The Honey House Goes To Work

Almost one year after construction began, the Honey House portion of the new shed system began processing honey. This afternoon, Caroline and Don used the extractor for the first time.

Don & Carolyn test driving the new machine & kicking its tires

The extractor was installed within the last few weeks and Don, who is in charge of and has access to bee hives at Green Grow Acres brought a number of frames filled with wax and honey to the garden to give the new system a test. Everything worked exactly as planned and expected.

Extractor: left, empty slots; right, slots filled with comb

The extractor, which has wheels for portability, can and was bolted to the floor and worked perfectly. The electric circuitry allowed for extractor and a hot knife to operate at the same time without overloading the system. At the conclusion of the extraction process, the extractor was unbolted from the floor, it’s wheels re-installed, and it was wheeled out into the garden where it was completely cleaned out, than rolled into it’s home in the western shed.

left, the wheels give portability; right, cleaning up

The bee keepers expressed complete satisfaction with the whole process and the facility. There will of course be some minor tweeks to the process, but it can be safely stated that the garden now has the capacity to process as much honey as we are able to procure. We will become the bee and honey epicenter in Phila.

Straining the finished product as it comes out of the extractor

For this, we need to thank the NGA and the QVNA for their most generous funding, and all those who spent hours planning and creating the facility. The Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden is a model for all urban gardeners.

All honey is extracted and ready for jars. Comb to be returned to bees for recycling

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