Basic Cucumber Salad

Summer isn’t complete without garden-fresh cucumber salad. My cucumber-of-choice is a Kirby or other pickling cucumber (I acknowledge that this is open for debate). My onion of choice is one of the sweet varieties like Vadalia or Walla Walla, but ordinary spanish or white or red work equally well.

Here’s all you do: peel, partially peel or don’t, a cucumber. Slice as thin as you can, add thin-sliced onions, and finish off with a bit of dill or mint or other herb-of-choice. Mix and fluff gently, then sprinkle on 5 or 6 tablespoons of unflavored Chinese rice wine vinegar (or other vinegar ranging from apple cider to sherry to an exotic flavored vinegar al la tarragon or raspberry, or Japanese Umeboshi vinegar available at Essene which will make your cucumbers taste like instant Japanese pickles). Salt to taste and add pepper (or not).

If there are leftovers, this concoction ages beautifully in the fridge and will continue to pickle beautifully.

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