2016 Rules & Regulations

Effective Date: October 1, 2015

I. Definitions. The defined terms below appear alphabetically.

A. Co-Gardener. A Plot may consist of two (2) Co-Gardeners. Co-Gardeners are also considered Garden Members. Only one Co-Gardener may participate in a vote. Plots may succeed to a Co-Gardener in certain circumstances. Effective October 1, 2015, no one may be designated “Co-Gardener.” The status of current Co-Gardeners will not be effected by this change.
B. Emeritus Gardener. Emeritus Gardeners are former Members who can no longer properly care for their Plot because of time limitations, lack of interest, or physical issues. Gardeners may apply for Emeritus status, which will be granted at the discretion of the Garden Council. Former Members granted Emeritus status may keep their keys but do not have voting rights.
C. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of the following Officers: Chair(s), Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary.
D. Garden Council. The Garden Council consists of the Executive Committee, Row Captains, and the immediate past Chair.
E. Garden Member. A Garden Member shall be defined as any individual or Co-Gardener assigned to a Plot. Effective October 1, 2015, all new Garden Members must selected from the Waiting List. Helpers are not Garden Members.
F. Helper. Garden Members may use the assistance of Helpers to maintain their assigned Plots. Helpers must execute the Garden By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and the Neighborhood Garden Trust (“NGT”) Agreement. Helpers do not have voting rights and may not inherit a Plot through succession. Helpers may only be awarded a Plot through the Waiting List as Plots become available. Helpers may not attend Meetings or Clean-ups in the place of Garden Members without prior approval from the Garden Council. Garden Council may revoke Helper status at its discretion.
G. Inspection Committee. The Inspection Committee consists of at least three (3) members of the Garden Council, including at least one (1) current Officer of the Executive Committee.
H. Officers. Chair(s), Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary.
I. Plot. The parameters of each Plot shall be defined by the Garden Council and be clearly identified on the Plot Map. Each Plot will be issued two (2) keys. Each Plot is entitled to one vote.
J. Plot Map. The Plot Map shall be maintained by the Garden Chair(s). The Plot Map shall be updated on an annual basis to reflect current Plot assignments.
K. Row Captains. Row Captains are appointed by the Executive Committee to serve a term of two (2) years. The duties and obligations of a Row Captain are set forth in the Garden By-laws.
L. Waiting List. The Waiting List is maintained by the Executive Committee. Any individual chosen to become a Garden Member must be chosen in accordance with his or her position on the Waiting List.
M. Warning. A Warning is a notice to a Gardener that he or she is in violation of a Garden rule or regulation. All formal Warnings must be in writing and signed by the Chair. Warnings can be delivered in person, by regular mail, or by email if the Garden Member uses email. If a Warning is not remedied or corrected, a Gardener’s Membership may be terminated.

II. Membership Eligibility

A. Effective October 1, 2015, Garden Members must be Queen Village Residents: Delaware River to 6th Street; south side Lombard St. to the north side Washington Avenue.
B. Garden Membership is available on a first-come, first-served basis. New applicants are accepted according to Plot availability and position on the Waiting List.
C. The Executive Committee maintains the Waiting List of applicants for membership.
D. Order on the Waiting List is determined by date of application.

III. Minimum Membership Requirements

A. In addition to the Membership Eligibility rules described in these Garden Rules and Regulations, all Garden Members are required to:
1. Annually, receive, acknowledge by signature and follow these Garden Rules and Regulations and Garden By-laws.
2. Review and acknowledge by signature and follow the Neighborhood Garden Trust (“NGT”) Agreement, upon joining the garden or when otherwise required by NGT.
3. Attend at least five (5) Meetings and five (5) Clean-ups (or complete equivalent task time in separate months) per year. Credit is earned at Clean-ups or Meetings per Plot, not per Gardener in attendance.
4. Register for and perform two (2) weeks of watering duty per year, with at least one week during “warm” weather.
5. Pay annual Membership Fees, described more fully below in Section VI.
6. As part of the Garden, Garden Members are strongly encouraged to participate in Garden activities and preparation for special events, such as: the PHS City Garden Contest, fundraisers, festivals, holiday party, special projects, and Fall BBQ.

IV. Garden Membership Termination

A. If a Garden Member or Co-Gardener decides to leave the Garden and forfeit his or her Plot, notice shall be given to Garden Council within four (4) weeks, or as soon as reasonably possible, after the Garden Member knows he/she will be leaving the Garden.
1. Garden Members who voluntarily terminate Garden Membership may apply for Emeritus Gardener status. Applications for Emeritus Gardener Status will be granted at the discretion of the Garden Council.
B. Any Garden Member who does not satisfy the Minimum Membership Requirements or receives two (2) Warnings in a season may result in Membership Termination. Membership Termination under this provision requires a majority vote of the Garden Council.
C. Garden Membership may be terminated, at the discretion of the Garden Council, if the Garden Member or Co-Gardener fails to initiate the clearing and planting of an assigned Plot by May 1.
D. Garden Membership may be terminated for any other reason at the discretion of the Garden Council. Termination under this provision requires a majority vote of the Garden Council.

V. Plot Succession

A. In a shared Plot, if one Co-Gardener terminates membership with the Garden, the remaining Co-Gardener may, upon approval of the Garden Council, continue as the sole Garden Member for the Plot. If this situation arises the Co-Gardeners must notify the Garden Council as soon as possible.
B. Once a Co-Gardener becomes the sole Garden Member of a Plot, that Garden Member may not add a new Co-Gardener.
C. Helpers may not inherit a Plot unless she or he is in the next position on the Waiting List.
D. Current Garden Members have first preference to apply for a vacant Plot.
E. Only the Executive Committee may assign or transfer Plots, and should do so based on the expected commitment of the applicants to the goals of the Garden and ability to meet ongoing membership requirements.

VI. Membership Fees and Expenses

A. The purpose of Membership Fees is to pay for the total annual “basic” expenses which include, but are not limited to, water and electric bills, irrigation system operation and maintenance, trash bags and mosquito control.
B. Membership Fees will be reviewed by the Executive Committee on an annual basis. Any adjustments to Membership Fees must be reported to Garden Membership prior to the March Garden meeting.
C. Each Plot is responsible for the payment of Membership Fees on an annual basis. The Membership Fees are to be paid at the March Garden Meeting or as soon afterwards as possible but no later than the April Garden Meeting or at another date arranged with the Executive Committee.
D. Membership Fees are not intended to be a barrier to Garden Membership, and Membership Fees may be reduced or waived for Garden Members based on need, at the discretion of the Garden Council.
E. A $2,000 “rainy day” fund will be kept in reserve for unexpected expenses.

VII. Meetings

A. Meetings are held on the second Monday of every month from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, except the months of December, January and February. If the second Monday needs to be cancelled, the meeting will take place on the second Tuesday of the month.
B. Location of Meetings October through March will be at an indoor site. From April through September, Meetings will be held in the Garden unless the Chair(s) moves the meeting because of inclement weather.
C. A representative from each Plot, whether a Garden Member or Co-Gardener, must attend five (5) Meetings per season.
D. Garden Members that do not fulfill the meeting attendance requirement, will receive one (1) Warning.
1. Any Plot unable to attend at least five (5) Meetings must inform the Executive Committee.
E. The Executive Committee is to give notice of all Meetings and to provide an agenda at least two days before any Meeting, noting the matters on which a vote will be taken.

VIII. Clean-ups

A. Regular Garden Clean-ups are held the Saturday following a Garden Meeting. Rain dates for Clean-ups will be Sunday following a Garden Meeting.
B. Clean-ups require two hours of work, per Plot, in the common areas as directed by the Clean-up leader and excludes any time spent working on the Garden Member’s own Plot.
C. As an alternative to attending a scheduled monthly Clean-up, Garden Members may perform tasks independently using the task list posted in the Garden shed for a total of two hours per month. Garden Members are to record his/her completed tasks and time to be counted towards the regular Clean-up requirement on the sign-up sheet. Two hours of tasks equal one regular clean-up.
D. All Plots must have a representative present at a minimum of five (5) separate Clean-ups annually (or complete equivalent task time in separate months).
E. Any Plot unable to satisfy the Clean-up attendance policy (or complete equivalent task time) may receive one (1) Warning.
F. A Garden Member’s obligation to attend Clean-ups may be satisfied by a Garden Member or a Co-Gardener, but not a Helper unless approved by the Executive Committee in advance.

IX. Garden and Plot Maintenance

A. Each Plot must be cleared and planting initiated no later than May 1. A failure to clear and plant by May 1 may result in the termination of Garden Membership.
B. A Garden Member is responsible for mulching, weeding and clearing his/her Plot, including the surrounding paths and aisles. A Garden Member must chip the paths bordering the Plot.
1. Garden Members will be notified of any violation of this provision by Row Captains.
2. Any and all violations must be corrected within one (1) week of receipt of such notice.
3. Failure to timely comply without an adequate excuse, as determined in the discretion of the Executive Committee, will result in one (1) Warning.
C. Each Garden Member is responsible for maintaining the ‘health’ of the Plot by removing noxious or invasive plants, sickly plant material, rotting plant materials and/or pest infested plants.
1. Any Plot receiving notice from a Row Captain, the Inspection Committee or Garden Council of unhealthy conditions in the Plot must clear the unhealthy conditions within one (1) week of receiving the notice.
2. Failure to timely comply will result in one (1) Warning.
3. Plots with serious infestation may be cleared at the discretion of the Garden Council or Inspection Committee.
D. Use of non-organic or synthetic pesticides or herbicides is prohibited.
E. Any Garden Member unable to maintain a Plot due to circumstances beyond his/her control must inform the Executive Committee.
F. Gardening activity and plant growth must be restricted to the perimeters of a Garden Member’s Plot.
G. The Garden Council will determine if any of the common gardens produce, materials, or supplies may be donated or sold. All proceeds will be turned over to the Treasurer for benefit of the Garden only.
H. Harvesting of Common Areas: The Executive Committee will determine the harvest dates of all common area fruiting plants and will notify the membership of harvesting day(s). Each Garden Member, Co-Gardener and/or Helper may pick only enough fruit for a SAMPLING.

X. Grievance Procedure

A. Grievances should be brought to the attention of the appropriate Row Captain.
B. The Row Captain will attempt to resolve grievances and will convey unresolved grievances to the Executive Committee for resolution.

XI. Garden Conduct and Etiquette

A. Removal or harvesting of any beneficial creatures (e.g., worms) from the Garden is prohibited.
B. No one may climb trees except at the direction of the Executive Committee.
C. Garden Members and/or Helpers may not intentionally damage Plots of other Garden Members.
D. Garden Members and/or Helpers may not prune, harvest, pull out weeds or plants or tend to other Garden Member’s Plot unless specifically invited. Failure to comply with this provision may result in the termination of the Garden Membership of the responsible Garden Member.
E. All Garden Members, Co-Gardeners, Helpers and guests are expected to obey all NGT and Garden Rules and Regulations.
F. Pets brought into the Garden must be restrained on a leash and kept out of Plots. The person responsible for the pet must clean up after the pet.
G. A Garden Member who desires to have a private party on Garden premises must seek approval from Garden Council.
H. Illegal activities within the Garden, by a Garden Member, Helper or any guests of a Garden Member or Helper, will result in the responsible Garden Member’s Garden Membership termination.
I. Violation of any of the Garden Rules and Regulations may result in one (1) Warning.


I have read the Rules and Regulations governing Southwark Queen Village Community Garden. I will abide by the Garden By-laws, Rules and Regulations and NGT Agreement. I understand failure to do so may lead to termination of my membership. I further understand that if I give up my membership or my membership is terminated, I must return my key within seven (7) days of membership termination.

Signature: _________________________________________________________
(Please print clearly)

Name:_____________________________________________ Date:__________

Plot No.:____________

Address :__________________________________________________________

Telephone: ( )________ – ______________

Email: ____________________________________________________________
□ I do not use email. Please have my Row Captain contact me when necessary.

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