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Officers Meeting 10 December 2014

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014


John Ventre, Thom Hardenberg, Suzanne Schecter, Janice Chorba, Isabelle Buonocore

Offer from Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods has expressed an interest in assisting NGT, City Harvest, and our Garden.  The Whole Foods’ representative, Shannon, met with John and Janice on 12/3/14.  She offered volunteers, speakers, and supplies for fundraisers.  John will put together a list of things our garden could use along with dates that the things are needed, and will send it to NGT within the next week.  NGT, in turn, will compile the individual wish lists into one list and send it to Whole Foods Market.

The Garden could use:

Supplies for fundraiser barbecue in early September

Experts to give talks at occasional speaker events

Recognition of our apiary and honey extraction process

City Harvest could use:

Help with seasonal cleanups

Help repairing City Harvest’s plots within the Garden

Help building garden beds at the Riverview Courtyard Apartment Complex

(Janice and Ed will provide measurements of the plots)

Mural Wall Repairs

The $700 check to the Bavasos is in the mail.  We are not committed to any thing else.

Warning Notices 

John notified six gardeners by email that they have not met garden requirements this year.  One of these gardeners was sent the notice by mistake.  Some individuals responded to the warning notice, saying that they didn’t know there were problems or their row did not have a captain. The gardeners were asked to meet requirements next year.

Gardener Leaving 

Don Shump has informed the Garden he will not be returning in 2015. He has moved out of the area.  He has been asked for the keys.  This brings us to three open plots going to 2015.  Email regarding plot moves will go out after the holidays.

Holiday Party

The holiday party is Tuesday, December 16, at Old Swedes Church.  John will pay the balance owed on the room rental.  Thom will make a toast at the party.

Row Captains

Thom will begin working with the row captains. He will talk to current row captains and confirm which individuals are responsible for which row.  He will also try to get the row captains to be more involved in the Garden.  Thom has volunteered to be row captain for row 7.


Isabelle Buonocore is the new Secretary.  She will take minutes at the executive committee meetings and the general meetings.

New Division of Responsibilities

Isabelle will take attendance at General Meetings.  She will also help John with the waiting list.

Janice will post items to the Garden Website, send out communications, and take care of Facebook.

Watering Coordinator

We need a new watering coordinator prior to the first meeting in Spring. John will seek a volunteer.


Should we have a helper or back-up person for our webmaster?

New Gardeners/Plot Changes

John has started contacting the new gardeners.  He will send out an email asking current gardeners if they wish to move to a different plot. The move of current gardeners should be done before the first meeting in March, after which the new gardeners can be assigned their plots.

Garden Map and Contact List

The Garden map and contact list need to be updated.

Next Executive Committee Meeting

We will meet in early February, date to be determined.

Agenda items include: change to dues amount, procedures for weekly watering.

Treasurer will provide estimates of income and expenses.


Agenda 10 November 2014

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

In the Community Building in Wacacco Park (on the 400 block of Queen St or Catherine St)  @ 7pm
Clean-up will be on the Saturday, November 15th @ 10:00 to Noon.
  1. Introduction and Approval of August Meeting Minutes – John (2 Mins)
  2. Treasurers Report – Suzanne (3 mins)
  3. Chair 1 Report – John (10 Mins)
    1. Upcoming Clean-up
    2. Upcoming meeting of Whole Foods Sponsorship of Community Garden
    3. Trash over winter.
    4. Reminder for City Harvest donations as the season fades
  4. Chair 2 Report – Thom(10 Mins)
    1. Wall Update
    2. Water Report and Shutoff Cost
  5. Holiday Party – Tuesday,  December 16th - Barbra Sieple or John (5 mins)
  6. Bee Report – Carolyn (3 Mins)
  7. NGT Tree Maintenance – Carolyn (5 mins)
  8. City Harvest Report – Ed & Janice (3 Mins)
  9. Other Topics



  • Clean-up will start at 9 on Saturday.  Tasks for the week leading up include:
    • Turn compost.  Start with next to last bin and sift compost into last bin.  Turn other bins as bins open up.
    • Weeding
    • Clean along fence, both sides -

Minutes 10 November 2014

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Minutes from last meeting approved

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Expenses = two checks from BBQ cleared
  2. Watch for emails over the winter re: dues (reduction)

Chair report

  1. Clean up 10a Saturday – big cleanup for winter
  2. Whole Foods is interested in sponsoring a garden.  Our garden will meet Dec. 3 with Whole Foods and NGT.  John will report back.
  3. Ed volunteered to handle trash over the winter.  If a member decides to take out trash, please communicate with Ed or Janice.
  4. Reminder City Harvest can still use your produce as the season draws to a close

Water & Wall report

  1. Water:  water turned off 11/3 cost of $174
    1. Seasonal use down 20%, monthly use down 35%
    2. Final water bill does not match garden estimates.  Revised bill from Water Dept. matches neither estimates nor bill.  Garden officially owes and will pay $180.12 and will consider the matter closed.
    3. $2700 in storm water runoff fees remain in dispute
  2. Wall:  Loose pieces have been removed and wall stucco fixed
    1. Original estimate for work was $1800, revised estimate $2800.  Garden originally agreed to pay half.
    2. NGT is willing to contribute $700 and then is recused from all further discussion and responsibility with the wall.
    3. Discussion among members included wanting a receipt for payment, requesting bill or statement prior to payment (already in process), and determining what % the garden would be willing to pay.
    4. It was moved, seconded, and approved by membership that the executive council would receive the bill from NGT/neighbors and pay no more than 50% which would most likely be approximately $1000.  Garden members entrust the final decision to the exec council with the understanding the garden wants a proviso that we will pay nothing else toward the repair.
    5. The artist returns in the spring to fix the mural

Holiday party – Dec. 16.  Set up at 6p, party at 7p.  Potluck, BYO, etc.  Old Swedes Church

Bees – 5 hives have been put to bed for the winter

Tree maintenance – NGT has provided $2000 for tree maintenance which will consist primarily of severe/needed pruning and organic treatment of the beetles in the cherry and fig trees.  We have two estimates and will work with one of the arborists.

City Harvest – 2 additional Mondays for harvest.  Remind members to place produce in the gazebo over the weekend or use pink flags.  YTD total is 1,448# and we are likely to meet/break the 1,500# total.


  1. Honey – has been paid for and distributed.  Lisa made and donated beautiful labels for the jars.
  2. Donations – exec council will review donations from years past and consider a donation to QVNA for meeting space.
  3. Barbara announced the possibility of a GMO Free PA meeting over the winter.

Meeting adjourned.