6 March 2016 Officer’s Meeting

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden
Executive Committee Minutes
Sunday, March 6, 2016
Home of John Ventre

John Ventre, Thom Hardenbergh, Suzanne Schecter, Janice Chorba, and
Isabelle Buonocore

March Garden Meeting
• Date/location: March 14 – Weccacoe Playground Building; 6:30 pm start.
• Email to gardeners: John will compose email notice and Janice will attach bylaws and signature sheet. NGT agreement signature needed from new gardeners only.
• Dues: Suzanne will collect dues at the meeting
• Water sign-ups: John will create lists for warm and cool months starting 4/11. Need 4 volunteers per week.
• Attendance sign-in: Isabelle will provide sign-in sheet
• Agenda: John will prepare.

Dues for 2016 will be kept at last year’s amount: $35. Suzanne provided financial info in 2/28/16 email to executive committee. We have about $9,000 in the bank. Of that, $2,000 is reserved for rainy day fund. Income in 2015 was $4,150; expenses $3,400. Suzanne has mailed the standard donations.

Possible expenses/projects for 2016
1) Sidewalk is in bad shape. Repairs will be expensive. John will take photos and send them to NGT as NGT has liability if anyone is injured. Janice learned at an NGT meeting that other gardens are also having sidewalk issues.
2) Arbor needs work. NGT offered to do the arbor work. We could do this ourselves. If we do the work, we won’t have expenses because we have all the material.
3) Power washing/staining of buildings/structures. Thom or his neighbor can do the power washing. Need to buy the stain.
4) Paths. Some paths, especially west entrance, are very high due to build up of wood chips, etc. We might be able to clear/lower the paths during clean-ups. No cost if we do the work. We should ask gardeners if there are high paths near their plots and if they are a problem and then address them.
5) Alternatives to chips for paths. John asked NGT for this in an NGT survey of garden needs, but there was no response.

NGT asked for the name of contractors we’ve used. NGT is developing a reference list of contractors. We haven’t used any contractors.

The recommended revisions to bylaws could not be voted on in November 2015 because we did not have a quorum. We should hold the vote at the April meeting; the March meeting will be too busy.

Water Turn-On Date
April 4, 2016.

Warning Notices to Gardeners
Isabelle will email 11 warning notices to gardeners who did not meet bylaws requirements in 2015 to attend 5 meetings and 5 cleanups. The notice is a warning that if the requirements are not met in 2016 the gardener may be asked to leave the garden.

Available Garden Plot
Plot 63 in the back row is available. John will determine if any gardeners want to move to this plot. Isabelle will then call folks on the waiting list to offer a plot. There are currently 82 persons on the waiting list.

New Officers Slate for March Election
At this time the only candidates are Mark Raymond for Vice Chair and Isabelle Buonocore for Recording Secretary. John will work on getting a full slate for the March meeting. If there are any officer positions without a candidate by the March meeting, John will let the garden membership know what will not get done without that position filled; current officers will not carry over. Helper gardeners cannot be candidates for officer positions.


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