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Minutes 8 June 2015

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden Meeting Minutes
June 8, 2015 @ 7:00 PM (in the Garden)

1. Welcome. John V., Chair, Welcomed members, outlined the agenda, and called for approval of the May minutes. The May minutes posted on the website were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report. Suzanne S., Treasurer, gave a report on dues collected, donations received, bills paid, and funds available.

3. Chair’s Report, Part I. Thom H., Vice Chair, announced the following:
• Garden clean-up is Sat., Jun 15, 10:00 AM. You may come early – the weather predicted to be hot.
o Save water, also be aware as you serve your water week.
o Timers currently used for soaker hoses to limit water waste and a committee will be developed look into their use or alternative methods for use of these hoses.
• Row captains update:
o Operating fine, no update
• Inspection update:
o Gardens overall look good, some issues with bindweed and other weeds were addressed and have been taken care of. Next inspection June 15 will look how things are being maintained.
o Note: Garden plants should not intrude into pathways, maintain the pathways clear. Member noted that crabgrass is growing abundant around the fence, needs to be cleared at clean up.
• City Garden Contest:
o We have entered in the city garden contest this year; this hasn’t been done in the past year or two.
o Please keep your garden plots clean and pathways clear in preparation for the contest.
o Entered the ‘mixed community garden category’ for contest. Date is unknown; we will have approximately a 2 week notice, and then will ask for volunteers to escort the judges.

4. Chair’s Report Part 2. John V. announced the following:
• NGT’s Community Garden Day, June 20, 10a-3p
o Garden members are encouraged to be present so that guests can see us and talk to us. So come out and support the Garden day. There will also be some tours and children’s activities.
o Whole Foods has offered and will come in and give 2-45 min sessions (10 and noon) on cooking and healthy eating.
o John created a new flyer for the garden tour; you can post the new flyer to any social media to encourage attendance.
• Officers for next year:
o Some members will be approached to run for an office. We would like to see those members who have not served officers to take a turn as secretary, treasurer, vice-chair/chair (co-chairs).
• Bylaws update:
o Nine members volunteered to participate in the committee, they will be meeting soon.
• Garden BBQ
o First weekend in Oct, Oct 3rd was agreed upon for the annual BBQ (changed from last weekend in Sept to avoid the Pope’s visit timeframe)
• Tours:
o Tours have been going on with Meredith schools, and well enjoyed by all. Great partnership
o Eileen Gallagher of NGT has asked to have the SWQV garden as a stop for people from the visitor center. 9:45 tour scheduled this Friday. Would like to encourage activity in the garden.

5. Special Reports:
• Bee update:
o Scott said the bee’s, honey forecast has not changed, 4 hives look good, 1 a bit questionable.
o Bees swarming this time of year, when they swarm they will not go after you; they are full of honey and are not interested. If you see a swarm please contact Scott and/or Carolyn.
• Tree update
o Carolyn and Thom: Tree arborist was here and the magnolia has begun to fix itself, more of the root is now exposed.
o Cherry trees are doing better, keep yellow tape around it. Not many cherries this year, so no cherry picking will be scheduled – feel free to pick a few if you can reach them, but stay away from the 2nd tree to let it rest. Cherry trees were trimmed to keep them healthier by Fred and Thom. As this is a saving to our budget a well-deserved thank you goes out to them.
o Carolyn will water both the magnolias and cherry twice a week as prescribed by the arborist.
• City harvest:
o Ed M. 166.5 lbs donated to date, 17 lbs less than last year due to the late start to the growing
o The Pink Flag Program is in place: if you choose to donate your produce, we will take everything next to your flag on Monday mornings. Use as many flags you need to identify the different produce.

6. Additional Topics, Q and A:
• Linda clarified when the water is turned on, you can turn the soaker hose to a time (i.e.: 45 min), and it will water for that time (or until the water is turned off). Track the soaker hose to the origin to find the timer. Pay attention to the front fence if the plants are looking dry or wilting.
• Iris deadheading: Many iris need deadheading, the stalk will take the nutrients away from the plant, so cut the stalk off down to the leaves near the base to support the health of the plant.
• Rose pruning along the front fence will be done on Sat clean-up. Linda addressed rose pruning, and is the expert to ask questions (she will be there 8:30 or 9a on Sat.)
• Kitchen scraps need to be buried under existing compost to assure scraps are not carted away and to speed breakdown. Scraps should be chopped as into smaller pieces.
• Keep your pets on a leash or well monitored while in the garden: there have been dogs seen wandering into people’s plots when left unsupervised by owner/gardener. Dogs can cause damage in plots, so please be respectful. A dog going into a plot can be considered a violation of the by-laws, just as if you went into someone’s plot.
7. The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm

Minutes by Sue Walton
Substitute Recording Secretary