Light Potato Salad

I’ve enjoyed this potato salad recipe for many years. It’s from my friend from grad school, Susan Olexiew. The nutmeg and vinaigrette make a fragrant and tasty combination.

* Red Bliss, Yukon Gold, or Andean Purple Potatoes
* Mild onion (Vidalia or Walla Walla) or ordinary white onion soaked in salt water for 10 or 15 minutes, chopped
* Olive Oil
* Rice Wine Vinegar (unseasoned)
* Sea Salt
* Fresh Grated Nutmeg

Chop the onion into a bowl large enough to contain the finished salad. Boil potatoes in their jackets. When done, peel (or not), dice and add the hot potatoes to the bowl with the onions, which will slightly cook the onions and make them mild.

Add lots of olive oil, rice wine vinegar to taste, sea salt, and stir to combine. Grate nutmeg into the salad until the potatoes are fragrant (taste as you go, it will probably require more nutmeg than expected). Let the salad mellow on the kitchen counter till the flavors blend and serve at room temperature.

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