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Minutes 13 June 2016 (7 pm in the Garden)

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden Minutes

1.  Welcome and Chair’s Report – Shanna.

  • East Gate:  Thank you to John V and Thom for fixing the east gate after it was vandalized last week. The lock will be replaced as several members reported it is not unlocking.
  • Minutes: Approved for the months of Nov, March, April, and May.
  • Community Gardens Day:  June 18, 10 am – 3 pm.  Need volunteers to give visitors tours.
  • Monthly CleanUp:  June 18, starting at 10 am.
  • Stewardship of garden: This is everyone’s responsibility. Please clean up projects that you start in communal areas.  Please don’t obstruct areas that are for the use and pleasure of all gardeners.
  • Garden map: Copies of updated map are in plastic sleeve tacked onto the back of shed door.


2.  Arbor Report – Mark.

Received three bids for constructing a new cedar arbor.  Executive Committee selected the one that was the best value.  Mark will forward the bid to NGT as NGT is paying for the construction.  Work will take place in early fall.  Grape vines will be cut down to about 4 feet, allowing them to grow over the new arbor, and a flowering vine will be added.


3.  Treasurer’s Report – Ed.

Since last meeting, payments went to: items for pollinator garden, lumber for honey house trim, PECO bill, and backflow preventers.  Deposits were from new member dues and Renegade Theater Company’s donation.  Our bank balance includes our rainy day fund and funds for budgeted items and planned new purchases such as green roof plants to replace those that have died.


4.  City Harvest Report – Ed.

This is City Harvest’s 12th year in Garden.  PHS supplies plants and City Harvest volunteers (members of our garden) plant and harvest the crops.  Work is done Monday mornings.  Harvests are donated to neighbors at Riverview Courtyard Apartments through the social service agency on 1st floor of high-rise.  Senior citizens at Riverview are numerically the highest users of the produce and are very appreciative.  So far this year, 240 lbs. of produce was donated.

Please consider donating produce that you don’t use from your plot.  Do you have too much lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, etc? Place donations in the Gazebo on Sunday night or Monday morning before 11:00 am, when City Harvest will deliver it to Riverview.  If you want City Harvest to harvest your crop, put a pink flag next to plants you want harvested.  Your plant will be left in soil to continue producing. Pink flags are located at the corner of one of the City Harvest beds.


5.  BBQ – Shanna.

Date is Sept 17; rain date Sept 18.  Brian is able to help again this year.  Anyone else wanting to help organize BBQ, contact Shanna.  At next month’s meeting, we’ll circulate the task list and donation list. Linda has volunteered to help with this again.


6.  Compost Guidelines – Mark, Lisa R, Lisa M, & Pauline.

  • No sticks, stones, rose branches.
  • No rotting food; no citrus produce.
  • No egg shells unless they’ve been thoroughly washed and crushed.
  • No long pieces of plant matter. Cut-up plant matter to about the size of your hand.

7.  Bee report – Carolyn.

Hives were inspected Saturday, June 11, and they’re doing well.  Bees are bringing in nectar and honey.  A box was added to each hive.

We now have three hives. Bee committee has given the hives names:  hives in front of mural wall are North and South.  Hive next to honey house is Northwest.


8. Gardener Comments/Concerns.

  • Danette, plot 35:  This plot is next to a large tree that loses branches when it’s windy. If you see fallen branches on the plot, please drag them away. Or, let Danette know and she’ll come and move them so the plants aren’t crushed.
  • Dave, plot 46 & Ted, plot 47:  Water barrels next to their plots aren’t being filled. Shanna will ask John V, the watering coordinator, to remind gardeners on water duty to fill those barrels in row 5.
  • Marcy: If you see any water barrels where dunk is outside the water and/or the screen is off barrel, please put dunk in the water and cover barrel with the screen.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.


Minutes by Isabelle Buonocore, Recording Secretary