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Hive Crawl Saturday, June 9, 11-1

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Don Shump and company will be viewing the honey house and hope to recruit some would be honey harvesters out of this presentation.  There will be a reminder sign on the gate.

Agenda for 11 June 2012 (7 pm in Garden)

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

1. Introduction (Cyndi)

2. Approval of Minutes for May (Cyndi)

3. Treasurer’s Report (Deirdre)

4. President’s Report (Cyndi)

    a. Fundraising

    b. Bee Guild Looking for Venue for Picnic

    c. BBQ Committee

    d. Garden Contest

5. Committee & Misc. Reports:

    a. City Harvest (Ed – 1 min)

    b. Bees (Don S – 1 min)

    c. Flower Committee & LibbyFest (Linda – 3 min)

    d. Review of Watering Duties (Cyndi & Anne – 2 min)

    e. Water Usage Tracking Report (Thom – 2 min)

6. Discussion of By-Laws changes regarding dues & vote (see attached proposed changes to by-laws – Deirdre)

Next meeting: July 9, 7:00 pm in the Garden.