Agenda 13 October 2014 at Wacacco Park

In the Community Building in Wacacco Park (on the 400 block of Queen St or Catherine St)  @ 7pm

Clean-up will be on the Saturday, October 18th @ 9:00 – Noon.

1. Introduction and Approval of August Meeting Minutes – John (2 Mins)

2. Treasurers Report – Suzanne (5 mins)

3. Chair 1 Report – John (10 Mins)

  • Wall Update
  • Water Report for Thom
  • Upcoming Clean-up
  • BBQ Wrap-up
  • Reminder for City Harvest donations as the season fades

4. BBQ Wrap-up – Shanna or John (5 mins)

5. Bee Report – Carolyn (3 Mins)

6. City Harvest Report – Ed & Janice (3 Mins)

7. Are you returning in 2015? A frank discussion. – John (5+ mins)

8. Open Forum – There are no special topics so we’ll use any time for Gardeners to bring up topics, concerns and ideas. We’ll try to keep each topic to no more than 5 mins and end no later than 8pm.


  • City Harvest’s harvest has been moved to Tuesday (14th) this week due to holiday.
  • Clean-up will start at 9 on Saturday.  Tasks for the week leading up include:
  • Turn compost.  Start with next to last bin and sift compost into last bin.  Turn other bins as bins open up.
  • Weeding
  • Clean under wall.
  • Clean along fence, both sides.


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