SWQV Nominating Committee Job Descriptions

Office Functions Desired Characteristics Don't take this role if:
President Keep all of the gardeners constructively engaged Ability to get along with people of all types You have a thin skin
Appoint row captains Understand when to compromise You have too many other commitments
Drive new ideas forward to completion Several years of active experience in our garden to know how it works Some of our gardeners "get on your nerves"
Ensure committees are functioning properly Excitement and passion for our Garden and its people  
Set agenda for monthly meetings/cleanups Enough personal time to attend general and committee meetings and have garden "face time"
Run meetings in a fair and timely manner  
Work toward resolution of significant disputes  
Maintain/own bylaws  
Execute necessary warnings  
Vice-Chair Coordinate garden inspections Several years of active experience in OUR garden to know how it works  
Manage waiting list
Perform orientation for new gardeners
Corresponding secretary Call for agenda items    
Distribute agenda and other notices
Maintain regular communication with entire membership on an ongoing and as-needed basis
Maintain garden member information
Recording Secretary Record the monthly meeting minutes    
Treasurer Keep account and stewardship of our money  Ability to use spreadsheet software You are not a detail person
Allocate funds as per instructions from membership You have trouble balancing your checkbook
Provide transparent status of all deposits and payments