Linda Witts’ Holiday Party Momofuku

Linda Witt received many requests for her holiday party potluck recipe, so she sent the following with her compliments:

The pork recipe is “momofuku” (don’t say that part too fast) “bo sam” — and some restaurant in NYC charges $200 for it. But pork shoulder is about $1.29 a pound, and this is the easiest recipe you’ll ever make other than “boil water.”

As you noticed, I didn’t bother with the sauces — but did serve hot sauce on the side, like you would in the south with pulled pork. I think one could add BBQ spices to the sugar/salt mix and do this forever on the grill. But it is so simple as is, with none of the Korean sauce frills.

The two stories — one is the background on the recipe, the other the recipe itself. The pork shoulder I used the other night was 11.49 pounds — didn’t get it in the oven early enough so it wasn’t darkly glazed as the one in the NyTimes.

Description of Dish


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