11 April 2016 Agenda (7 pm in the garden)

Please come with by-law sheet signed (see attached).  This is REQUIRED for all people in the garden.  Currently only about 50% of gardeners & helpers have signed. 

Please review the attached proposed changes to the By-Laws and Rules/Regulations.  NOTE:  this is work started last year and still requiring a final vote.  

1. Welcome (Shanna – 2 min)

2. Treasurer’s Report (Ed – 5 Min)

4. Chairs’ Report

a.  3rd Annual Community Gardens Day June 18, 10a-1p (Shanna – 2 min)

b.  Mosquitos (Mark – 10 min)

(see http://www.placermosquito.org/education/vectors-and-diseases/mosquito-facts/)

6. Final discussion and vote on proposal to move Bee Hives – See last meeting (Carolyn -10 min)

Current options:

  1. Move hives out to where the patio benches are.  These are the benches that are tucked behind the picnic tables.
  2. Place the hives into an open plot, suggestion being the plot opened by Jarred and Kristy’s departure (back row. plot 63).  The hives would go towards the back of the plot, partially under solar panels.
  3. Move the hives to other location(s) in the garden (e.g., near/at berry batch along main path)
  4. Don’t move the hives this year and revisit issue in 2017

7.  By-laws/Rules and Regulations – Vote on changes

a.  Review of changes (Shanna – 5 min)
b.  Discussion and vote (Shanna – 10 min)


7. Election of New Officer (Shanna – 2 min)

Communication Sect:        Cyndi Line


8. Kind and Gentle Reminders:

a.  Pruning roses at clean up (Linda – 2 min)

b.  Water turn on (Thom – 2 mins)

c.  Pollination garden (Carolyn – 2 min)

d.  Shade garden and east gate garden (Lisa – 2 min)


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