April 11, 2016 Minutes

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden


April 11, 2016


1.  Welcome.  At 7:00 pm, Shanna, the new Chair, opened the meeting and made a toast to the past Executive Committee, to the new Executive Committee, and to all the gardeners.

She reminded everyone to have their garden plots ready by May 1, to give signed by-laws to Isabelle, and to give salt hay money to Janice.

She announced that the 3rd Annual Community Garden Day is June 18 from 10:00AM to 1:00 PM.


2.  Mosquitos.  Mark, the new Vice Chair, reminded gardeners:

–Mosquitos breed in standing water, even the smallest amounts, so turn over your watering cans so rain doesn’t get in them.

–Tall plants are attractive to mosquitos.

–Salt hay is NOT a breeding place.

–Mosquitos are most active in early morning and early evening.

–Wear mosquito repellant (Karyl said a good natural repellent is Buzz Away which can be purchased at Essene)

–We will add dunks to the barrels collecting drain water from the honey house.


3.  Treasurer’s Report.  Ed, the new Treasurer, reported on income from the collection of member dues and receipt of a $40 donation; and payments for composting toilet materials, electric bill, and root mulch bill.  Nine plots have not yet paid their membership dues.


4.  Bees.

We voted to confirm the motion and decision made last month to move two hives to the area in front of the mural wall.  Carolyn has talked to the homeowner who expressed agreement that it was a good location for the hives.  Carolyn urged gardeners who are allergic to bee stings to carry an epi-pen for protection.  She explained that it would not be possible to store EpiPens in the shed because we cannot control temperature inside the shed.

April 24 is the date that new bees will go into the boxes.  Once the hives are in their new location, they cannot be moved.


5.  Bylaws/Rules & Regulations.

Shanna reminded everyone that the bylaws and rules & regulations have been sent to the gardeners, and that comments and technical edits have been addressed.  A definition of “Warning” was added to the definitions section, and the language regarding attendance to support garden activities was softened.

A gardener asked if these bylaws/R&Rs change the way clean-up hours were tracked in 2015.  The answer is No.  However language was added to clarify that clean-up, including independent clean-up, is 2 hours EACH MONTH and that a gardener cannot make up for multiple missed clean-ups in 1 month.

A gardener asked for clarification of the Queen Village residency requirement for membership.  The language will be clarified to state that the requirement will not affect current members.

A quorum was present, and we voted to accept the amendments to the By-Laws and the Rules & Regulations with the clarification that the residency requirement would not affect current members.

Shanna announced she will send out an email to determine status of current gardeners: Are you a gardener, co-gardener, or helper?


6.  Roses.  At the April clean-up, for gardeners who are interested, Linda will show them how to prune roses.


7.  Water, barrels, and green roof.

Thom reported we have a new water meter and the water pressure problem of last fall is gone.  Please email Thom if you notice any future water pressure problems.

Gardeners on water duty should check for leaning barrels.  If a barrel is leaning, don’t fill it.  When the water is eventually emptied, Thom will fix the barrel.  It can’t be fixed/moved while water is in it.

Half of the green roof has died.  This past winter was the first time plants on the green roof died.  Help is needed at April’s clean-up to remove weeds on the green roof.

8.  Shade gardens.

Lisa asked that gardeners interested in weeding or doing other work in the shade gardens (community areas in the garden) please call her.  Many of us who love to clean up may not be aware of the special needs of these areas.  For example, some clean-up is best left to later in the season because now the plant matter on the ground acts as insulation.  Please contact Lisa before doing anything so that time & labor isn’t wasted and that the shady gardens get the care they need at the right time.


9. Corresponding Secretary.

Shanna announced that Cynthia is our new Corresponding Secretary.

10.  Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT).

Shanna announced that NGT has money for us to replace the grape arbor.  We have our own lumber, but we’ll provide NGT with a list of other supplies needed to replace the arbor.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.


Minutes by Isabelle, Recording Secretary


Addendum:  The following Gardeners are Row Captains for 2016:

Row 1 (by front gate) – Irene

Row 2 – Janice

Row 3 – John

Row 4 – Pamela

Row 5 – Ted

Row 6 – Jeanne

Row 7 – Thom

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