9 November 2015 Minutes (7pm at Wacacco)

1.  Welcome.  John welcomed members and called for approval of the October minutes that were emailed to the Gardeners on 11/4/15.

2.  Treasurer’s Report.  Suzanne reported financial activity from September to date.  Deposits were made for honey sales and extract, Whole Foods, and BBQ.  Expenses were holiday party room rental, tree trimmer tool, and BBQ. Still need to pay for water turnoff and bees.  Before the March 2016 meeting, will provide a complete report with new dues recommendation.  At this point it appears dues could remain the same.

3.  Discussion of latest revision to By-laws, Rules & Regulations.  Due to lack of quorum, the vote on documents was postponed to the March 2016 meeting.  However, we had a discussion and agreed to the following:

  • Agreed to revert to this year’s definition of Garden Council, i.e., Garden Council includes the Executive Committee, Row Captains and Past Chair.  Change will be made.
  •  Agreed to add that By-laws and NGT agreement must be signed by anyone working in the Garden, including helpers.  Change will be made.
  •  Agreed that the membership fee will be decided before March.  Text on this was not consistent throughout latest version of documents.  Change will be made.
  • Agreed that each plot is required to attend 5 monthly clean-ups a year, and Gardeners who can’t make a particular cleanup can do 2 hours of independent clean up on another day that month.   Anyone who cannot meet requirements due to special circumstances should contact the Chair to work out an alternative.   No change needed.
  •  Agreed not to add anything about officer nominations to documents.  No change needed.
  •  Agreed that we will identify Co-Gardeners at the March 2016 meeting.  No changed needed to Co-Gardener sections of document.
 4.  Chair’s Report, Part I – Thom.
  •  Clean-up.  This Saturday, November 14, 9:00 AM is the last clean-up of the season and there’s a lot to do.  Task list will be emailed to members and a copy put in the shed Friday night.
  •  Water.  The latest water bill from the Water Department doesn’t make sense.  In addition, we’ve received a collection agency letter for unpaid bills.  Thom will write a letter to the Water Department and copy NGT.  He will ask for a reasonable accounting.
  • Water shut-off took place Nov 2.  Water turn-on will take place April 4, 2016.   Water pressure seemed fine after the shut-off and water meter was working.

5.  Chair’s Report, Part II – John.  

  •   Trash.  Need volunteers to take out trash over the winter.  Probably need to put trash out every other week.  John will send members an email asking for volunteers.
  • Snow.  John will take care of snow shoveling this winter and will ask for help if needed.
  •  Slate of New Officers.  John will work on this.
 6.  Special Reports:
  •  Bees.  Carolyn reported all three hives look good and have been put to bed.  Bees will start looking for food in February and March, so please plant crocus and snowdrops to help the bees.  
  •  City Harvest.  Ed reported 177 pounds were harvested in October.  To date, we’re 183 pounds lower than total for last year.  Harvesting will continue until the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Email Ed or Janice if you want to donate crop.
  •  Soil delivery.  A huge amount of soil (fills a dump truck) will be dumped near the cherry tree either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  The soil is for the new City Harvest beds.  Please be patient as Ed et al move the soil by wheelbarrow to the new beds this weekend.  Help moving the soil would be appreciated.  Gwen will use some of the soil for the communal gardens.  If there’s extra soil, City Harvest will share it with other Gardeners.  The soil comes from PHS and is organic.
  •  Holiday Party.  Please contact Barbara Seiple regarding set-up and contributions.  Date is Wednesday, Dec 2.  Set up begins at 6 pm. Party is at 7 pm.
The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.
Minutes by Isabelle Buonocore, Recording Secretary

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