Green Beans & Potatoes in a Thin Tomato Broth

When I first joined the garden in 2008, I shared half a plot with Linda Marucci. Linda gave me this recipe from her mother, who used to prepare green beans and potatoes this way for her family. To me, it is the ultimate comfort food and I make it often when green beans are plentiful. Simple and delicious!

Green beans cut in 1 inch pieces

Potatoes, cut in a 1 inch dice (peeled or not as desired)

1 or 2 tomatoes

Splash of olive oil

Salt and pepper

Skin the tomatoe(s) if you like, then chop, add enough water and simmer until you get a light tomato broth. Season with salt and pepper and a splash of olive oil.

Add the green beans and potatoes and continue simmering until done.



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