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Minutes: 12 November 2012 (7 pm at Settlement)

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Cyndi opened the meeting at 7 a.m. and asked that the previous meeting’s minutes be accepted; Carolyn Scott so moved and the minutes were accepted.

Deirdre being away on business, Cyndi presented the treasurer’s report: (to be e-mailed for inclusion by Cyndi).

Cyndi thanked those responsible, primarily Thom and Carolyn, for battening down the hatches before Hurricane Sandy. The garden suffered no damage.

The holiday party and potluck, Dec. 13 at Gloria Dei, still needs a coordinator. Set up will be 6-7, the party 7-9, and cleanup 9-9:30.

John Ventre is coordinating garden cleanup Saturday, Nov. 17, and it will be a three-hour cleanup (8-11 a.m.) – lots to do to get garden ready for winter – and a good time to makeup garden work hours. Please let John know if you plan to leave the garden or would like to move to a vacated plot.

Carolyn reported that the bees are pretty much dormant for the year, though a warm day may bring out a few.

Grant is resigning as compost co-chair, though Karyl will remain to advise. Presents an opportunity for anyone eager to learn more about composting. She asked that gardeners cut into six-inch pieces material such as vines, stalks, and squash/pumpkins, and that vines especially be cut into manageable size.

Ed Mitinger reported that our City Harvest donations now total 1302 pounds, some 85 pounds less than last year – but he thinks we may still equal that number with the final weeks’ donations.

Linda Witt noted that the flower committee is looking into a different organic humus/compost available from Primex that is less expensive than Right Dress licorice root.

Thom reported the water is now off, the garden used 78,900 gals. This year compared to 54,000 plus last year, but the city still has not billed SWQV Garden for last year. PHS is fighting for some accommodation for community gardens. Cyndi indicated that the city’s billing software may be at fault.

Mark Raymond is interested in the garden raising chickens, and consequently was appointed head of an investigation of chicken feasibility, legalities, etc. Goats were mentioned.

The meeting finished at 7:40.

Agenda: 12 November 2012 (7 pm at Settlement)

Friday, November 9th, 2012

1. Introduction (Cyndi)
2. Approval of Minutes (Cyndi)
3. Treasurer’s Report (Deirdre)
4. President’s Report (Cyndi)

a. Holiday party needs coordinator & volunteers

5. Vice President’s Report

a. Requests for Change of Plot
b. Not Returning? Contact John: or 215-850-0605
c. Last Cleanup and Making up Hours

6. Committee & Misc. Reports:

a. City Harvest (Ed – 3 min)
b. Flowers (Linda – 3 min)
c. Bees (Carolyn – 3 min)
d. Compost/Bug (Karyl – 3 min)
e. Water Report (Thom – 5 min)

7. Q & A

Next meeting: March 11, 2013, 7:00 pm at Settlement (first meeting of 2013)