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Dedicated to details of gardening and running the garden. Here you'll find links to specialized blogs authored by SWQV gardeners & informational pages by garden officers. If you are looking for something specific, try using the "Search" box in the right hand column of each blog page.

grant Gardening Tips is where to find gardening tips, advice for four season cultivation, & suggestions on conserving water and other resources. Committees are invited to post meeting notes, alerts and announcements here as well.

recipes The Recipe Page is where we can share favorite ways to prepare the food we grow. Wondering what to do with all those zucchini or cucumbers ripening in your plot? Have a great way to preserve some of summers bounty for the winter? Share your ideas here.

grant Bug Blog grew out of Karyl's project to investigate, evaluate & recommend safe methods for controlling insects and disease but has lately expanded to include photographs and essays by those of us captivated by garden insect life.

grantThe Soils, Mulch & Micro Organisms Page is devoted to the fascinating underground world that supports and nourishes all plants. We'll discuss ways to build healthy soils, support beneficial micro organisms, use mulch & cover crops, and more.

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