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garden revitalized!

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

I love this time of year in the garden, middle-late September, the light is crisp and clear and all of the plants I thought had worn themselves out in the hazy days of summer start to perk up and say ” Hey, we made it!” The last hibiscus blossoms floating high above next year’s seed pods, a new crop of borage, the glow of the marigolds, and the Dahlias! Oh my, the Dahlias! My first season growing dahlias…and I’ve caught the fever! The Monarch butterflies are out in full force these past few weeks, what a lovely sight to see them floating on the breeze. And in case you didn’t know…bees love sedum!!! Honeys, natives, bumbles….all OVER our three giant, floppy sedums. I could spend hours watching them. Tempting photos to follow…don’t go away!