Arrival of Honey Extractor

The long-awaited arrival of the honey extractor will enable SWQV beekeepers to expand their program and possibly offer honey extraction services to local beekeepers.

Left to right above: 1) Carolyn displaying new motor for honey extractor, 2) Thom dragging equipment to the Honey House, 3) Packing materials, 4) Closeup of the new motor, 5) Carolyn inspecting new extractor, 6) SWQV Beekeepers Don Shump and Carolyn.

Thom writes: ”After hours of waiting for the delivery truck, Caroline and I met him on Washington Ave. and literally in the middle of the street, transferred 5 boxes into our two cars. We dragged everything into the garden, opened it all up, and we now have a honey extractor of our very own…Caroline was so proud…she has high hopes that one day it will go off to college.”

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