4 February 2015 Officer’s Meeting

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden
Executive Committee Minutes
Wednesday, February 4, 2015

John Ventre, Thom Hardenberg, Suzanne Schecter, Isabelle Buonocore

March & April Garden Meeting Sites/Times
John called Settlement Music School to reserve a room for March 6:00 PM and
April 6:30 PM. Meeting dates continue to be the second Monday of the Month.

March Garden Meeting
sheets. Janice will bring these.

Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT) Agreement. John will bring this. He will attend an NGT meeting on February 12 and obtain the current version. Isabelle will list names of gardeners in the Agreement Appendix.

Watering. John Keisker, the new watering coordinator, will handle sign-ups for watering duty.

Meeting dates. We will move the September meeting from Monday to Tuesday due to Rosh Hashana. We will ask gardeners to vote on whether to move the October meeting, Columbus Day, to Tuesday.

Donations by the Garden
Year 2014: $100 each to Settlement Music School, Queen Village Neighbors Association, and Heifer International. Suzanne mailed the checks this month.

Garden Dues for 2015
A decision was made to lower the dues this year. Suzanne will send all financial data to the executive committee within the next week, and the new dues amount will be determined prior to the March garden meeting.

Warning Notices
Since the last executive committee meeting, John has heard from one gardener who received a notice. They had a discussion.

Row Captains
Thom will have a confirmed list of row captains prior to the March garden meeting.

Available Plots/Waiting List
Three plot holders (#13, #45, #62) left the garden at the end of the 2014 season. John will determine if any current gardeners want to move to these plots. After moves are made, John will assign one of the three open plots to Michael Kilroy. Mr. Kilroy was at the top of the waiting list and still wants a plot. John will assign the other two plots to folks on the waiting list; however, folks have not been contacted yet. Isabelle will help John with the waiting list. The goal is to make all plot assignments by April 1.

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