Agenda, 13 July 2015 (7pm in the Garden)

SWQV Community Garden Meeting Agenda
July 13 2015 @ 7:00 pm – The Garden
1. Request for recording secretary for the meeting!
2. Welcome, Approval of May Meeting Minutes and Review of Tonight’s Agenda (John – 2 min/split)
3. Treasurer’s Report (Suzanne – 3 min)
4. Chairs’ Report Part 1 (Thom – 15 min)
a. Upcoming clean up – Timing & Key Tasks (Depends on which of us are leading this month’s clean-up)
b. Water Report
i. A reminder when watering please fill all barrels – two just north of the gazebo have been missed more than a few times this year.
ii. If pressure is low – try turning main value off and then back on (though not confirmed, some have reported it helps).
c. Inspection update

5. Chair’s Report Part 2 (John – 15 min)
a. NGT’s Community Garden Day Review
b. By-law committee
i. Has been created and has met already twice
ii. Will take results of Council’s meeting identifying change needed and if needed, add to it.
iii. August/September: Deliver to council for their approval
iv. September: Send to membership for review prior to September meeting
v. September meeting: Discussion by membership
vi. October: Any changes based on meeting will be discussed by committee and council
vii. October meeting: Vote (Up or Down) on final Draft
c. Gates and Locks
d. Fill ALL Water Barrels! Next to last row (half row north of gazebo) has been forgotten on occasion. There are two barrels in     that half row.
6. BBQ Update – Shanna (10 min)
7. Special Reports (10 min)
a. Bees (Carolyn)
b. City Harvest (Ed or Janice)
c. Water Duty (John K)
8. Additional Topics
a. As needed…

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