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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Today, after weeks of back and forth planning, the old bee shed was taken away to it’s new home in Germantown. Ed and Janice, our super contacts with the Share the Harvest community, knew of a fledgling garden in need of a storage structure. The Pickett Mastery Charter Garden gathered a group of burly members along with a pick-up truck, and came down to our garden to take possession of the old shed They came prepared with four dollies to try and roll it out to the truck. Despite the use of plywood to create a smooth and solid pathway, things bogged down in the wood chips. In the end, the group lifted up the shed and carried it to the truck. There it was strapped down for the ride to it’s new abode. It should be noted, that our visitors were extremely impressed with garden and all its facilities. The space where the old shed sat has been returned to us. We have made some new friends in the community gardening world, and at their invitation, we plan a road trip to their garden to visit our old shed, and learn how others go about providing green spaces in the urban environment.