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Minutes, 11 August 2014 (7 pm in the Garden)

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Meeting Introduction (John – 1 min)

Treasurer’s Report (Suzanne – 3 min)

  • Made dues deposit
  • Purchased humus
  • Contributed to Heifer

Chairs’ Report (John – 15 min)

  • Water Report: water usage was 783 cubic feet. 35% less than used last year.
  • The Mural Status: pulling away from wall. Tom met Isaiah and his mason and the mason’s expert…. Discussed how far up the wall will need repair. And what is the source of the deterioration? No one has mentioned dollar amount yet. Second mason will be coming in to assess the damage.
  • Attendance Update: Numbers going up in attendance, getting stronger. Calls will go out to people in the red zone.

Committee & Misc. Reports (11 min)

  • City Harvest (Ed – 3 min)
    • Summer Camp with River View had 25 kids, ages 6-12.
    • Last year, 161 lbs were picked at this time ….this year 317 lbs picked at this time, thanks to all who have been using pink flags.
    • Temple U has been doing research on city gardens and we had some visitors researching the garden this month.
  • Bees (Carolyn – 3 min)  Scott and Carolyn working on getting bees ready for Fall. Dean is the new bee keeper. (He is not a gardener)…. There are 5 strong hives and 2 nucleus boxes. Each one has babies and honey and space for queen to lay more eggs. Nucleus boxes will be destroyed by Fall if we don’t need them for our hives. Saturday, Aug. 16, two hives were expected.….. honey was extracted from 3 boxes, treatments for mites was started after. Mites cause deformed wing virus on bees and they end up on the ground. We will medicate the bees and it takes a month. So this began at noon Saturday the 16th, after the cleanup.
  • Barbeque (Shanna – 5 min)  Rain date is Sunday the 28th. Lists for side dishes and tasks were passed around.

Special Topics (John – 15 min)

  • Holiday Party – not too early to set a date. Monday is a preferred day for the holiday party. Could use Olde Swedes again or open to a new venue. Will be an early Monday in December.
  • Pets in the Garden – “The Dog Poop Report” : dog poop found in garden by a gardener. Please keep an eye on your pets and clean up after them.
  • PHeast is in October. Looking for contributions from the garden. It’s their 3rd year. They have asked larger partners like chefs, restaurants and gardens (produce from larger city gardens from city harvest or gardeners themselves) to participate and donate. We will gather produce from those that want to participate in donations. More info as we get closer….
  • South Philly Co-op Garden Tour (Barbara Seiple) 6 there is a tour for the South Philly Co Op …. Noon to 4. They will tour the garden. Pretty organized tour. Looking for volunteers who can be in the garden to help with the tour.
  • Fig tree is not as big due to the harsh winter and frost kill. Will be fine next year. Don’t touch raspberries. Special way to cut them back and Carolyn and Gwen will do that.
  • Adjourned at 7:42pm 

Agenda, 8 September 2014 (7 pm in the Garden)

Monday, September 8th, 2014


  1. Introduction and Approval of August Meeting Minutes – John (2 Mins)
  2. BBQ Update and Sign-up for duties – Shanna (10 Mins)
  3. Treasurers Report – Suzanne
  4. Chair 1 Report – John (10 Mins)
    1. St. Mary Garden needs some help (Front and League St) – It was vandalized and QVNA has ask for some help. Contact Carla at QVNA to find out more details.
    2. Holiday Party set for Tuesday, December 16th 7pm
    3. Chips
    4. Clean up this Saturday 13th – Time TBD
  5. Chair 2 Report – Thom (10 Mins
    1. Water Report
    2. Shed Update
    3. Wall Update
  6. Bee Report – Carolyn (3 Mins)
  7. City Harvest Report – Ed & Janice (3 Mins)

Open Forum – There are no special topics so we’ll use time for Gardeners to bring up topics, concerns and ideas. We’ll try to keep each topic to no more than 5 mins