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Minutes: 9 September 2013 (at the Garden Patio)

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

• Please be reminded of minimum attendance requirements at the garden. Five Clean Ups (or 10 total hours) and attendance at Five Meetings. If you are unable to attend a Clean Up, please seek out duties on the back of the shed door and sign off to account for your date and hours of effort so that you can get credit against Clean Up hours.
• If you have questions about your Attendance status, contact John V for your counts.

Clean Up
• Saturday 9/14/13 at 8am. Cindy will manage from 8am to 10am and Kathy D from 10am to noon/completion.
• This Clean Up is important for BBQ prep.
• Chips are here for spreading. If you can help deplete the pile before the Clean Up that would be helpful. Please spread in aisles first. If there are chips remaining, please spread some in Children’s garden.
• Iris will need to be split and transplanted. This will begin on Saturday with direction from community garden leaders. See coordinators of clean up for details. This duty will be ongoing for a few weeks after clean up to complete.

• If you plan on leaving the garden after the season, please contact John V
• If you would like to change plots between seasons, please contact John V

Officer Nominations
• If you wish to volunteer or nominate officer positions, please contact Jed Campbell.

Presidents Report
• SWQVCG is featured in Milestone Magazine and Green Scene (specifically Don Shump). Check it out.
• TEAM work is key for the garden to be successful. Please do your part in volunteering for efforts when needed to keep the burden distributed across all members.

• Band and Beer are secured
• Tickets – 170 total – 47 sold, 123 remain.
o on sale each evening at 6pm in the garden, and at clean up on Saturday
• Sign Ups need to be completed. Special needs include:
o Friday Night Prior – Pottie Delivery – Pauline Cadeaux has volunteered at the meeting.
o Small Tables and folding chairs are needed
o Meat and Produce Pick Up needs to be addressed during the week before the BBQ
o TJ, Target, and ShopRite have all provided Gift Cards to help with expenses.
o There will be an Artist at the Garden Entrance showing / selling her work. Her name is Heidi Barr, a portion of the proceeds supports community urban gardening.
• Food
o Vegetable donations are welcome, please be sure they get to Brian at Kennett
o Help with prep is really needed the week prior to the BBQ, contact Brian at Kennett for instructions.
• Fire and BBQ Tenders
o Ppl are needed for building the fire and tending both the flame and the food on the day of the BBQ
• RAINDATE – Sunday (the day after the scheduled event)

Committee Reports
• City Harvest
o Extra Produce, please place flags near plant for harvest committee to pick on Mondays.
o 968 lbs YTD versus 1091 lbs last year at this time. Although the pace is improving from August weigh in.

• Water
o Good News – YTD 4100 gallons versus last year 11000 gallons – due to rain fall this year.
o Bad News – Water Bureau is suing the garden for not paying the Run Off fees. This is an ongoing issue that has not been addressed well by the Water Bureau. We believe this threat for a suit may allow us the venue to finally get the Run Off fees addressed. The garden does have the funds set aside in case we will owe the back Run Off fees, but this will be determined by the outcome of the suit (or settlement). Assistance from PHS and NGA will be employed for legal support if needed.

• Bees
o Three strong hives remain for over winter
o Three hives lost due to mites and other treatments that were not successful.
o 2014 will begin with three new hive purchases for $300 but those new hives will not produce honey in the first year. Therefore 2014 honey revenue is projected to be much lower than 2013.
o Bee work – 9/10 at 9am
o Bee work – 9/15 mid morning
o Honey Sales – Lots of small jars left, please contact Barbara Seiple

• Children’s Garden
o Raised bed in Children’s Garden will be installed by using pre-fab construction
o Bee observation hive will be put in place

Agenda: 9 September 2013 (7 pm in the Garden)

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

1. Meeting Introduction (Cyndi)
2. Approval of Minutes (Cyndi)
3. Treasurer’s Report (Deirdre)
4. President’s Report (Cyndi)

a. BBQ Update

5. Vice President’s Report (John)

a. Attendance for 2013: Cleanups and Meetings
b. Inspection
c. Chips
d. Request for gardeners interested in being on the executive committee 2014-2015

6. Committee & Misc. Reports:

a. City Harvest (Ed – 3 min)
b. Water Report (Thom – 3 min)
c. Bees (Carolyn – 3 min)
d. Kid’s Lab (Don – 3 min)
e. Other Reports?

7. Q & A

Next meeting: October 14, 2013, 7:00 pm in the Garden