Flower Committee Report: March 2011

The Flower Garden Committee met in January, a time when gardeners are mostly dreaming about the future and lusting over seed catalogs. We did both – and came up with some new things to try:
• Using Corn Gluten Meal as a pre-emergent, to cut down everyone’s weeding time. (see “The Great Corn Gluten Meal Experiment“)
• Taking advantage of a generous grant from Queen Village Neighborhood Association specifically for beautifying the Christian Street face of the garden, we ordered seedlings of tall perennials — 42 each of Delphinium “Centurion Lilac Blue Bi-Color”, Echinacea “Double Decker”, and Verbascum “Copper Rose” and the equally tall bi-annual Foxglove “Candy Mountain.”
• Ordered vigorous climbing antique roses for the west fence (in an effort to be a good neighbor), and some lovely, fragrant, climbing heirloom musk roses for the PeePod (composting toilet). We also ordered some special clematis to climb in amongst the roses.
• Bought an organic pest control book – Good Bug/Bad Bug – to be kept in the shed
• We also discussed shearing back and/or dividing the tall grasses in the huge clump east end of the front fence. (Gwyn – update this item please)
• Depending on available funds, we may add some reblooming, brightly-colored bearded irises to our ever growing abundance of mostly-white iris.

– Linda Witt

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