Ruth Stout’s Extreme Organic Gardening

Last fall when Linda Witt wrote ”A Garden Bedtime Story” about putting gardens to bed for the winter, she described her protagonist Ruth Stout as “a stubborn old Connecticut gardener…who believed that mulch was the cure to just about everything in the garden,  as well as a great preventer of aching backs and repetitive motion disorders in the gardener.”

“Ruth Stout’s Garden” is a lively film journey into the life of a woman who, from a perspective of more than ninety years, shows how easy it is to grow vegetables. This video gives insights into the early history of the organic gardening movement, and Ruth Stout’s advice is as timely today as when she was writing and lecturing back in the 1950′s.

HINT: If the video keeps stopping to rebuffer, just let it play thru while you do something else, then hit “replay” to watch without interruption.

One Response to “Ruth Stout’s Extreme Organic Gardening”

  1. BarbM says:

    Ruth Stout believed most garden problems could be cured with hay.

    I just found out that Rex Stout, author of the Nero Wolfe mysteries, was Ruth Stout’s brother. Brickbat Books happened to have a copy of “The Doorbell Rang”, so of course I stayed up much too late last night reading it. Great read!