) – Totals, Using pink flags, Email requests before Monday morning


Comments Made by Council Members – open for discussion

BL IV.B.1 Inspection committee should be openned up to be one councilmember and two gardeners of their or garden chair’s choosing
BL VIII.F Set upper bound for which no pre-approval is required.
BL VIII.E Remove dollar amount for rainy day fund and move the amount to rules and regulations which are more easily changed when needed or desired.
BL IV. Council Suggestion to include only Chair and Vice-Chair on council
BL III.RowCapts. Item B Suggestion is to change this to Row Captains are required to lead one clean-up per term.
R&R Definitions Do we want to set a limit on the number of helpers?
R&R Definitions Change of “as of” date to March 1, 2016.
R&R Section B Management of warnings.  (1) Who issues them?  (2) How are they issued? (3) Is there a repeal process?  (4) How long do they stay?  Year? Season? Longer?  – Do we leave this as is for now and have this planned out by interested parties next year?
R&R Definitions Do we give council the authorization to grandfarther a “helper” in the garden?
R&R VIII Adding clause to Clean-ups that limits on arrival time can be set by member running clean-up or the chair.  Times would need to be pre-announced.
R&R Definitions Helper: Suggestion is to remove pre-approval clause and add towards end: “Council may revoke Helper status at their discretion.”
Work and Estimate from Shechtman:

P R O P O S A L  

Variable Work:

Sour cherry (in decline) at left side of front entrance (three options). 

            a. Remove and grind out stump.  ($425.)

            b. Prune out dead stems.  ($275.)

            c. Grind stump only (Garden removes tree)  ($75.) 


~Sour cherry (closest to street) and fruit-bearing pear.  Crown thin to maintain good branching habit.           

~Euonymus hedge at rear of property.  Prune lateral growth as done in previous years. 

~Redbud. Lightly thin to maintain good branching structure. 

~Sophora at east side of the garden.  Raise branch level over garden plots; removing approximately 6 limbs. 

~Mature juniper at southeast garden location.  Clean and thin crown. 

            COST…   $1,360. 


~Chip wood pile ($180-$240)

Hal Rosner

Arborist Associate


*   The attachments referred to are:

     the New Working draft–Garden By-laws v0.1.docx and
     the Garden Rules and Regulations (final draft)

Southwark Queen Village Community Garden