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Agenda, 13 April 2015 (7pm, Settlement Music School)

Monday, April 13th, 2015

1.    Welcome, Approval of March April Meeting Minutes and Review of Tonight’s Agenda (John – 2 min/split)

 2.    Treasurer’s Report (Suzanne – 3 min)
 3.    Chairs’ Report Part 1 (Thom – 15 min)
  • Upcoming Clean up – Timing & Key Tasks (Depends on which of us are leading this month’s clean-up)
  • Water Report
  • Row Captains Update
 4.    Chair’s Report Part 2 (John – 15 min)
  • Importance of paperwork for Garden and NGT
  • Reminder: Dues per plot, watering sign up per plot, bylaws signed by each adult gardener, and NGT agreement signed by each gardener that works in the plot “regularly” (including minors)
  • Co-gardeners should get on it if they wish to have their own plot someday.
  • NGT’s Community Garden Day June 20th – Ideas and Volunteers needed
  • Garden Mavens
 5.    Special Reports (10 min)
  • Bees (Carolyn)
  • City Harvest (Ed or Janice)
  • Water Duty (John K)

6.    Special Topic (John and Thom – 15 min)

  • Pollinator Garden (Carolyn or Gwyn)
  • Garden Handbook?  (John or Thom)
  • By-Laws: Time for review and update?

In reading the By-laws one will see points written that either no longer applies are not fully followed or are vague.  There is one issue in particular that gets brought up regularly: Plot Heritance.  Who, when and how?  By-laws say Council will update by-laws but a small committed group would be of great value in presenting suggested changes.  We are looking for by-law review and update team volunteers.  Delivery timeline will to be set by the team. (John)