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Unusual Bee Swarm on September 4

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

It is unusual for bees to swarm this time of year, but one of SWQV Garden’s hives did just that on September 4 — and roosted high in an overhanging tree limb while scouts surveyed the area for possible new nest sites.

Thousands of bees out on a limb

Our beekeepers tried to lure the colony back to their old hive by baiting it with honey and placing it high on a ladder underneath the limb where the colony temporarily rested. The photo below shows beekeeper Carolyn keeping watch over the hive as it decided where to establish its new home. Unfortunately, after a few days in the tree the hive flew off to an unknown destination. Carolyn worries that they will not survive because they do not have time to store sufficient honey to get them through the winter.

Carolyn watching bee scouts evaluating their options for a new home

Photos courtesy of Cheryl Shugars