Minutes for 13 June 2011 Meeting (7pm in the garden)

Approval of May Minutes – May minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report (Barbara S)

  • Plant Sale netted $1400-$1500.
  • Treasury started at $5018.24, ended at $5976.88.

o       Expenses totaled $1276 last month. Had to pay PECO bill, for now, the garden will stay with PECO but in future may look into another service. Other expenses included mosquito supplies, birdseed, paint brushes, new plants and trellises near west wall, outhouse décor (Thanks to Gwyn for doing the west wall and outhouse), edible flowers sent to Terri Mushovic from NGA, mulch and Libby’s party.

Watering Committee duties (Patty W)

Reminder of responsibilities for watering week:

  • Take out trash and recycling on Thursday evening
  • Cleanup inside and outside the fence
  • Fill water barrels, make sure you do not shut off the brass fitting in the Children’s Garden; it needs to stay on because there are soaker hoses there that will water that garden.
  • Water City Harvest, figs, and circle by east gate. Gwyn has made a map that will be in the shed identifying in green the areas that should be watered and the ones that should not be watered are in red.

Please Note: The Apple Tree has blight; the arborist has been out to look at it.  Do not water this for now, Carolyn is managing this for the time being.

Committee Reports (Linda W, Ed M, Anne H, others?)

Flower Committee:

Linda got a book for the garden called Good Bug, Bad Bug.  It will be in the shed as a resource.

City Harvest:

May – 216 lbs of produce harvested

Total this year – 406.5 lbs

Courtyard at the Riverview Garden is done. It will be managed by the new gardeners from across the street.

There are gardening classes being held on the last Monday of this month and then after 4th of July, the first Monday of the month.  Every gardener is invited. Ed will get a schedule together and post it.

Compost Toilet Committee:

Getting sign up to let people know how to use it.  The only thing anyone should be putting in there besides what they are in there to do is TP.  Please no ladies stuff or paper towels.  They do not decompose well.

Compost Committee:

Nothing to report.  Don’t water it.  As a reminder; Don’t put English ivy, roses, anything woody, woody rosemary, rocks, whole fruits and vegetables, euonymus, diseased plants, coconut pots, and wood or sawdust in the compost.  If you want to put fruits and vegetables in there, make sure you cut them up or they won’t decompose.  The coconut pots are supposed to decompose but they don’t break down.  If you are putting kitchen scraps in there, make sure you cover them with other compost.


No longer have soaker hoses.  Use the hose that is there, set it down near the trees and let it run for about 15-20 minutes/week during your watering week.  Let it soak into the ground.


They have been very busy.  There are only a few more weeks left of nectar season and then it will peter out.

BBQ (Jeanne C)

  • The Fundraising Committee is taking over the coordination of the BBQ because it is already an established committee.  It is still a celebration but it does bring in some money.  This year, we will have a silent auction, so if you have anything to donate for it or if you know of anyone willing to donate, let them know.
  • It will be on September 24th from 4pm-8pm instead of the usual 3pm-7pm.  See the sign posted in shed for details.
  • Tickets will be available next month, See Marcy for them
  • Elizabeth is coordinating the food and Shana is coordinating the set up.  Please volunteer with them for either/both. They will only need side dishes and desserts.  Brian Ricci will be cooking the main dishes again.  Brian will need help with the prep work during the week leading up to it so if you are able to help with that, let them know.  Brian will coordinate this.
  • Will need servers in 1 ½ to 2 hour shifts. Please sign up for that if you are able.

Libby Fest (Lisa R)

Next Tuesday, the 21st.  Mike McGrath can’t make it. Set up will start at 5pm if you want to help.  Bring side dishes, they have a cake coming, have a few gifts, a rain gauge will be put in the garden in her honor.

Assisting Gardeners (Marcy H)

They need to sign a form and the By-laws. If anyone has not done this, please do so.

Duties of AG’s are to help you maintain/water your garden if you are away or sick or need help for other reasons.  The Assisting Gardener will not get the plot if the primary gardener leaves the garden.

Cleanup June 18; (Carolyn) Pam B to coordinate

Thanks everyone! Garden looks great.

Honey House (Carolyn)

  • Thanks to Thom and Ed who have been working very hard to get this done!
  • We had to get something started by the end of June as part of the agreement.
  • There are 2 buildings; the left side is for the bees, the right side will have a work bench, sink, water and electricity that people can use. There will be steps in the middle to go up to the green roof.  We will decide on the plants to put up there, they will probably be succulents.
  • There will be barrels around it to catch rain water.

Horticulture Society Contest (Carolyn)

We have entered it again this year, will come in July and August, please keep garden pretty.

Plot inspection; done week of the 13th, row captains should notify you of any deficiencies.

Community Concept (Carolyn)

  • Last week, many of the wheelbarrows were broken, if you see something like this, just shoot an email or give the officers a call.
  • If you change your email address, let Pauline know
  • Leave screens on the barrels, they prevent mosquitoes
  • Yvonne has a little rake in her garden, she doesn’t mind anyone using but please just put it back when you are done.

Side note; QV Sustainability Committee – Ed Bell needs a compost person to talk about individual composting at home, will post info on this.

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